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Deaver, Jeffery - Lincoln Rhyme Series 05 - The Vanished Man()[v2] · Read more · Deaver, Jeffery - Lincoln Rhyme Series 03 - The Empty Chair()[. by Jeffery Deaver. The Bone Collector []. Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics—until an accident left him. "New York Times" bestselling author Jeffery Deaver has famously thrilled and chilled fans with tales of masterful villains and the brilliant minds who bring them to.

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JEFFERY DEAVER'S. THE BONE COLLECTOR. “Lightning-paced. Craftily blends cutting-edge forensics; turn-of-the-century Manhattan mayhem; pursuers. The Bone Collector (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) · Read more · Deaver, Jeffery - Lincoln Rhyme - The Bone Collector Deaver - Lincoln Rhyme 1 - Bone Collector. Author: Deaver Jeffery Deaver, Jeffery - Lincoln Rhyme - The Bone Collector. Read more · The Bone Collector (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) · Read more.

Shelves: detective-mystery Book Review: I'll start by saying that I've read some very good books by Jefferey Deaver: and those books are part of this series. I've handed out a few 5 star reviews for them and you should read them. And I can immediately conclude that thought by saying Jeffery Deaver has also written some bad books. This is one of them. If you look at the chronology of his writing career you'll find that long ago he wrote novels that in my opinion are mediocre. Then something happened. Deaver came out with hi Book Review: I'll start by saying that I've read some very good books by Jefferey Deaver: and those books are part of this series.

Click here to see the rest of this review Best part of story, including ending: I liked it because I enjoyed the amount of dialogue and the personalities of both the main characters.

They were different in the physical sense but learned that their similarities could accomplish so much more. Best scene in story: My favorite scene is when Lincoln and Amelia first started working together and she had to look for physical evidence at a scene while taking instructions from him over a walkie talkie.

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It reminded me of a trust exercise because she had to be his hands, feet and eyes for him while he was instructing her every step of the way. Opinion about the main character: I disliked the way Lincoln sometimes treated under people as if he didn't need them when in reality he had to depend on so many because he was incapable of caring for himself.

The review of this Book prepared by joelle druzbik a Level 1 Blue Jay scholar Rookie cop, Amanda Sachs has never worked a crime scene before. She is responding to a call, when she discovers a hand sticking up in the middle of the railroad tracks. She takes extreme measures to secure the crime scene making her boss angry but attracting the attentions of Lincoln Rhyme.


Lincoln was head of the NYPD forensics and the nation's best criminologist until he became a quadriplegic while working a scene. He joins forces with Sachs and she reluctantly becomes his arms and legs. Together they walk to grid of the Railroad track where she discovered the hand. While they try to make heads or tails of the collected evidence, another grusome yet related scene is discovered.

The killer is purposely leading them somewhere by leaving clues as to his next crime scene yet to be discovered, but they seem to stay just minutes behind the killer. Amanda Sach's life becomes endangered during the investigation and Lincoln himself becomes the final target.

Lincoln himself is a highly intellectual detective and there isn't anything he can't uncover.

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He had an accident that left him a quadrapeligic, but it didn't stop him from solving this unusual case with his other police buddies. There is a killer out there who is fascinated with taking lives and going for the bones of his victims. He drives a taxicab and takes his victims off to kill them when he picks them up. As he does this, Rhyme and his friends are behind him picking up clues where this psychopath leaves them behind.

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