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People only come to Puyallup to hide, or because they have no other choices left. The district is home to the indigent and the exiled. In particular, it sees a fair. Shadowrun: Seattle - It's a screwed up city. Watermarked PDF As beautiful as she is dysfunctional, Seattle is urban sprawl amid. Shadowrun Seattle *OP* (Shadowrun (Catalyst)) [Steve Kenson, Bill Aguiar , Jason Andrew] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Seattle , Shadowrun, Matrix and WK Games are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of WizKids, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Shadowrun, Seattle , Matrix, and WK Games are registered trademarks and/ or trademarks of WizKids, Inc. in the. United States and/or other countries. This chapter offers a quick overview of Seattle to get you oriented and exploring all the metroplex has to offer. Later chapters cover each dis- trict in greater detail .

Size: 9. If you look at the character sheet for Ms online. Adepts have always had an odd balance built into their characters. Instead of packing their bodies with technology, they use their inner magic to turn them into combat beasts think the monks from wuxia films epub. There is, but is at a level below what I would define a game as being interactive pdf.

I know how strange this Three of the seven shadows had drifted into the store. Marie must seem. But if youd take this, its more than enough to cover saw two more through the window.

Thank heav- Inwardly pleading for the clerk to hurry, Marie kept a grate- ens her cover ID was really married. No doubt the escort was busy ful smile plastered to her face.

Shed stopped showering him with checking. Just so they didnt look too closely at where the real person thanks, so as not to overdo it, but she continued to glow with hap- was at the moment. The hack Marie had set up wouldnt stand up piness and satisfaction. She hoped, anyway. Of course the moment she got clear, she needed to change her Marie moved further away but not in haste.

Either the incendi- hair color and style, maybe even skin color and build. Changing her ary device would detonate, or it wouldnt. Her job was done.

Ralph flats for spiked heels would add five inches to her stature, and shed was her backup. If the bomb didnt work, it was up to him to finish need a change of clothes.

It was amazing the difference snug leather the job via a magical attack. Theyd already laid contingency plans. And still nothing happened. She should settle in for at least a week or two stay in Seattle. She resisted the urge to turn and look.

Hell, with her luck, the Once this run was complete anyone leaving the city would be sub- ill-fated man was rushing after her for some reason and would blow jected to scrutiny. In which case, Ralph wouldnt have to As Marie accepted the package from him, she glowed with joy split the payment.

Pdf seattle 2072

A lot. He was a perfect stranger, after all. But she and Ralph had the kind of history where she knew they The Shiawase employee graciously wished her a good day and had each others backs. And nothing. Nothing at all. She loitered a few moments longer to peruse the sales, then The noisy crowd surged around her, beginning to thin now that meandered out and set off in the opposite direction.

IM, to no one in particular, about how she was sooooo very tired of A blinding flash reflected off the buildings all around her, the rain already, and it was only December. Marie It took great awareness and restraint for Marie not to quicken screamed and make sure her reaction mimicked that of everyone her pace, but to continue to browse. A few friendly repliesnone from Ralph, of courseheartily Inside she was gloating.

Mission accomplished. Nothing happened. She loved Seattle. Welcome to our version of the popular Living Seattle is a prime destination for travelers: for business, an urban sight- Planet Guide to Seattle, where we make the Guide a little more living than seeing vacation, or an extended visit to the the surrounding wilderness. Enjoy, and use it well. The metroplex also has numerous smaller Felonious Crime Rate: 18 per 1, per annum airports, many of them privately owned and operated.

The government The Native American Nations sanction three major traffic routes into estimate is some 30, others in the metroplex, but the figures are and out of Seattle, known as the North, South, and East Roads. Interstate could be anywhere from 20, to 50, or more. Highway 5. That number has been steadily rising, too, as changelings from the Seattle through Tir Tairngire and the Salish-Shidhe Council.

It is the surrounding areas and elsewhere in the UCAS migrate to the Emerald City, only passenger rail-service into the metroplex.

Seattle 2072

The trip takes about two which has had a reputation as a haven for freaks and weirdos, or at least hours and is primarily used by tourists and employees of corporations did, up until recently. Well see how Brackhavens administration changes with interests in both cities.

The maglev-tube is opaque and large por- things not for the better, I suspect. Some smugglers bring people ashore in out-of-the-way Public Works Shiawase Envirotech spots where its a fairly simple matter to meet up with a connection in the Sanitation Eta Engineering plex or acquire some ground transport.

The southern borders are the most porous, with areas like the Verge: broad lava flats patrolled primarily by drones and automated systems.

