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CODEX: ADEPTUS. MECHANICUS. SKITARII. An unofficial codex for use with For more information about the background of the Skitarii, please download the. Codex: Skitarii, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer The Skitarii are the bionic heart of the Adeptus Mechanicus' legions. allowing Tech-Priests to remotely boost soldiers' abilities from their observing scryships. Download Codex: Skitarii Warhammer 40k Adeptus Mechanicus pdf.

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Nom original: Knowledge is power, and the Skitarii Legions are remorseless and unstoppable in their search. 40k codex for skitarii by HonorOfTheWaves. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Documents Similar To Adeptus Mechanicus - Skitarii- WH40K - Codex Cult Mechanicus. Uploaded by. Eduardo Javier Chaparro Torres. Death Guard.

Share The Codex Adeptus Astartes - Space Marines for the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40, A Codex is a publication of Games Workshop that details the units and models each army in the Warhammer 40, tabletop miniatures game can use when playing a game. Codices follow the same edition publication history as the Warhammer 40, tabletop game itself. Contents [ show ] 1st Edition The 1st Edition of the game, published in , is referred to as Rogue Trader. Game designer Rick Priestly created the original rules set based on the contemporary 2nd Edition of Warhammer Fantasy alongside the Warhammer 40, universe. The game play of Rogue Trader was heavily oriented toward role-playing rather than strict tabletop wargaming. This original version came as a very detailed, though rather jumbled, rulebook, which made it most suitable for fighting small skirmishes. Much of the composition of the units was determined randomly, by rolling dice.

Open war with Imperial authorities is not unknown — these regrettable occurrences have only served to drive the Xenarites deeper underground. Time is carried upon a current incepted by forgotten deeds. Events of great moment are but the culmination of a single carefully placed thought. As all men must thank progenitors obscured by the past, so we must endure the present that those who come after may continue the greater work. The gigantic space stations high above its surface are the only structures left relatively intact.

This lattice of nucleic metropolises and macrofilament tubes writhes in the atmosphere much like a living thing. The Skitarii of Graia are known for their refusal to yield, no matter the odds. Some attribute this to scrapcode born of war trauma — only a binharic imperative from a senior Tech-Priest can cause them to retreat.

Their redoubtable war ethic is seen as a sign of great devotion to the Machine God, though their allies in the Astra Militarum see their stubbornness for the liability it truly is. All of the Adeptus Mechanicus worship the Machine God in one form or another. This practice began before the birth of the Imperium, when the original Martian settlers were beset by solar radiation and plague. The devotees of the emergent Machine Cult hunted out and applied the technologies necessary to provide shelter and safety, and soon technology became synonymous with life.

The machine-truths they found were enshrined within the Temple of All Knowledge, and vast monuments were raised to their new, inhuman god.

Over the millennia, the cult prospered and became dominant. It propagated the belief that every machine had a spirit, and that efficiency and perfection of function were far superior to concerns such as emotion or spontaneity.

Codex - Skitarii

Most of the Adeptus Mechanicus worship the Emperor in his aspect as the Omnissiah, the Machine God Incarnate, for he not only knows all, but comprehends all — and so their creed coexists with the Imperial faith of the Ecclesiarchy. However, some see the Omnissiah as a mortal prophet rather than a god. They believe in a far older deity, and that the Machine God is with them on Mars, not on Terra.

The religious implications of this have created a long-hidden schism that could potentially lead to a devastating war of faith. No rocky crust covers the dull silver of its surface.

No flora or fauna makes its home there. Other than the Adeptus Mechanicus, there are no biological life forms upon Metalica whatsoever. Even the atmosphere is inimical to life. It was not always this way, but the TechPriests are by nature jealous of their treasures, and have had their Skitarii drive to extinction all other species so their quest for enlightenment can continue at peak efficiency. So it is that Metalica is a world of hissing pistons, glowing forges and strata upon strata of industrial waste.

Yet it is far from barren, for the engine-driven monstrosities that growl out of its furnace complexes are born by the hundred with every new dawn.

The sheer auditory barrage that rings from its gunmetal mountains is deafening yet oddly inspiring, especially for the Skitarii that are inducted there. The hyper-pollution of the planet and its proximity to the Ork empire of Charadon have prepared its legions well for the defence of Armageddon. Almost all forge worlds have Titan Legions that defend them, and Metalica is no exception.

The Iron Skulls, formally known as the Legio Metalica, is amongst the most vaunted of its kind. Tragically, the Legio was all but destroyed during the Third War for Armageddon. Princeps Kurtiz Mannheim, realising his allies would soon be overrun, led the Legio Metalica and its Skitarii escort against a wave of Ork Titan-class threats and six million Ork infantry.

