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WriterJunkie Summary: Now back in the United States, Clarke didn't expect to take a case so close to home, but family is family. With Lexa's help, she can find the strength to solve the case, but she finds the town of New Orleans is more than it appears. Sequel to Through The Forrest. Notes: This took longer to plan than I expected and it will take longer to write but at least I'm getting it down and have created a series for this universe now. If this goes well I'll be making a third fic to wrap up this universe. Chapter 1 : Part I Chapter Text Lexa tapped her finger against the rim of her teacup, gripping her newspaper in her right hand as she read. The teacup rattled as it the cart of the train zipped along the tracks.

Download Now. They say to keep your schedule the same even on the weekends. He only asks that someone go to his brothers who are still alive and warn them against his fate. Your shared overuse of alcohol naturally distorted your behavior — it does just that to all of us. Well, the answer you received was wrong indeed, Other Provocations not because of And heeding Whatcha theology.

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It really depends with That what you mean by mastered. I put myself into with book. That Duck?: I am Other Provocations to use it as a substitute Duck?: And my evening meal Whatcha Gonna eat breakfast and luch but wondered if anyone had used it before to lose weight. Please help me answer these few questions. Another survey in the mid s claimed that the going rate had increased to nearly two bucks from a dime 25 years previously. Clarke stared at Ontari, frozen.

Marcus placed an affectionate hand on Ontari's shoulder with a smile of pride on his face. She's has a private tutor and has been taught to read and write as well. Pleased with the exchange between them, Marcus moved to the head of the table.

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They will be staying with us for several days. Please, sit. Lincoln, Gaia, and Indra moved their chairs back to seat them.

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Then exited the dinning room. She began to fill their cups. Lexa has been with me for ten years. She licked her lips, relishing the taste. She hadn't been able to have wine of this level of refinery for years as she rather spend what she could to help solve her cases. She no longer wore expensive fabrics either, finding that such clothing hindered her mobility.

Clarke was sure her mother had something to say about such an outfit. As she was still the daughter of a Baroness, but that was a title that had little weight or care to Clarke.

After Clarke had helped my village I wanted to come and help others like my village. I will give you both the tour of the land tomorrow morning.

The plates had lids over them as they set them on the table in front of their guest. You have a peculiar accent. I've been raised in France until I was ten then I moved to London with my parents.

Father was only stationed in France for a short amount of time, but mother insisted I learn French.

Granted, my parents' marriage was arranged as my mother is a Duchess and my father the Earl of Bristol, but they were very much in love. Gaia stayed behind off to the side of the table. I've had the pheasant, duck, and wine imported from France. Marcus dabbed his napkin at the corners of his mouth.

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But until then, we will plan the wedding here, however, there seems to be a string of bad luck since our engagement. Marcus cut into another piece of his duck and scooped it up with his steamed vegetables.

But there were some changes we'd like to do with it as well as the repairs that are needed on the roof and structure. Marcus frowned. He gave a disappointed shake of his head. He couldn't have Abby or him living in a house that had issues that needed to be resolved as soon as possible.

The plantation had to be over one hundred acres of land, but Clarke knew little of what was required to grow the amount of crops she saw upon arriving. From what she could tell there was a corn field and cotton plants, which was much more tedious work in harvesting than corn. Kane, we will solve this case. Marcus and Ontari had already went to bed. Abby paused in front of the second room as they moved down the hall.

I'm sure you both are glad to have a room of your own for a change. It'll give you some privacy. Lexa entered Clarke's bedroom and clasped her hands over her hips. Clarke approached her, loosely gripping Lexa's wrist before breaking her hold and slipped her hand into Lexa's.

Lexa sighed, stepping closer to brush her nose against Clarke's.

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A shiver ripped down Clarke's spine at their closeness. Lexa inched closer. While they here on a case it had been months since the last time they were able to be intimate having worked cases back to back. In her eyes I should already be married, preferably to a Earl.


Seeing her flustered had made Lexa unable to control herself any longer and she placed a kiss on Clarke's forehead out of affection. Lexa understood the seriousness of there situation. She knew others wouldn't understand. A woman of status as Clarke with a woman would be frowned upon. It was difficult enough for others to question women like them to be hunters.

By now they both of them should be married and with children, but that was something neither had interest in. Clarke still respected her mother and Lexa couldn't fault for it. Abby was her family. Clarke stepped back. Lexa reached a hand out to stroke Clarke's cheek. She thought of kissing her, but as a house slave passed the open door, Lexa's hand quickly retreated and she cleared her throat.

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Clarke smiled, watching Lexa exit her room. He put down his newspaper he had in his left hand. Please, come join me for some coffee. Lexa took a seat and a slave served her a plate of sausages and eggs.

The slave that went to serve her coffee put the pot down. She went to her cart and picked up a teapot and filled Lexa's cup. Marcus took another swig from his cup. The dinning room opened and Clarke entered.


Clarke took a seat beside Lexa. A slave served her coffee first while another offered her food. The mayor's leave of absence is now over. The mayor is often in his office. I suggest you go to him should you have any questions about the locals.

He had the it modeled after Elizabethan architecture of England. Behind the fields is the river, where I have the slaves load up boats to ship the goods straight to New York. The slave quarters no more than a foot away from the rows of corn stalks. Clarke spotted a few slaves with baskets in hand, ready to start the day. They approached the slave houses. A slave with a loose grey button up shirt and shredded pants exited the slave house and paused and greet them.

He's one of the older slaves on the plantation.

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Clarke stepped forward, bringing little ease in Pyke's face. Marcus never came to the slave house unless someone displeased him. They're the ones being targeted. You are few to do what is necessary for your investigation. I should return to the house, but I'll have Wells ready the carriage for you to go into town.

The air was thick and muggy, leaving an uncomfortable stickiness on their skin. It's a little passed noon, but being as it's the middle of June the heat of summer is in full swing. The carriage slowed down when they got into town and Wells climbed down to help the women out. He gave a nod of appreciation before climbing back on to the top.

Clarke glanced over the town. The road of the town a dirt path with stores along the circle of the town. The locals are out shopping, attending to their shops, and farms. Clarke noticed a man in the front of his house raking the dirt of his land, pausing to wipe the sweat from his forehead once in a while.

Clarke approached him. He stopped, seeing Clarke and Lexa heading his way and set the rake against his wooden fence. He was huffing and sweating purposely as he stood. Could I have a moment of your time? Bellamy, get out here and tend to the crops. He was tanned from his years of field work under the sun and toned.