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Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) is an information integration tool that. OWB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Find + best results for ” owb interview . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Bob Griesemer has over 27 years of software and Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Computers & Technology . This easy-to-understand tutorial covers Oracle Warehouse Builder from the ground up , and taps. my numerous questions and requests for clarification about various Chapter 1: An Introduction to Oracle Warehouse Builder. 7 .. for the free download. that we have interviewed the management at the ACME Toys and Gizmos company.

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OWB Presentation - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File OBIEE Interview Questions and Answers for Developers on 11G Reports _. Following are frequently asked questions in interviews for freshers as well experienced ETL tester and developer. Cognos Decision Stream; Oracle Warehouse Builder; Business Objects . Free PDF Download: ETL Testing Interview Questions & Answers Interesting. Books to Read! Blog · Quiz · eBook . OWB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Find + best results for " owb interview questions and answers" web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls, rtf and.

What is ETL Process? How many steps are there in ETL process? In ETL process data is extracted from source such as the database servers and it is used to generate business roll. Go through this insightful blog to get a detailed understanding of the ETL process! What are the steps involved in ETL process? The steps involved are defining the source; target, creating the mapping, creating the session, and creating the workflow.

Data transformation includes text files and other SQL server instances. SSIS has inbuilt scripting environment available for writing programming code.

15 Best ETL Tools in 2019 (A Complete Updated List)

It can be integrated with salesforce. Debugging capabilities and easy error handling the flow. Ab Initio is specialized in application integration and high volume data processing.

Key Features: Ab Initio is a commercial licensed tool and a most costlier tool in the market. The basic features of Ab Initio are easy to learn. Ab Initio products are provided on a user-friendly platform for parallel data processing applications. The parallel processing gives capabilities to handle a large volume of data. It supports Windows, Unix, Linux and Mainframe platform. It performs functionalities like batch processing, data analysis, data manipulation etc.

It currently has a total employee count of around It supports data warehousing, migration, and profiling. It is a data integration platform which supports data integration and their monitoring.

The company provides services for data integration, data management, data preparation, enterprise application integration etc. It is the first commercial open source software vendor for data integration. Over inbuilt components for connecting various data sources. Drag and drop interface.

Improves productivity and time required for deployment are using GUI and inbuilt components. Easily deployable in a cloud environment.

The online user community is available for any technical support. The CloverDX Data Integration Platform gives organizations a robust, yet endlessly flexible environment designed for data-intensive operations, packed with advanced developer tools and scalable automation and orchestration backend.

Founded in , CloverDX now has a team of over people, combining developers and consulting professionals across all verticals, operating worldwide to help companies dominate their data. CloverDX has a Java-based framework. Easy to install and simple user interface.

Combines business data in a single format from various sources. It is used for data transformation, data migration, data warehousing and data cleansing. Support is available from Clover developers. It helps to create various reports using data from the source. Rapid development using data and prototypes.

In , Pentaho was acquired by Hitachi Data System. Pentaho Data Integration enables the user to cleanse and prepare the data from various sources and allows migration of data between applications.

PDI is a open source tool and is a part of Pentaho business intelligent suite. Enterprise platform has additional components which increase the capability of the Pentaho platform. Easy to use and simple to learn and understand. PDI follows metadata approach for its implementation. User-friendly graphical interface with drag and drop feature.

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ETL developers can create their own jobs. Shared library simplifies the ETL execution and development process. Apache Nifi simplifies the data flow between various systems using automation. The data flows consist of processors and a user can create their own processors. These flows can be saved as templates and later can be integrated with more complex flows. These complex flows can then be deployed to multiple servers with minimal efforts.

Key Features: Apache Nifi is an open source software project. Easy to use and is a powerful system for data flow. Data flow includes user to send, receive, transfer, filter and move data. Flow-based programming and simple user interface supporting web-based applications.

GUI is customized based on specific needs. End to end data flow tracking. Minimal manual intervention to build, update and remove various data flows. The data source can be any applications or platforms for the integration process. It has a powerful transformation logic using which a developer can build, schedule, execute and monitor jobs.

Key Features: It simplifies the execution and maintenance of the data integration process. Easy to use and wizard-based interface. SAS Data Integration Studio is a flexible and reliable tool to respond and overcome any data integration challenges. It resolves issues with speed and efficiency which in turn reduces the cost of data integration.

It mainly consists of data integrator Job Servers and data integrator Designer. Key Features: It helps to integrate and load data in the analytical environment. Data Integrator web administrator is a web interface allowing to manage various repositories, metadata, web services, and job servers It helps to schedule, execute and monitor batch jobs. It is a graphical environment which is used to build and manage the data integration process.

OWB uses various data sources in the data warehouse for integration purposes. The core capability of OWB is data profiling, data cleansing, fully integrated data modeling and data auditing. OWB uses Oracle database to transform the data from various sources and is used to connect various other third-party databases.

They are also replica of tables. What are views? Views are built using the attributes of one or more tables. View with single tables can be updated but those with multiple tables cannot be updated.

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What is meant by materialized view log? Materialized view log is the pre-computed table with aggregated or joined data from the fact tables as well as the dimension tables. What is a materialized view? Materialized view is an aggregate table. What is the difference between power center and power mart?

Task accomplished by Power Center is processing large volumes of data. Power Mart processes low volumes of data. With which apps can Power Center be connected? Which partition is used to improve the performances of ETL transactions?

To improve the performances of ETL transactions the session partition is used. Power Mart does not provide connection to any of the ERP sources. It also does not allow sessions partition.

What is meant by partitioning in ETL? Partitioning in ETL refers to sub division of the transactions in order to improve their performances. What is the benefit of increasing number of partitions in ETL? Increase in the number of partitions enables the informatics Server to create multiple connections to a host of sources.

What are the types of partitions in ETL? What is Round Robin partitioning?

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In Round Robin partitioning the data is evenly distributed by the informatica among all the partitions. It is used when the number of rows in process in each of the partitions is nearly the same. What is Hash partitioning? In Hash partitioning the informatica server would apply a hash function in order to partition keys to group data among the partitions.

It is used to ensure the processing of group of rows with the same partitioning key in same partition. What is mapping in ETL? Mapping refers to flow of data from source to the destination.

What is session in ETL?

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Session is a set of instructions that describes the data movement from the source to the destination. What is meant by Worklet in ETL? Worklet is the set of tasks in ETL. It can be any set of tasks in the program. What is workflow in ETL? Workflow is a set of instruction that specifies the way of executing the tasks to the informatica. Mapplet in ETL is used for the purpose of creation as well as configuration of a group of transformations.

What is meant by operational data store? Operational data store is the repository that exists between the staging area and the data warehouse. Data stored in ODS has low granularity.