After slaying an Ork Gargant in a gruelling duel, Mannheim ordered his badly wounded Titan Steel Hammer to self-destruct, his sacrifice killing another two Gargants and burning out the heart out of the Ork offensive in the process. The planet was once famous for supplying containment fields and plasma weaponry — the Leman Russ Executioner and Stormblade super-heavy tank were born within its armour cradles. However, since Ryza found itself bearing the brunt of not one but two major Waaagh! In truth the Tech-Priests of Ryza welcome the opportunity to see their creations in action first-hand.

The Orks of Waaagh! Grax and Rarguts, always on the lookout for more dakka, have done much the same. Every vault and warecrypt has been raided, every gun reliquary broken open in furtherance of the war effort. Transdimensional beamers light up the night, gatling macro-cannons roar their fury, and writhing lava hoses spew hot death into the streets.

To set foot upon Ryza is to see a vision of war unbound — and the violent industry of the Adeptus Mechanicus unleashed on a worldwide scale.

He swept a metal finger towards the Orks teeming through the arches. Red in cog and claw! Lucky for them, that was something Ryza had in plenty. The ground vibrated, sending the Sicarians skittering like pond skater insects. A dull roar filtered through the devotional psalms 3-Cyx liked to play to himself when the killing began. It grew to a thunderous shout as — 3-Cyx cocked his head — 6, greenskin warriors poured down the steps of the Mechapotentate Basilica.

Behind him, his killclade followed suit. Heads rolled, Ork limbs flew in arcs of blood. With cogs. And sausage fingers Despite the invulns and FnP, etc. Mediocre Leadership means you often take minimum squads to prevent losses from Morale tests.

You can still reach marine-tier leadership using cheap upgrades and models you were still going to bring, though. For example, we only have two Fast Attack both from the same box and two Heavy Support choices. Thankfully, all of these are pretty good. In fact your only other HQ are an expensive Captain-equivalent, a cheap repairman, or a strange inbetweener from Killteam.

Oddly enough, you will struggle with heavy armored lists at medium to long ranges. You have no practical meltas, nor cheap lascannons. Neutron Lasers are good, but how many of them can you field? If your opponent is spamming leman russes and baneblade s , you have a problem.

Armiger Warglaives rectify this somewhat. Our new tank may also aid in this Several of these combined mean that you have to bring in Imperial allies to stay competitive. Transports, psykers, aircraft, and cheap spammable fire support like lascannons benefit this army a lot. That's right, finally merged into one army. Special Rules[ edit ] Canticles of the Omnissiah[ edit ] Once per turn, you can activate one of the Canticles of the Omnissiah.

One use per canticle, or roll a D6 to get a random one and possibly re-use one. Putting allies in another detachment is fine, though. What is really good about Canticles now is that you are choosing them at the "start of each battle round", not on your turn. That means you can declare Shroudpsalm on turn 1 even if your opponent is going first. If you run big blobs of Vanguard, it's not the worst thing out there.

Litany of the Electromancer: It will help you hand out Mortal Wounds, but all things considered, this is one of the least useful Canticles. You get a 1 in 6 chance for each unit that's in melee with you to suffer 1d3 mortal wounds.

Most useful against tough to budge MSU units such as Marine Combat Squads and IG Infantry Squads if you can engage enough units because lots of units to hit and units that are expensive per wound like deathcult, aspect warriors, terminators, and lychguard because every wound hurts. Extra effective if it's both, namely characters and elite min squads. The effect is resolved as soon as its chosen and does not apply again during the rest of the round.

Its wording may suggest it apply as soon as a unit enters the 1" range during the round, but being w40k a FIFO First In First Out and 'read as it is' game, the rule has to be applied as it's written, without supposing its behavior.

Chant of the Remorseless Fist: Re-roll 1s in the fight phase. It's decent, and the only buff to WS that AdMech can get. Use it the turn when your Electro-Priests, Sicarians, and Dragoons make it into combat.

It is especially beneficial to the latter two due to their taser weapons. Combine with the Conqueror Doctrina Imperative to more than double damage output on a large alpha strike unit. Rangers go from wounding Guardsmen Shroudpsalm: Army-wide cover, one of the best canticles. Pick it at the start of Battle Round 1, and then try to roll for it every phase afterwards with Cawl's ability. The 'Prepared Positions' 2CP stratagem also gives you army-wide cover at the "start of the battle round before the first turn" if you go second W40k April update p.

