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Global Delivery Call-Off / VDA Magna Global IT. 2. Global Delivery Call-Off / VDA B2B Services. Version , June Index. 1. Save this PDF as: WORD PNG TXT JPG. Size: px. Start display at page: Download "VOLKSWAGEN AG EDI Implementation Guidelines Delivery Instruction VDA VW-Guide Segment Details 5 I Delivery pre-advice VDA / 1 The present. Including use of display, print and, if applicable, download functions for delivery .. PDF. – XML file. (e.g. for SAP or Win). – HTML file. (as local security) .. Requests (n positions) [The following fields – analogue to VDA

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the usage of VDA for the Delivery Call-Off. Changes as against prior edition . • Added new EDI standard EDIFACT GLOBAL INVOICE. The description of the VW/Audi specific use of the delivery instruction in the format VDA /2 is available in the Internet for download, too. General definitions. This guideline based on the VDA recommendation V4 (april ). URL:

Delivery call-offs of Steyr are always based on the agreements reached in the related blanket purchase order. For further information please contact the following people: 1. Delivery call-offs are created, differentiated on the basis of the key criteria Ref. The delivery control parameters and the option of manual intervention by the delivery controller mean that schedules can be created dependent on situation and, thus, that transmissions can occur outside the normal transmission times. The data is edited for electronic data interchange or for automatic fax transmission centrally at Steyr.

Record type : Follows , or Record type : Follows , or and is the last record of a logical transmission file. It contains master data for this transmission. Entry left-justified. Field is subject to data privacy protection. Customer number which the supplier manages for Steyr. Steyr assigns to a supplier eg. Entry left justified. The transmission number OLD is that of the last run. The transmission number NEW is that for the current transmission.

Pdf vda download 4905

This is the supplier number with the assigned supplier code. Is stored for each EDI file creation run. Is computed for each EDI file creation run. OLD number incremented by 1.

This is issued for each EDI file creation run. Item Steyr has assigned the No to the supplier location of the transmission. Number and Purchase Order number.

Eberspächer VDA Guidelines

Value fixed Encoded format of the customer. See List of codes, Chapter??? The number Delivery call-off number of the current delivery call-off. M 22 AN Identification number of Steyr for a specific part. It is entered left-justified in printed form: O 22 AN Identification number of the supplier for a specific part. Entry leftjustified. Delivery call-off number of the preceding delivery calloff. Delivery call-off date of the preceding delivery call-off.

Download pdf vda 4905

Steyr Identification Number edited in printed form where first 7 digits equal part number and last 2 digits equals change-index. Output in accordance with information in BMW Purchase order provided it is stored there. Steyr Unloading Point. Encoded format, See List of codes, chapter 2. MRP controller identified in Record Encoded format.

See List of codes, chapter 2.

Interface formats for trade, automotive and logistics: EDIFACT, VDA XML | EDI LINE

See List of Codes, Chapter??? Inclusive month. Is not used by Steyr.

Reserve Positions. Only one value S for Series Production. Item 04 Call-of number 20 further to Purchase Order Number. Item 05 Editing date further to call-off number 20 is Item 06 Call-off number old is The demarcation and call-off data.

Stock receipt date of the most recent stock receipt acquired on the system at 04 Delivery note number M 8 N Delivery note number of the delivery note on which the last stocks receipt is based.

Delivery note number of the most recent stock receipt acquired at Steyr.

Download pdf vda 4905

Delivery note date of the most recent stock acquired by Steyr. Last acquired quantity with three places after the decimal point. See Chapter 1. BS delivery instructions VW Mex. The file names for the delivery instructions can be differentiated by modification of the last character in the file names e. Modifications to delivery instructions are indicated under a new transfer.

EDI Guidelines

There are no cancellations of a delivery instruction already transferred. By transfer of a call-off with the requirement identifier " no requirement " the requirement s of the preceeding call-off are set out of strength.

The receiver of data has to guarantee that all annual details with two digits are correctly converted with the change from the year to the year The customer code can be determined by the supplier and be transferred at the request of the supplier in the delivery instruction and in the daily call off.

VW Saxonia and the Saxonian automotive manufacture GmbH have own customer s, in the delivery instruction however also for 04 Supplier code 05 Transmission old 06 Transmission new 07 Transmission date 08 Starting date Cumulative figure receipt these factories the Volkswagen customer will be transmitted.

To carriers applies a supplier code with six digits without plant index. The recipient keeps this up to the next transfer of a delivery instruction. The recipient must control the completeness of the communication data for each application. All data for the zero position cumulative quantity receipt figure are transmitted after the zero position.

The transfer of the supplied plant is planned. M 9 N The delivery call-off new is assigned per article code numerically and continuously ascending with leading zeros. Into the delivery data the part is to be taken over identically!

It is re-coded for the delivery instruction as a function of the application. In the delivery note the part indicated in the delivery instruction is absolutely to be used.

Left justified entry with 6 digits in printing form.