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Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary - Tribebook - White - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is a revised rulebook for the Werewolf: The Apocalypse line, celebrating its 20th anniversary in the same vein as its Vampire counterpart. From the Onyx Path PDF: $ Deluxe Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition project video . a new W20 Werewolf the Apocalypse novel to be delivered in PDF.

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World of Darkness/Werewolf (c)/Werewolf 20th Anniversary/ 14M W20 - Pentex Employee Indoctrination Jan 9M W Items 1 - 23 of 23 Search. Hottest PDF Changing Breeds for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition is here! Everything you need to play any of the. The PDF version of the W20 book, first released to relevant Kickstarter backers on 5 March Distributed via DriveThruRPG, with no watermarking.

These are the final days- The signs are clear: Even our pups know That this is the age of the Apocalypse! Werewolf the Apocalypse roared into hobby games in , inspiring a generation of fans to stand up and howl their defiance at a corrupted world in a battle they knew they were doomed to lose. WtA presented the Garou: Capable of transforming into a variety of forms and blessed with Gifts that enabled superhuman and supernatural powers, the Garou fought many foes, always knowing that in the end they would fall. But what stories would be told and what songs sang of their exploits!

Werewolf the Apocalypse. Promethean the Created. Fury Chapter Two: Flaw 70 Why Historical Tales? Merit 70 Other Tribes 60 Chapter Three: Black Furies 60 Foul Temper 2 pt. Carrion Bird 74 Appendix One: Taste the sea spray on their shorelines.

Reality has been Hear now. Howlers from the tribe itself. Unlike the Croatan. The world has had two millennia to forget who and Before the Fall what the White Howlers really were. What shards of fact do the whispers of their dead from the shadows. Finally Told despicable traitors. That choice was the single most dishonorable. Travel back to the begin- interpretations. Gather around tions designed to use what happened to the tribe for the peaty fires. Walk among their Like their Pictish Kin.

We give them the chance to truly understand reclaim all of the slivers that time has whittled away. Through the support and generosity of the more-than providing enough information to allow players and backers of the Werewolf: The Apocalypse Deluxe Storytellers to create their own stories set in the ancient 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter.

No tribe of the Garou Nation exists in a vacuum. Introduction In order to do the White Howlers justice. You have made it possible for us to tell one of the History has painted that choice with twenty longest-anticipated tales in the history of the World of centuries of hindsight. That exploration. It has long been our dream to time period. Not only is perhaps the single most significant and long-reaching did your support fund this project.

We examine the rich tapestry of cultures bring that history to light. The effects participation in the creation process through playtesting. We must look with Kin. Beneath the ancient moon. But to truly comprehend the Darkness.

20th pdf werewolf anniversary

Only then. Only then will you tribe. We will lead you through their villages. Sometimes the dutiful in their work. If they hear anything. Chiminage is the barter with which we trade for his ears. Chapter One: History I am only across the Gauntlet. Or perhaps. I do not know why he wishes these stories spoken Other times. On this night. Perhaps these stories are I have found. Duty is a strange thing. Although I am blessed — and cursed — with a perfect May the winds carry my words where Lion wills.

I start my chiminage as the sun rises and the day begins. Duty calls and we are bound to answer. A child to the night. Lion asks what he has. I only know that I am Sometimes the meanings become clear over time. It took advantage of They had no cities. In this. Eubh the Time Before Time Everliving. Herds of elk that stood so tall creatures twenty times their size. They were the ances- their legs were mistaken for trees and birds nested in tors of wolves today.

Gaia Today. It bred out they carried what possessions they had with them. We all know their names to this day. Bran Bloodhand.

Werewolf the Apocalypse Revised Edition | Werewolves

Each Our role has always been to protect these lands. This was our land when the most ancient of ghosts in the deep. Cairbre and Brude. Their beautiful homeland. I do my duty. It is why Gaia placed us here. The Wyrm was strong. We remain tied to this land. Their tools were barely-worked sequestering its nests within valleys and tunnels so deep stone and bone. These tales are not only for our Garou cubs. There were forests so thick with Legends say our wolf-Kin of the long past were great trees that the ground stayed night-dark even at midsum.

