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SBI Po ▻ Paper PDF ▻ Bank Po Paper ▻ SBI Exam Paper .. will send latest papers Re p ly send me sbi bank po exam question papers & both . 5 days ago Download FREE SBI PO previous year papers PDF. Practice SBI PO previous year question papers to ramp up your SBI PO preparation SBI PO Previous Papers: Download last 10 years SBI PO prelims, mains exam previous year question paper with answers pdf for free on our.

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Here you can download the SBI PO 5 years question papers solutions in pdf format Previous Year Question Papers in Pdf scretch.infoad the. SBI PO previous year question paper with Answer key , , , , , SBI PO previous year question paper PDF. we will provide SBI PO Question Year Paper (Prelims & Main) , , , in PDF format. Download the Question Papers and kindly share it with.

Direction 1 5 : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. The outside world has pat answers concerning extremely impoverished countries, especially those in Africa. Everything comes back, again and again, to corruption and misrule. Western officials argue that Africa simply needs to behave itself better, to allow market forces to operate without interference by corrupt rulers. Yet the critics of African governance have it wrong.

Its worth looking at the same calculations for U. Aid alone In , the U. Taking out the parts for U. Consultants and technical co-operation, food and other emergency aid, administrative costs and debt relief, the aid per African came to a grand total of 6 cents. The U. Has promised repeatedly over the decade, as a signatory to global agreements like the Monterrey Consensus of , to give a much larger proportion of its annual output specifically up to 0.

Because not one in a million U. Citizens even know f statements like the Monterrey Consensus, But no one should underestimate the salience that it has around the world. Spin as an American myth about their nations generosity, the poor countries are fully aware of what the U. Is not doing. Aid to the SubSaharan African countries? Aid meant for of capital African does not reach the incumbent b The U.

Aid to African countries is more than that for any other developing or underdeveloped nation c The U.

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Has been contributing more than 0. President Bushs statement in Press Conference on April indicates that.. To the poor countries is substantially and sufficient b The spread of freedom cannot be achieved through financial aid c Feeding the hungry million outside the U.

On its own, assumes the obligation of helping the poor countries ANS e U. Has spent trillions of dollars on aid 3. The author has mentioned Ghana as a country with. The cases of malaria in Africa are mainly due to A High temperature B Climatic conditions conducive for breeding C Malaria carriers liking for human blood in preference to that of cattle. The purpose of the author in writing this passage seems to a Criticize USA for not providing adequate financial help b Make Africans realize their own problems c Analyze the actual quantum of aid against the perceived one d Highlight how American leaders are power-hungry e None of these ANS 6.

The author has given the example of Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan in support of his argument that a Corruption is the major culprit in the way of prosperity b Mis-governance hampers the prosperity of nations c Despite rampant corruption, nations may prosper ANS d Developed nations arrogantly neglect underdeveloped countries e None of these 7. The remark of former U. Secretary of the Treasury, Paul ONeil, is according to the author..

S and d A ruthless remark by an arrogant bureaucrat e None of these 8. The passage seems to emphasize that the outside world has a Correct understanding about the reasonable aid provided by the USA to the poor countries b Definite information about what is happening in underdeveloped countries c Stopped extending any financial aid to underdeveloped countries d Misconceptions about the aid given to the poor nations by developed countries e None of these ANS 9.

According to the Westerners the solution to eradicate poverty of African nations lies in.

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Obligation a Lip sympathy b True empathy c Self pity d Conditional responsibility e Moral binding ANS Directions : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error; the answer is e i.

No Error. Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.

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A It is a general term used to describe over individual diseases. B The abnormal cells grow with-out any control, invade through normal tissue barriers and reproduce indefinitely.

C The word cancer comes from Latin, meaning a crab.

D These characteristics include development within any tissue of a malignant growth. E A tumor was called cancer because of swollen veins around the area resembling a crabs limb.

F These diseases progress differently over a period of time and share certain characteristics. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words denoted by numbers a , b , c , d and e.

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Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make the sentence grammatically correct and meaningfully complete.

Liberalization has removed all the legalities. Floodgates to multinational companies.

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Closed e Battles. Threw On some of the towns has created.. Among the residents of the other part of the country. Ambition b Raid. Satisfaction e Shower. Dampness Action ANS b According. Thoughts c Bowing Present d Proving. Forecasting e Pointing.. Devotion Share the details with your friends who are looking for State Bank PO previous year question paper pdf for free.

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