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The “extraordinary” (Booklist) novel of one man's quest to find the source of his nightmare and to reverse it before he becomes nothing at all. This #1 national. The last time Richard Bachman and Stephen King were thought to be different writers, and King's signature is becoming ever clearer in its story. This #1 national bestseller from Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, “ pulsates with evil it will have you on the edge of your seat”.

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Thinner is a novel by Stephen King, published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. It was the last novel King released under the Richard Bachman. Thinner is the 20th book published by Stephen King; it was his 17th novel, and the fifth novel written under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman. The book was. books — 3, voters. The Shining by Stephen King It by Stephen King ' Salem's Lot by Stephen King Dracula by Bram Stoker Pet Sematary by Stephen.

The synopsis below may give away important plot points. After defending an underworld crime boss named Richie "The Hammer" Ginelli Joe Mantegna in court, the town is in the middle of a carnival which is run by Gypsies. One evening, he accidentally runs over an old Gypsy woman with his car when Heidi distracts him by performing oral sex on him. After a court hearing where Billy is cleared of any charges, the Gypsy woman's father, a year old warlock named Tadzu Lempke Michael Constantine curses Billy by touching his face and saying the word "Thinner" before he and the Gypsy group leave town. The curse causes Billy to lose weight rapidly, regardless of how much he eats.

This was the first Bachman book I read with King's name on the cover, not Bachman's; I didn't even know it was a Bachman until later on, and I didn't question the narrative voice for a second.

King thinner book stephen

Billy Halleck is a complete asshole of a protagonist. He's a lawyer, morbidly obese, who runs over a gypsy when not watching the road because his wife is giving him a hand-job.

When he gets the court case and charges dismissed, thanks to knowing the right people, the gypsy's father whose predominant physical feature is his "rotting nose" seeks Halleck out outside the courthouse.

He touches his face and says a single word: Thinner.


From that point onwards, Halleck finds that the weight he was previously carrying — he starts the novel at a pretty hefty lb — starts to drop off him. No matter what he does, off it comes. It's slow at first, but then speeds up, and after discovering that the people who have helped him evade justice are similarly tainted with strange scaly skin and acne, no less , Halleck realises that this is a gypsy curse.

However, because he's an asshole who sees no reason to accept blame for what happened he doesn'tworry about atoning. Instead, he decides to use his old ex-mafia friend Richie to help him track down and then pay back the gypsies, before… Well, spoilers.

So, the gypsy man bakes a pie using some of Halleck's blood which will pass on the curse to whoever eats it.

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Now, Halleck is — as already established — an asshole. He should, the gypsy suggests, eat the pie himself, and just accept his fate. That would be taking responsibility for his actions. The curse can't be lifted outright; and only a complete asshole would pass it. But, as we've established… What maybe can't be seen coming is that Halleck thinks that his wife is to blame for his situation, because she was the onedistracting him from the road.

He thinks about giving her the pie, knowing it will harm, hurt and kill her.

But he doesn't. He sleeps on it. While he's asleep, his wife and young daughter eat the pie, damning them both.

And then, in the novel's final moments, Halleck cuts himself a slice: a gesture that isn't as selfless as it maybe appears.

It's a way of meaning that he doesn't have to deal with the guilt of his family dying. The novel was adapted for the film Thinner. Billy Halleck, an arrogant and morbidly obese lawyer in Connecticut , has recently fought an agonizing court case in which he was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

While driving across town, his wife Heidi had distracted him by masturbating him, causing him to run over an old woman who belonged to a group of traveling Gypsies.

King book stephen thinner

The case is dismissed at a preliminary stage thanks to the judge, who is a close friend of Billy's. However, as Billy leaves the courthouse, the old woman's even more elderly father, Taduz Lemke, strokes Billy's cheek and whispers one word to him: The word, and the old man's behavior, startle Billy. Billy begins to lose weight at a steadily accelerating pace, and he soon realizes that Lemke has cursed him.

He also learns that the judge who gave the unfair verdict was also cursed by the old man, causing scales to grow on his skin. The town police chief who helped soft-pedal the charges against Billy is cursed with a horrifying case of acne.

Week after week, despite desperately gorging himself with food, Billy continues to shed pounds to an extreme. With the help of private detectives and Richie "The Hammer" Ginelli, a former client with ties to organized crime , an emaciated Billy tracks the Gypsy band north along the seacoast of New England to Maine.

He confronts Lemke at their camp and tries to persuade him to lift the curse, but Lemke refuses to do so, insisting that justice must be done upon Billy. The Gypsies throw Billy out of their camp, but not before Lemke's great-granddaughter Gina shoots him through the hand with a ball bearing. Billy calls for help from Richie, who sends a mob doctor to treat Billy's hand and then arrives in person to terrorize the Gypsy camp.

King thinner book stephen

After Richie finishes with the Gypsies, Lemke agrees to meet with Billy. Lemke has brought a strawberry pie with him and adds blood from Billy's wounded hand to it, saying that the curse can be transferred to someone else but not destroyed. Lemke begs Billy to eat it himself and die with dignity, but Billy instead takes it home, finding Richie's severed hand in his car.

Later, from a news report, he learns that Richie has been found shot to death with the word "pig" written in blood on his forehead. Billy returns home and intends to give the pie to Heidi, whom he has come to blame for his predicament. The next morning, though, he finds that both she and their daughter Linda have eaten from the pie.

One night, while simultaneously driving home and receiving a hand job from his wife Heidi, he accidentally runs over an old woman from a band of traveling gypsies. He is brought to trial, but is acquitted thanks to his high connections, who fake evidence.

His friend, the judge, declares him not guilty. While Billy leaves the courthouse, an old gypsy man, who turns out to be Taduz Lemke, the gypsy woman's father, brushes his hand on Billy's cheek and whispers "thinner.

Rereading Stephen King, chapter 19: Thinner

While on vacation with Heidi, Billy discovers that he is beginning to lose weight, although he has not changed his diet in any way. As the days progress, Billy's weight loss becomes more rapid. Although he is first pleased by this, he soon becomes frightened by the speed and suddenness of the weight loss.

He becomes convinced that a gypsy curse has been placed on him when he discovers that the judge that acquitted Billy and another police officer also involved in the case committed suicide after experiencing unnatural symptoms on their bodies. The judge starts growing lizard scales and claws on his body, and the police officer gets a disturbingly horrific case of acne. Billy breaks away from his wife and daughter, who want to have him placed in a clinic, and drives upstate to find the gypsies.