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IGBO HYMNS Ekpere Na Abu: praise and worship hymns in igbos - Kindle edition by revd. An site Book with Buzz: "The Farmer's Son" by John Connell. This printing has a hymnal bound up with it with the date of , and the ( undated) Prayer Book portion likely also comes from about that time. It is a somewhat. ABU (Igbo Christian Hymn) - Abu is an Igbo Christian Hymn app available for Android phones. Abu is designed for the Igbo tribe around the world to join worship.

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Abu Iji Ekpere Chineke is an Igbo Christian Hymnal, that contains the lyrics of Igbo Christian songs (christian hymns) of Igbo Language. It is mostly used by Igbo. Abu is an Igbo Christian Hymn app available for Android phones. Abu is designed for the Igbo tribe around the world to join worship in their dialect. Abu ( Igbo. COMPLETE ANGLICAN IGBO HYMN (ABU HYMN A&M 1 to ). July 17, NJIDE 26 Holy Bible, book divine. Verse 1. Akwukwo Nsọ Chineke.

People are known by their language, and often the name of a people is derived from their language. This explains why the Igbo Language is an important issue in the life of the church. The faith of pre-Christian Ndigbo was expressed in their idioms and proverbs. As children learnt their language they also learnt omenala. Madu, African Symbols Proverbs and Myths. The Catholic Church has from the beginning supported the development and sustenance of the vernacular.

Consequently, texts and documents were translated into different indigenous languages. Inculturation is simply a way making the gospel taking root in the culture of the people. It involves the promotion and adoption of wholesome cultures into Christianity and abolition of obnoxious ones. The wholesome cultures of the Igbo race are not in conflict with Christian values. For instance: Respect for elders, love of neighbor, truth, love, etc.

So they are promoted by the Catholic Church without compromise. However, the Catholic Church is strongly opposed to those obnoxious practices in Igbo land that undermine fundamental human rights and the dignity of human life. Example: Dehumanizing Widowhood practices, abortion, fetishism, superstition, etc.

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With regards to the promotion of Igbo language, the Catholic Church is strong in fighting the modern trend of globalization that is engulfing the indigenous languages. That is the reason why Church services are conducted in Igbo. The readings of the mass are also in the vernacular in spite of the domineering influence of English language.

Every Catholic Diocese in Igbo Land is working hard in its own way to promote the use of the Igbo Language in liturgy. Here all intellectual discussions and scholarly paper presentations are in Igbo language without the mixing of English language.

The organizers have four tenets. They should be able to speak Igbo more easily and be experts in writing it as well and d that since the Igbo language has effectively become the object of worship, efforts should be made to enhance its knowledge and deepen its importance in the identification and promotion leading to the inculturation of the Christian message on the bases of the value that exist in Igbo culture.


By so doing, it will be clearly seen that Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world is in fact the true Odenigbo. The Catholics did not really have their own version of the Bible in Igbo.

Apart from the poverty in language, the translation was not complete by Catholic standard since it did not have the deuteron-canonical books, which some Protestants regard as Apocrypha. In some places people read from weekday missals in English and did simultaneous translation as they read. That is to say, that the word they read were in English but what they said was Igbo.

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Such a system understandably did not often produce commendable translations. Christopher Ifenatuora, et. Baibul Nso. The Igbo version used is what is generally known as Standard Igbo, the same version that is spoken on the radio and television. It is a very good piece of work. The translators are as closed to the original languages of Hebrew and Greeks as possible. They are also sensitive to the use of Igbo idioms that speak to the people.

Abụ Nile na Ukwe Ụmụntakịrị Nili (1996), 1999 Edition

Prior to the publication of the Igbo Catholic Bible, other sacred texts had been published. This app is in the development phase and is expected topresent some errors.

You can be a part of the development bysending us feedback! Some of the features include: Chromecastsupport - ideal for doing church presentations. Synchronization -keeps all your content synced across devices. Folders - create andmanage custom folders with hymns from any hymnal.

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Deep search -Search all hymns, titles, refrains and text at once. Categories -Access the categories for every hymnal. Settings - Change the fontsize, font color, title color, logout, etc.

Night mode - Ideal forreading hymns at night! Donations - Donate directly to support thisproject from inside the app.