Pdf skitarii codex

So, kind of at the same time than Shroudpsalm, meaning you could use it to save CP. After two turns of army-wide cover, your army's bound to be all in actual cover at their destination points. Or in contact with the enemy, where you'll go Machine Might on them. The best thing is that you can save it for when your taser bois make contact with the enemy.

Benediction of the Omnissiah: One of the best ones, even if it is a bit reduntant. It allows you to re-roll 1s in the shooting phase. While Domini already give this to you and Cawl even better , it still helps your far away units, like Ballistarii, deepstrikers or people in the new transports, so it is useful.

Kataphrons are so big that they may not fit all units under the Dominus' aura alongside Kastelans and Dunestriders, so there's that too. Warlord Traits[ edit ] Monitor Malevolus: Once per battle, you can re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, or damage roll made for your warlord. In addition, if your army is battle-forged, roll a d6 each time you or your opponent uses a stratagem. On a 6, you gain a command point, though it's been capped at a single CP regained per battle round.

The free reroll is still worth a CP on its own, though. Magos Biologis: You can re-roll failed wound rolls when attacking enemy infantry, beast, or monster units with your warlord. Good for a Dominus with relics that meets the enemy instead of being support. For dedicated melee, the Primer Hermeticon might serve you better.

Mechadominator: Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls they make for any of their vehicles that target your warlord. A You have Onagers with Neutron Lasers, why are enemy vehicles still alive? B Vehicles aren't Snipers, nor should your Magos be duking it out against a Dreadnought. Necromechanic: Each time your warlord uses an ability to repair a friendly model, that model regains 1 additional wound.

Doubles your Knight-repair rate, which normally heal only 1 wound instead of the usual D3. Can be combined with the 'Autocaduceus of Arkhan Land' relic if you cannot afford to lose that Onager. Chorister Technis: Whilst on the battlefield, you can re-roll one die whenever you randomly select which canticle you use.

Notably, if the warlord is from Mars, he can only re-roll the first result. And if he isn't, the FAQ states he's only rolling a single dice anyway, the Martian double-dogma being rolled for separately from non-Martian detachments. Prime Hermeticon: Infantry units within 6" can re-roll failed hit rolls in the fight phase.

This is the only way you can get anything useful out of Breachers in close combat. If you're using only Skitarii for melee, the Omniscient Mask could help you better. Also known as "a free VP". Score a VP if you control the objective corresponding to the number you roll, which is improved to d3 VP if your Warlord is controlling it. You can change the Canticle to another either by picking or rolling. You can't pick one you used before unless you stack it with the stratagem below , but you can benefit from the Mars Dogma.

Codex pdf skitarii

Divine Chorus 2 CP : Use once per battle, at any time you would determine a Canticle; lets you choose the Canticle, even if it's already been used this game. They can fight a second time this turn. Makes supercharged Plasma Culverins safe. Binharic Overide 1 CP : Use at the end of any phase to change the Kastelan battle protocols on one of your units. However, they are stuck in the new mode for the rest of the game.

Obviously, this also means you can't use this on a given Kastelan unit twice in a single game. If your Fist Kastellans have already reached melee but their Datasmith was killed before changing to Conqueror Protocols, this will let them avenge him. Archaeotech Specialist CP : This is the stratagem that lets you take extra relics.

Dataspike 1 CP : Use after fighting with a character. Resolve one additional attack against an enemy vehicle within 1".

If you hit, the vehicle takes 1d3 mortal wounds.

Codex - Skitarii

Your Dominus or Datasmith can injure a Dreadnought equivalent DEQ but not really finish one since they can't withstand the punch back. Belisarius can use this and his arq scourge to take out a DEQ, but overall merely fluffy. Save this one for your Dragoons and your Infiltrators. Their taser weapons will thank you. Tech-adept 1 CP : You can use this stratagem to allow a character to make two repair rolls a turn, even on the friendly model.

The exact wording of the stratagem says "The character can immediately attempt to use that ability again, and can even use it to repair the same model", so you can double heal the same model by RAW. A vehicle can use the top row on its damage chart until the end of the turn.

Onagers and Knights are the only thing in codex with damage charts. Useful on the Knight since it will get shot at before your infantry even get close to the enemy, but you have enough tech-priests to keep Onagerson the top-chart. Rage of the Machines 1 CP : Use during shooting. One vehicle model, regardless of models in unit clarified in the April FAQ , can ignore the penalty for moving and shooting a Heavy weapon, and advancing and shooting an assault or cognis weapon.

Roll two dice and add the result together when determining how far they can advance. Select an infantry unit from your army within 3" of an objective marker. Until the start of your next turn, you can add 1 to all saving throws made for that unit and increase the attacks characteristics of all models by 1.

