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MHT CET Question Paper PDF. Download the MHT CET Exam Papers with Solutions Pdf Free. Check Previous Year Questions with Answers. SAMPLE QUESTIONS (CET MAHARASHTRA). 1. Ajit can complete a piece of work in 60 days whereas Kailash and Shailendra working together can complete . Download previous year MHT CET question papers and sample Important Maths Formulae for Success in Engineering Entrance

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MHT CET Sample Papers The sample papers of MHT CET are previous year's question papers of the entrance exam that can be used by candidates. MH CET Question Paper: Solve the previous year MH CET papers to enhance your level of preparation for the exam. MH CET question papers will help students know the type of questions asked in exam and prepare NextMHT CET Question Paper with Answers».

Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate. Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet. The correctness of entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Booklet. Read each question carefully. Determine the correct answer from out of the four available options given for each question. Fill the appropriate circle completely like this , for answering the particular question, with Black ink ball point pen only, in the OMR Answer Sheet.

Cancer is related to A uncontrolled growth of tissues B non-malignant tumor C controlled division of tissues D none of these Endocrine glands A do not possess ducts. B sometimes do not have ducts. C pour their secretion into blood through ducts. D always have ducts. Circulation in humans is A pulmonary circulation B systemic circulation C single circulation D double circulation Prepuberal period refers to a stage of A growth, enlargement of organ systems and maturation of reproductive mechanisms B initiation of gonads C initiation of organs D maturation of gonads alone Tree of life is A Arbor vitae C Origin of corti.

Anginal pain usually starts in the centre of the chest and spreads A towards lower abdomen B down the left hind limb C down the left arm D down the right arm Recent reports of acid rain in some industrial cities are due to the effect of atmospheric pollution by A excessive release of CO2 by burning of fuels like wood and charcoal, cutting of forests and increased animal population. B excessive release of NO2 and SO2 in atmosphere by burning of fossil fuels.

C excessive release of NH3 by industrial plants and coal gas. D excessive release of CO in atmosphere by incomplete combustion of coke, charcoal and other carbonaceous fuel in paucity of oxygen.

Viability of human egg is A hrs B C hrs D. Olfactoreceptors are A touch receptors B pain receptors C smell receptors D pressure receptors Inland fisheries is referred to as A culturing fish in fresh water B trapping and capturing fishes from sea coast C deep sea fishing D extraction of oil from fishes An immediate impact of HGP was A identification of genes associated with human diseases.

B development of new strategies for disease detection. C development of innovative therapies for treatment of disease. D all of the above. Model Test Paper - 01 1. B C D Model Test Paper - 02 1. Due to decrease in surface area, there is decrease in surface energy.

So, energy is evolved. In the presence of thin glass plate, the fringe pattern shifts, without any change in fringe width.

MHT CET Model Question Paper 2019 | MHT CET Model Exam Guess paper With Answers 2019 |Free Download

Original dimensions of objects are different. Also, change in their dimensions may not be same.

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This results into different strain caused in the objects after the same force is applied. GM ; so speed of r satellite decreases with the increase in the radius of its orbit. We need more than one satellite for global communication. For stable orbit it must pass through the centre of earth. So only B is correct. The atomic number of third member of the nitrogen family is 33 which represents arsenic.

If we increase the series resistance, range of voltmeter is increased. C3H9N can form all the three types viz. The physical state of the solute i.

Hence, sugar dissolved in water is a type of solid in liquid solution. Metals which are not highly reactive towards air, water, carbon dioxide and non-metals occur in free or native state. Examples of such metals include, gold and platinum which occur exclusively in their native state. Whereas metals like iron, aluminium and zinc occur in the combined form.

The geometry of the complex ion and the type of hybridisation are as given below: Geometry Triangular Square planar Tetrahedral Octahedral. The general form of the IUPAC name of ether is alkoxyalkane where the alkyl with larger number of carbons is considered as parent. CuO contains unpaired electrons. Hence, it is paramagnetic.

In water, NaCl and benzene, electrons are paired. Hence they are diamagnetic. All the atoms of monomer vinyl cyanide are present in the addition polymer PAN, hence they both have the same empirical formula.

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CN CN. Hence, they are ionization isomers. Copper is a good conductor of electricity, because it is a transition element and contains unpaired electrons. Hence, copper shows high electrical conductivity. Melting point, density and temperature are intensive properties as their magnitudes are independent of the amount of matter present in the system while volume is an extensive property as its magnitude depends on the amount of matter present in the system.

In the above cell, silver undergoes reduction and hydrogen undergoes oxidation. In water, only monomer is present. In benzene, association of two monomers of acetic acid through hydrogen bonding results in formation of a dimer. By Gabriel phthalimide method only primary aliphatic amine can be prepared but aniline is aromatic amine. In hydrides, the central atom is sp3 hybridized which results in angular structure.