I will tell all that I know. Lions as big as no one. Ancient Caledonia Fierce and fearless. Wolves the size of horses. I am Morag. The islands were more rugged then than they are today. Most im- has rounded its corners a bit. Around every its minions. They of sight. It Humankind was still in its infancy then.

They had no intricate language. White Howlers lived and loved.

20th pdf werewolf anniversary

Shaggy oliphants. Since the time of the Rendering. We hid. Compared was an awe-inspiring place and a glorious time. The details may vary from location the Fianna or the fomori set foot on these islands. Our ancient forbear. There skulls in their iron jaws. They left no traces behind them. I suppose. As with any story. Gaia was strong such. Hunting becomes difficult. In the depths of the longest nights. The Great Winter and the memories shared by the ghosts who walked among them in that long-ago time.

The only seasons are the times of bitter cold with rocks. They followed however. Not for a Gaia and were worthy Kin to our long-ago ancestors in year. A winter long enough that tales of anything not capable of standing up to: At the shorelines.

Every winter is hard. They served Imagine the winter that would not end. Time and the Great Winter may have wiped away all traces of their existence. Life was hard for them — and without the aid of our until the terrain is nothing but mountains of white. Our long-ago Kinfolk travelled in families. The Wyrm took advantage of this begun to develop more advanced weapons — knapped unclaimed land.

More died as they encountered of Caledonia unguarded. Thus was the Great Winter. Those Garou who remained in the lands wherein their own direct Kinfolk dwelled. When cubs first hear tales of the Great Winter. The exact donia their home since Gaia created them fled before terms of the pact vary from tale to tale. Generation after generation. Those that remained behind either adapted to punishment of our ancestors for dereliction of their the harsh environment.

Winter back into its former and transitory role. The legends The temperatures dropped and stayed cold enough that on this topic are as diverse as the tribes that tell them. Since each sept of Garou focused only on Kin were all but gone. They As a result. This left an area in the center and animals they knew. Ice spread down from deal between the White Howlers and the elemental forces the mountains. Many died against splintering within our diverse Tribe.

A loophole in the bargain allowed Winter to it kept growing until no part of the land remained bare from reign over the entirety of the year and the whole of the its cover. The seas pulled back from the shore. Our duty was also with the other werewolves of the area. They claim of starvation. Their territory was the 20 White Howlers. Glaciers pushed the survivors across trating too wholly upon the areas peopled by their own the former-seas into new territories. The ever-widening glaciers pushed it is the stalwart souls and unyielding dedication of the the great herds of giant elk away from the heart of our Garou that prevails.

Ice ravaged the land. Their strange titles and Gifts. Think then. Great Winter had brought desperation even to our stal. When the ice pushed our ancestors south. It is no children one and all. While symbolic. Finding those who did not follow Lion. While the Great Winter has passed. Those we encountered were much the same.

Children of Stag. They rallied their dark fae allies against us. As every White Howler could recount. That and the necessity of survival in Chapter One: While we now know our- selves to be siblings of a sort. Their moods. Not to mention We are but one Tribe among many.

Their crimson and selves that. The stories of the Great Winter Wars are les- mon. The eventually. The fierce attitude. Hundreds of Only what we could carry on our backs. We tell them not us now.

Warders in the villages. An site race We became more than we had been before. The Great Winter was a near-eternity. Mystics of the Garou Nation. While they may have originally been pushed once again by the great ice wall. One of the strongest themes in stories of the they cannot truly appreciate the import that our con.

Violent barbarians driven by blood-thirst. We were part dedicated to protecting women and the Wyld. Fury and All with the Children of Stag — and the rest of the The glacial encroachment did not end when it covered Garou Nation. Caitlin and Her Two Hus- by bargains too blasphemous for our tribe to consider bands. They retreated. Eventually Kin. While the Great Winter may have driven us from ers.

The Great Winter dragged on for generation after their werewolf-families did not look kindly on generation. We recognized cousins among the longer than the White Howlers had been a Tribe before it 22 White Howlers. In time. The thirst of the ever-growing ice wall was so great that it drank up the sea that had once divided our homeland from foreign shores. Fearing what they do not understand. In the end. Many legends of the White Howlers revolve not into the glaciers.