Unless you are going up against Khorne Berzerkers they are gonna be stikcing around even if they are charged by Berzerkers they'll kill 5 of them with reflect mortal wounds Infoslave Skull 2 CP : Use after an enemy unit arrives on the battlefield as reinforcements within 12" of one of your infantry units.

You can immediately shoot at the enemy as if it were the shooting phase, but you must subtract 1 from all the resulting hit rolls. Coteaz called, he wants his shtick back.

Machine Spirit's Revenge 1 CP : Select a vehicle that's lost its last wound; it explodes with no need to roll for it. Apparently, the Mechanicus has no problem stealing a page from the Death Guard playbook as well.

A farewell "Fuck you" from your fallen Dragoon. You're charging those things into combat after deepstriking anyways, either to soak overwatch for its assaulty passengers, or to punk an enemy vehicle or monster. In most cases if you aren't playing with your head up your ass the drill should bite the dust with enemies near it.

Questor Mechanicus-specific[ edit ] Knight of the Cog 1 CP : Use at the start of any battle round before determining which Canticle of the Omnissiah will be in effect. That unit gains the Canticles of the Omnissiah special rule until the end of the next turn. Clarified as per April FAQ to allow the target unit to gain the benefit of the canticle even if no other unit in that units detachment has the Canticles of The Omnissiah rule.

Indirectly allows you to play more aggressively with your Knight.

Adeptus Mechanicus - Skitarii- 7ª.pdf

Melee Weapons[ edit ] Arc weapons: Haywire as we knew it is dead. Instead it became 1d3 damage against vehicles Thus, think of them as regular weapons with a bit of extra chip damage against vehicles from time to time. A decent melee weapon for its price with nice Strength and AP. Now you only need to get those Fulgurites into melee. Hydraulic Claw: Essentially a power fist with less armour penetration.

Codex pdf skitarii

The weapon isn't bad, what is bad is the Breacher it is mounted on: what it gains in chance to wound it loses in chance to hit, and its meagre AP doesn't let it capitalise on the D3 damage which is the actual strength of power fists, not their strength. Barely better than the Arc Claw. Exclusive to the Manipulus. Power sword: Available to Infiltrators and Skitarii Alphas. Its better AP means it's of more use than an arc maul for an Alpha against marines and cheaper too Servo-arm: It's one power fist attack including -1 to hit with 1 worse AP but flat D3.

For Enginseers and Servitors; so they're not going to be in melee on purpose, but at the very least it's free now. Electrostatic gauntlets: Not a taser weapon per se, but behaves exactly the same.

Only Ryza rerolls wounds. Transonic Razor: The regular flavor. Fishes for mortal wounds and nothing more. Wounds marines easier, and can be combined with Machine Might to ravage guardsmen, but remember mortal wounds don't care about the target's toughness.

Ranged Weapons[ edit ] Arc weapons : Gone are the days of reliably wrecking Land Raiders from across the table. However, Arc weapons can reliably attack infantry and are actually quite cheap for their stats.

Adeptus Mechanicus - Skitarii- 7ª.pdf

S6 AP-1 won't cut it against vehicles, so their 1d3 damage against them should be seen as a novelty extra chip damage instead of a dedicated anti-tank rule. That's something Bolt Rifles do, and with Bolt Discipline they actually do it better. If you rely on chip damage, then it's not anti-tank.

All in all a darn good pistol. Shares a 3 point cost with the Phosphor Blast pistol. Heavy Arc Rifle: 36" Heavy 2 Breacher signature gun. Behaving like an anti-infantry autocannon, its better AP-2 and base D1d3 make it able to deal with heavier, multiwound infantry like Primaris and even Crisis suits. Actually useful against light vehicles like Land Speeders and Sentinels, tearing out huge D1d6 chunks out of them. And now it costs only 6pts. Cognis heavy stubber : The old reliable.

Available to the Onager as a supplementary weapon for self defense, or to pick off infantry while its main gun is busy elsewhere.

Essentially a regular heavy stubber since Onagers only advance D3", but now it's a mere 2pts so it's almost an auto-include: it will more than make its points back whenever it kills a single model. Twin cognis autocannon: 20 points for 4 autocannon shots, which is cheaper than what other armies get except Guard while still allowing Ballistarii to sprint at full speed when needed. And cognis overwatch from a full unit of three is no joke. We've got two flavours, neither of which are the regular or Heavy flamer.

Cognis Flamer: Picks the better of two d6 when rolling for attacks on overwatch.