Shadowrun Seattle 2072 (Shadowrun (Catalyst))

Coyotes who know the area can guide you through Average annual temperature is around 21 C, up to 31 C in the for a price. Municipal and arcane etiquettethe As are a useful resource for the shadowrunner on projects like the ACHE, intended to provide low-cost housing and get the home- the go.

Its a largely unspoken truth that ecologies relying on an abundance of metahuman preyfrom ghouls Languages and vampires to organized crime and organleggersthrive in Seattle because of Like the UCAS, Seattle has no official language, although the common the large number of transients and unaccounted for.

Seattle air quality alerts and to have a personal breathing mask if you are planning to visit areas south of Lake Union, particularly during Currency the high wind periods in autumn. Its a good idea to check the current dollar-nuyen exchange rates before entering the metroplex and converting some currency for Getting Around Seattle your visit.

While downtown Seattle is fairly pedestrian-friendly, outlying areas Additionally, Seattle makes greater use of hardcopy currency are heavily dependent on public transportation and on-road vehicles.

This is Unlike many UCAS cities, particularly in the northeast, Seattle has no due to potential communication issues with other UCAS banks and subway system, although it does have a robust public transportation financial institutions; you do not want to be caught without access to network. So once you arrive, heres how you get around the metroplex.

Pdf seattle 2072

Some small businesses prefer, or even require, payment in hardcopy because of this. Pedestrian The first thing to know about walking in Seattle is: be prepared for Weather hills! Much of the metroplex is hilly terrain, sometimes quite steep, so Contrary to popular opinion, it doesnt rain all the time in Seattle. It rains more in the topographical details, so what looks like an easy few blocks might actu- winter months, less in the summer.

Rainstorms are shorter in the ally be quite a climb! Make sure to use street-level views of your route warmer months and longer in the winter, when you get the sustained to get a feel for the terrain before you decide to walk it.

The packages that cant be entrusted to virtual transmission over the Matrix. Naturally, theres also a thriv- four most important records of Seattle are the following: ing shadow business in intercepting the occasional bike courier, although the really sensitive stuff gets Seattle Sourcebook : One of the first Shadowrun entrusted to delivery options more heavily armored than a carbon-fiber-frame speed.

No surprise that theyre Seattle spent more time on corporations, crime, and law popular with gangers and shadowrunners alike, and Knight Errant has been increasing the number of enforcement, with less of a focus on each district and their motorcycle officers because of it.

Seattles public transit system. Bus routes run throughout the metroplex, with schedules Seattle To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of available from the public Grid. There is no charge to ride the bus in the downtown free Shadowrun, the book youre reading now pushes the zone. Trips outside downtown cost 2. Seattle plotlines into and includes maps, district Seattle also has a monorail system, updated and expanded several times in its hundred- descriptions, and more evolution to politics, the criminal plus-year history.

[Shadowrun] Seattle 2072

The monorail loops around the downtown district on elevated tracks, with landscape, and a look towards Seattles future. Riding the monorail costs 1. Car Seattles main streets and highways are gridded for electric cars, which make up the bulk of the traffic. The GridGuide system provides safe traffic flow management. You can cross the metroplex from Everett in the north to southern Puyallup in about three hours if traffic is light.

During rush hour which actually lasts closer to two or three hours, morning and evening traffic is stop-and-go along the main routes. Why would they? Shed never been to Seattle corporate honchos werent about to back down, not even if they before. She wasnt on any watchlists.

Shadowrun Seattle PDF and Pre-Order

Her sources would tell her if could afford to. So they were making a huge show of the transfer, that changed. The cops should have looked right past her. The cops werent just getting closer, they were walking Theyd hired an army to escort their packagesfive of them directly toward her. Walking fast. Marie held her breath and counted across town. Hands in her light jacket pockets, she au- Four were decoys. One was the real thing. No one, not even the tomaticallybut especially nowkept one hand on her credsticks couriers, knew which was which.

She Except for Ralph being astronomically lucky in ferreting out might look like a customer of NetMart, but nothing to stop her from information that no one else seemed to findat least not in time coveting Lordstrungs, right? See, Ralph had found out that all five were She forced herself to breathe.

Her commlink should be broad- decoys, not just four. Marie grinned at the memory of his glee when casting perfectly nondescript identification, nothing that would flag the lanky, fair elf had told her. His delicately-pointed ears had practi- the cops attentionborrowed, of course, from someone who looked cally twitched with excitement.