The order of HMH bond angle is: The electron density around central atom decreases and the repulsion between the electron pair decreases, thus resulting in the decrease in the bond angle. Ribose is a five carbon monosaccharide containing an aldehydic group. Thus, it is an aldopentose. Ce-lanthanide, Cs-alkali metal, Pu-actinide, Ca-alkaline earth metal. Methane does not undergo nitration.

MAH CET Sample Paper 10 (20 Question Papers Set)

PbO2 reacts with HCl to give chlorine. COOH Br A mixture of helium and oxygen is used for the respiration in deep sea diving instead of air because helium is less soluble in the blood than nitrogen under high pressure. Na2SO4 having lower solubility crystallizes out and further the crystals of Na2SO4 are removed by filteration. Aromatic diazonium salts are somewhat stable at low temperature and hence, during their preparation cold conditions are required.

Rhizobia are the nitrogen fixing bacteria that form symbiotic association with roots of leguminous plants. Dwarf 3: Fungal hyphae penetrate into the host cells and forms vesicles or finely branched arbuscles, hence the name Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae. Siphonogamy is the transport of non-motile male gametes through pollen tube.

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Plasmogamy is the fusion of protoplasts of two cells. Karyogamy is the fusion of two nuclei. Zooidogamy is the transport of motile gametes through water. It is the transfer of pollen grains from anther to stigma of another flower produced on the same plant. It is the transfer of pollengrains from anther to stigma of the same flower. Thus, the amount of energy decreases and pyramid will always be upright and cannot be inverted.

Methanogenic stage is the last stage of biogas production. During this stage, methanogenic bacteria produce biogas which is mainly made up of methane.

Parthenocarpic fruits are developed without fertilization, thus they are without seeds. In dichogamy, stamens and carpels do not mature simultaneously to prevent self pollination. In sunflower, protandry is seen in which pollen grains are released much before stigma becomes receptive, thus self pollination is avoided.

Synthesis of new strand of DNA is possible only in 5 3direction. In incomplete dominance, when heterozygous F1 progeny is selfed in monohybrid cross, the F2 progeny is in the ratio 1: Megaspore mother cell undergoes meiosis to form four haploid megaspores.

Out of four megaspores in a linear tetrad, usually the upper three degenerate and the lowermost becomes functional megaspore which forms female gametophyte or embryo sac. Male Female Genotype of Parents: Therefore, the blood group of the children would be A, B and AB. Formation of megaspore and development of female gametophyte is called as Megasporogenesis. Calcitonin is a non-iodinized hormone secreted by the parafollicular cells of thyroid stroma. The main nitrogenous waste of Hydra is ammonia.

Hydra has no organ of excretion, therefore, excretion of nitrogenous waste matter occurs directly by diffusion through the membrane. Gemmules are endogenous buds formed on inner side of parental body.

The cerebrospinal fluid is secreted by anterior choroid plexus and posterior choroid plexus and is found inside the ventricles of the brain and central canal of the spinal cord. Coacervates are the colloidal aggregates of large complex organic molecules capable of growth and division. Macrophages engulf microorganisms and remove debris. Vas deferens is a larger duct arising from cauda epididymis and reaches up to the seminal vesicles. Homologous organs are structurally similar but functionally dissimilar.

Hisardale is a new breed of sheep developed in Punjab by cross-breeding Bikaneri ewes and Marino rams. Methyl isocyanate reacts quickly with water and caused swelling of lungs and development of cataract in the eyes.

Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium principle states that gene allele or genotype frequencies remain same from generation to generation thus maintaining the genetic equilibrium unless disturbed by factors like mutation, nonrandom mating etc.

Endocrine gland is a ductless gland. These secretions flow directly into the blood stream. In humans, the blood passes twice through the heart. Once it goes from the right ventricle to the lungs and returns to the left atrium pulmonary circulation ; it then goes through the left ventricle, circulates through the body and again returns to the right atrium of the heart systemic circulation.

This is called double circulation of the blood. Arbor vitae is a branched tree-like structure composed of white matter in cerebellum. It is also presumed to be the seat of soul. Australopithecus shows characters of both apes and man. Anginal pain develops in neck, lower jaw, left arm and left shoulder. When SO2 pollution in air is much higher, SO2 mixes in the air with small particles of metals near the factories and gets oxidised into sulphur trioxide SO3. These gases are harmful and they react with water to form sulphuric acid H2SO4 or sulphurus acid H2SO3 and come down to earth with rain water.

This is called acid rain or acid precipitation. Flag for inappropriate content. Buscar dentro del documento. Hints provided wherever necessary. Simple and Lucid language.

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Self-evaluative in nature Printed at India Printing Works, Mumbai No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, C. Best of luck to all the aspirants! Question Booklet Sr. Answer Sheet No. Thursday, 07th May, Duration: Total Marks: Candidates Signature Invigilators Signature 1.

Mark your answers like this: Answers 44 1. Test Name Page No. The gas equation 3. The value of the external resistance is A B C D 7.