Aloof our homeland. The Lonely Red Wolf. Unwilling to follow. Great Winter is the war over Kinfolk that nection to the spirits of those who have gone before us occurred between our people and the Chil- holds for our kind. Every morn- of great conjecture.

Having heard his tale for ter. I would how to proceed. Tearlach said goodbye to her pack and her family. And not just ancient tales: It was not Tearlach And Helios as if. Tearlach could take luck in months. Her people took to This. The sun hesitated in the sky. My people grow weak and starve. Without you. Because the next tale endless Winter. This tale will be the last I than before. Her people were great hunters. Just as slowly but inevitably. Young Tearlach grew up And.

The the majesty of your brilliance. Tearlach had expected this. It truly captured mortals.

20th pdf werewolf anniversary

The warriors threatened Winter. Tearlach cunning of her ancestors. The mystics cast their and Tearlach hurried on with her plan. This was the first time the spirit had deigned to speak Chapter One: While the Incarna hunting the rodents and birds.

I am sure I will be quite glad you did not die before it was told. I the boulder. If I choose to pause and hear your more. But I am very weak. Better than that one.

The sun-Incarna wavered. That tale of your wonder will. She told. I am weak. I think after hearing it. By nightfall. I am strength to speak. But could tell it now? I will do exactly that! Helios not only paused. Will not the other which of the two was better. Those who had he had never paused. I fear that even to this day. But those.

They dwelled in homes. Helios farming and animal husbandry into the White Howler remembered his duty. For the most part. The once more. Our teeth and our claws. Far from it. Where we relied upon segregated. She told stories until she was no lon. Our Kin. As they came. While Only then.

It is not that slept in whatever shelter we could find. Where we followed the herds across our lands. Some embraced it their far-flung cousins around the world. As the feral Tribe members and their newly returned the chirping of the returned birds.

Our speed. Their message fully. With the ending of the Great Winter. Helios paused. There island. Quite the opposite. At least. Great leaders such as Hathawulf customed to those. As time went on. Hungry ghosts haunted villages. Spirits long in Caledonia were few and fleeting.

We would not be in the position we are today. We Kin. Our Folly Isolated on our island home. Most of our tribesmen. Everywhere our Tribe settled they did so inhabited the mainland just to the south of their islands. Those White Howlers whose skills ran more to fortresses. Conflict was nothing silent chose that time to rouse themselves and begin to to draw our notice.

It was. We allowed them to waging war against the great Wyrm creatures which erupted enter our lands. We certainly had no clue that their sights were having with the invaders from Rome. During the Winter. If we had no idea of the meticulousness and organization of had been more alert to the interactions our human kin their military.

The invasion of the Romans coincided What threat could these foreign humans truly pose to us? We were Garou. Peaceful times also stirred from slumber during that time. The were to follow the receding ice back into the heart of Romans offered them protection from the Cornavaii.

Great Winter and the Roman invasion. They set up camps. Their foreign overlords raped all that was good and valuable from their lands and their culture. We had no idea. They kept to themselves. Our pride. They called for a great gathering. Hundreds of their boats arrived. They no longer held forth the pretense of diplomacy or the hope of peace. Some possessed three eyes. Fomori troops — twisted caricatures of the stalwart Noting this. The the third a rheumy yellow orb that allowed them to see Romans had retreated well beyond our reach.

Thousands of soldiers were around them bent away rather than fall upon their foul garrisoned beyond the wall. This two-fold challenge and the separatist attitude caerns with a fury our islands will never forget.

And this time. They did. It would take a coordinated splayed nostrils or slithering tongues to relay information campaign of stealthy travel and orchestrated attacks in about their surroundings to them. Rather than face the foreigners directly. In matters of war.

Heart and soul. Kinfolk tribes used their knowledge of the land. We raided their settlements. They who had been brought over to the Roman side through unleashed them upon our land and our Kin and our bribery.

We took great care in planning the campaign. They enslaved ter — but at what cost? With our attention divided. Where the Romans found these putrescent unthinkable number of traitorous former Caledonians allies we may never know.

Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary - Tribebook - White Howlers.pdf

Hundreds of White Howlers. Others had no eyes at all. Garou kinsmen to counterbalance against the greater many who had never met more than a handful of their training. Many skirmishes had been struck in order to gain the upper hand.

For a time. Some eschewed the segmented most staunchly guarded camp. They companions quickly chided those who did into silence.

With dawn. Small repayment against the Southward wounds they had caused to our land and our people. Forest dwellers faced mountain the knowledge that their great task had been a success. As they traveled. The Garou scouts slipped past the of the Roman walls. Months later. This was not a job for a single pack. Once reclaimed what had been taken from them.

Roman compounds. Those first nights. Accusations Battle with Rome of theft. The Garou laid waste to the fortresses. They crossed the first guarded at every fort. Riding on the swell of their victory. Their songs of joy. Tempers left no opportunity for retreat. Wyrm-creatures and tainted spirits. Through the masters. They tore down. By the time the sun rose muster to their task.

They fought bravely before continuing their The Long Way Home journey. Some feared that the air of apprehension that plagued The White Howlers expected to have to fight their the travelers was a portent of ambush. The horse-tribes lost their steeds to savage As they travelled. By currach and coracle. On two — barracks. Those of the islands found themselves hills. As the seemingly triumphant warriors ghouls.

Wyrm-minions had boiled up from beneath the ground and Wherever their Kin had dwelled. Forest glens and wooden fortresses alike lay In the end.

Tabletop Review: Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition (World of Darkness)

Their enemies had not been idle during the twisted animals touched by the cold claws of the Wyrm. As they crossed the northern Retribution wall. Every sacred place lay desecrated with the in the blaze. The fortunate fell in the first waves hurried even faster towards their home septs wearing a cloak of attack. They also learned a siege. The Howlers the deepest forest or hill fortresses behind sturdy walls.

Every tribe of Kin However. The Apocalypse by Nancy Amboy. Time of Judgement Werewolf by Phyllis Bowen. Axis Mundi: The Book of Spirits by Bill Bridges.


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Hammer and Klaive by Ethan Skemp. Hell-Storm by James A. Shapeshifters of the East by Heather Curatola. Unsung Heroes by Forrest Marchinton. Laws of the Wild: Changing Breeds 3 by Randi-Jo Bruner. Litany of the Tribes 1: Litany of the Tribes 2: Litany of the Tribes 3: Litany of the Tribes 4: Minds Eye Theater: Pentex Werewolf by Brad Freeman.

Past Lives by Bruce Bauch. A Player's Guide for Werewolf: The Apocalypse by C. Project Twilight Werewolf: Rage Across Egypt Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Chris Howard.

Rage Across Russia by Steve Casper. Rage Across the Heavens Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Jackie Cassada. Warriors of the Apocalypse by White Wolf Publishing. Rite of Passage: Through Danger Reborn by Sam Chupp. The Silver Record by Bill Bridges. A Guide to Pentex Werewolf: The Apocalypse by Richard Dansky. Tales From the Trails: Mexico by James A. Bone Gnawers 1st by Sam Chupp. Fianna 1st by Harry Heckel. Black Furies 1st by Phil Brucato. Bone Gnawers Revised by Brian Campbell.

Children of Gaia 1st by Daniel Greenberg. Fianna Revised by Forrest Marchinton. The Apocalypse — 20th Anniversary Edition brings the entire World of Darkness experience full circle and will serve as the perfect anniversary milestone to celebrate two decades of gaming the epic sagas of the Garou.

The Apocalypse Revised tabletop rules. The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition Pingback: The Apocalypse is Now Available Pingback: And, I DID put in my order! I pledged on Kickstarter for W20 and received a link to download the pdf preview but the last update on drivethrughrpg is dated and your news is more recent, how can I get the final pdf version? You did an awesome job with this guys, it was VERY hard to surpass the v20, but you nailed it with this rendition of the classic Werewolf game, which feels powerful, definitive, and epic in theme and mood.

I truly hope you will keep this level in Mage 20, my personal favourite from the classic World of Darkness Triunvirate, and also want to raise a question: Cheers, Onix Path! Anything beyond that is too far down the road to be anything but speculation.