Average height, average build, average She and Ralph the Elf made a perfect team: she a hacker appearanceeasy on the eyes, but not eye-catching, with thick wavy extraordinaire and he a highly skilled mage as subtle as he was brown hair that just brushed her shoulders.

Theyd teamed up several years ago and had yet to fail on a As long as the cops werent augmented enough to hear her run, partially because they were good but also because they knew heart pounding in her chest, or smell her sweat, she should be good.

She almost had. Until her partner Ralph convinced her that the Hed had to persuade her about this one; it was on the cusp, generous paycheck was worth the minimal risk. So far she was glad in her opinion. Marie had found it hard to believe that all five were he had. Or had been, until the KE zeroed in on her. There was a sixth, one most spies didnt know about. The sixth courier, totally oblivious, would be transporting the But it wasnt her fault any more than it was his that Shiawase actual data.

His blood was on corporate Marie couldnt imagine what excuse the person would have hands, not hers. In this age of instant communication via the Matrix or Marie and Ralph had considered various options but had re- courtesy of VR workplaces, business meetings were virtual if they jected all of them as too uncertain of success.

The datachip needed happened at all. It wasnt as if any employee needed to see another to be destroyed. Thats what they were being paid for: a guarantee.


Email, texting, videophone: all were much more They hadnt been able to think of a fail-safe way to do that without immediate and therefore more efficient. The hacker shrugged, still pretending interest in the store even Mindful of traffic, she crossed to the other side of the road so as she watched the cops get closer.

Just because she didnt She debated the merits of further perusing the colorful mer- think he was aware of her didnt mean shed get careless.

Plus, it chandise in the window or strolling into the store itself. She watched allowed her to move faster and catch him that much more easily. People sensed their intensity and got out of one that she needed to slip into his pocket.

To any sensor or scanner, as well as to the naked, magical, or Then a movement in the periphery to her left was abrupt augmented eye, it would appear perfectly normal. Ralph the Elf had enough to make Marie turn and look, along with everyone else. Aside from the initial contact being hismajor A kid broke into a sprint, shoving people roughly out of the way asidethat was the one thing hed done on this very unmagical run.

Once she had, her com- vanished around the next corner. The KE dashed past, quickly making mlink would text some innocuous message over the Matrix to some up the distance.

They were augmented, judging by how swiftly they random restaurant or store. It would be spambackground noise. The credstick would pick it up. And once it got the signal the Marie wondered what the kid had done. Hed been tall and device would detonate. Oh, there would be an EMP. Just in case.

So scruffyso as not to stand out much. Rebel chic. She felt like rolling the heatflash would burn up the unwitting courier, the chip, and the her eyes in disdain at the pretender but stopped herself just in time.

Pdf seattle 2072

Whatever it was hed done she wished him luck. It was the least Marie just needed to catch him. She loved false alarms and distractions. They were good. She counted seven, two flanking him close A false alarm was better than being the real target. They looked human, Yes, Marie loved Seattle. Well, shed have to see. She didnt She had her own target to find. The cams didnt Their client didnt care about intercepting the information. That matter, she matched her fake ID.

All she and Ralph had con- But the seven tracted to do was to stop the transfer. It would only delay Shiawase Fuck. Whatever delay, whatever chaos, was They werent keeping a buffer zone around him empty, but they good enough. Any approach wouldnt get past There.

They certainly wouldnt miss a bump, even though she wasnt Shed spotted her target, an older man who somehow managed picking his pocket, but slipping something into it. Tall and broad, thick white She stayed the course as she tried to think of something. She hair. There was no urgency to his step as he emerged from the res- got in front of him and stopped in front of a high-end electronics taurant and turned to go up the hill, moving against traffic.

Why and then somemade as if to go in, then stopped, then started should he, when he had no idea what he was carrying? She almost again, then stopped, turned abruptly, and careened right into the felt bad for him. She sensed the tension from his companions skyrocket, but to really close scrutiny.

In fact, in two hours time, it would suddenly they held back as she burst into tears and apologized profusely. Im sorry. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name and the order number of your eBook download. If any books bearing your information are found being distributed illegally, then your account will be suspended and legal action may be taken against you. Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter.

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Joshua K. A great addition to the new Shadowrun 4th Ed. The new Seattle is by far the most exhaustive new Shadowrun sourcebook released by Catalyst Game Labs.

Compared to earlier sourcebooks covering Seattle, provides the all of the necessary [ See All Ratings and Reviews. Browse Categories. WoD 20th Anniversary Edition Sale. Rule System. Apocalypse World Engine. BRP Basic Roleplaying.