A increased B decreased C constant D low 9. The moment of inertia about any tangent is A 25 kg-m2 B 50 kg-m2 2 C 70 kg-m D 80 kg-m2 The wavelength of sound in air column is A cm B cm C 54 cm D 36 cm The angle of incidence at which reflected light is totally polarized for reflection from air to glass refraction index n is 1 A sin 1 n B sin 1 n 1 C tan 1 D tan 1 n n Model Test Paper - 01 The ratio, OB The ratio of the speed of the earth at B and at A is B Due to propagation of longitudinal wave in a medium, the following quantities also propagate in the same direction A Energy, momentum and mass B Energy C Energy and mass D Energy and linear momentum In a potentiometer experiment, a balance point is obtained, when A The e.

C D i i 0 If a body weighing 40 kg-wt is taken inside 1 th radius of the earth, 2 If temperature of a black body increases from 7 C to C, then the rate of energy radiation increases by A C 7 4 B 16 D Model Test Paper - 01 B T.

A more energetic than B less energetic than C of the same energy as D data insufficient The current in the arm CD of the circuit will be B i2 O A small sphere is attached to a cord and rotates in a vertical circle about a point O. Now if a thin glass plate is placed normally in the path of the beam coming from the slit The point C Top point A A 0 I2 B C 0 I D 0 I I 0 If I1 is the moment of inertia of a thin rod about an axis perpendicular to its length and passing through its centre of mass and I2 is the moment of inertia of the ring formed by bending the rod about an axis perpendicular to the plane, the ratio of I1 and I2 is A I1: A ohm 1cm 2 mole 1 B ohm 1cm 2 mole 1 C ohm 1cm 2 mole 1 D ohm 1cm 2 mole 1 A addition B substitution C dehydrohalogenation D elimination A antagonists B agonists C target D enzyme A primary amine B secondary amine C tertiary amine D all of these A an octahedral B a tetrahedral C a square-planar D a triangular A vinyl chloride B vinyl cyanide C tetrafluoroethylene D propylene A reduction B oxidation C ionization D dissociation A optical B coordination C ionization D linkage A acetic acid molecules associate to form dimers in benzene B acetic acid does not fully dissolve in water C acetic acid fully dissolves in benzene D acetic acid molecules dissociates in benzene Which of the following is resorcinol?

C helium is readily miscible in oxygen D helium is less poisonous than nitrogen Which of the following preparation of chlorine by HCl? C D Model Test Paper - 01 alternate sugar PO4 sugar component joined by alternate peptide sulphate bond polypeptide linkage Characters are determined by two or more gene pairs and they have additive or cumulative effect such genes are called A polygenes B pleiotropic genes C multiple alleles D incomplete genes Transduction i.

Temporary suspension of growth is called A dormancy B viability C dispersal D dessication A linear tetrad of 4 cells lying in an axial row is formed during the development of A embryo sac B ovary C pollen grains D ovule The term evolution in biology means that A fossils are old B life began in sea C living things constantly change D man descended from apes Neutrophils serve as A mopping up C macrophages B D histocytes shock troops Cauda epididymis leads to A vas efferens B C ejaculatory duct D vas deferens rete testis Viability of human egg is A hrs B C hrs D hrs hrs Inland fisheries is referred to as A culturing fish in fresh water B trapping and capturing fishes from sea coast C deep sea fishing D extraction of oil from fishes 14 C Model Test Paper - 02 1.

B 2. Hints to Model Test Papers Photoelectric current Intensity. Addition reaction Geometry Triangular Square planar Tetrahedral Octahedral Type of hybridisation sp2 dsp2 sp3 d2sp3 The general form of the IUPAC name of ether is alkoxyalkane where the alkyl with larger number of carbons is considered as parent.

You are advised to read this article thoroughly. MHT CET is yet to be conducted, thus the question papers will be published once the test is conducted. The answer key will be released for all the subjects i. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. The answer key will be made available in the downloadable format on our website for your reference. The OMR Sheets will also be released after the answer keys. Candidates having any complaints regarding the answer keys must register their complaints before the prescribed deadline.

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Sample pdf cet papers mh question

Choice and sequence for attempting questions will be as per the convenience of the candidate. Candidate should carefully read the instructions printed on the Question Booklet and Answer Sheet and make the correct entries on the Answer Sheet. The correctness of entries has to be cross-checked by the invigilators. The candidate must sign on the Answer Sheet and Question Booklet. Some of them are as under: Solving previous year papers gives you an idea about the difficulty level of the exam.

You get a clear idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.

Solving the previous year papers of MHT CET will help you get a clear idea about the chapters and topics that have been asked frequently and are important for the exam. It will help you build your stamina, concentration, and confidence.

You will get to know where exactly you are standing and how much is likely to score in the actual exam. Analyzing your performance after taking a previous year test will help you identify your weaknesses — chapters and concepts that you need to work on.

Taking previous year tests also helps in developing your overall test-taking strategy.