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Taken from: Strategic Human Resource Management, Second Edition by Charles R. Greer An Investment Human Resource Management. Preface. This dictionary provides the user with a comprehensive vocabulary of terms used in human resource management. It covers all aspects of the subject. The human resources glossary: the complete desk reference for HR executives, managers . for Training and Development, Society of Human Resource Management, Phi Delta Kappa, Cape. Cod Writers' pdf). DOT. 1. Department of. Transportation. 2. Dictionary of Occupational Titles. DP.

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A Dictionary of Human Resource Management (2 rev. This dictionary comprises over 1, entries on human resource management, personnel, and industrial relations. The Dictionary of Human Resource Management is ideal both as a quick reference guide and as an accompaniment to existing. PDF | An Appendix in Human Resource Management: Personnel by HHDNP Opatha () provides advice to all the managers in respect of HRM. Discover more publications, questions and projects in Dictionary. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Edmund Heery and others published A Dictionary of Human Resource Management.

Read More. For the benefit of students of management and human resources management and those new to the HR profession. Jump to: A rating method where the rater assigns a specific value on a fixed scale to the behavior or performance of an individual instead of assigning ratings based on comparisons between other individuals. Positive discrimination. Carried out on behalf of women and disadvantaged groups and members of such groups are placed in dominant positions. An interview technique which focuses on a candidates past experiences, behaviours, knowledge, skills and abilities by asking the candidate to provide specific examples of when they have demonstrated certain behaviours or skills as a means of predicting future behaviour and performance.

Find information about supervision, leadership, management, and performance management here. Business Management and Policies for Workplace Management Looking for information about business management , stress management , policy development, and workplace management?

Find information about business management, stress management, policy development , and workplace management. Motivation, Coaching, Training, and Education for Employees Looking for information about any aspect of human resources, motivation , coaching , training or education for your business or organization? You've found the right resource. Here are all the resources you'll need to effectively start , manage and develop your human resources department and all aspects of your business.

Find information about motivation, coaching, training or education. These articles provide career builders, career education, career planning , career counseling, career development, and job search information for you. Boost your own career or locate staff by exploring these job search and employment sites. People who manage , lead, or supervise people; People who want to increase their personal effectiveness and success or career effectiveness and success ; and People who want to improve their ability to work effectively with people at work.

New to This Human Resources Section? Are you new to these resources? Distinguished from Legislation. Competency-based pay Competency based pay is a compensation system that recognises employees for the depth, breadth, and types of skills they obtain and apply in their work.

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Also known as skill based and knowledge based pay. Compensation Compensation for injury to an employee arising out of and in the course of employment that is paid to the worker or dependents by an employer whose strict liability for such compensation is established by statute. Where established by statute, workers' compensation is generally the exclusive remedy for injuries arising from employment, with some exceptions.

Workers' compensation statutes commonly include explicit exclusions for injury caused intentionally, by willful misconduct, and by voluntary intoxication from alcohol or illegal drugs.

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Other systems in an organisation can be copied but not the people in the organisation. Confidentiality agreement An agreement restricting an employee from disclosing confidential or proprietary information. Constructive dismissal 1. Coercion by threats to act promises to refrain and includes a resignation given as an alternative to be dismissed.

A breach of duty by the employer leading a worker to resign. Contingent workers Employees who may be: casual labour, part-timers, freelancers, subcontractors, independent professionals and consultants. Contract for services An agreement with an independent contractor. Contract of service An employment agreement. Core competencies The skills, knowledge and abilities which employees must possess in order to successfully perform job functions which are essential to business operations.

Core Labour Force A small group of permanent workers, for example, strategists, planners. Corporate mission The aims and objectives of an organisation.

Pdf hrm dictionary

Cost leadership A strategy of becoming the lowest-cost producer in its industry. Critical incidents A method of avoiding the subjective judgements which are the feature of most ranking and rating systems. It is the keeping, by management, of a record of on-job incidents or behaviours which may be examples of [in]effective behaviour and used as background information for subsequent discussions and performance appraisals.

See also Structural capital. Cyclical unemployment A form of unemployment — rises in times of economic recession and falls in times of prosperity. Now shows signs of being able to withstand increased prosperity. Delayering The removal of hierarchical layers in an organisation. Deregulation The removal of entities such as financial markets, road and transport from governmental control. Differentiation A strategy of being unique in an industry on dimensions customers value.

Distance Learning The process of delivering educational or instructional programmes to locations away from a classroom or site to another location by varying technology such as video or audio-conferencing, computers, web-based applications or other multimedia communications.

Pdf hrm dictionary

Disciplinary procedure A procedure carried out in the workplace in the event of an employee committing some act contrary to terms of the employment agreement. If the act is regarded as Gross Misconduct this may lead to Summary Dismissal.

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Discrimination The favouring of one group of people to the detriment of others. Distributive bargaining Related to the process of Negotiation.

Pdf hrm dictionary

Known also as Competitive bargaining — The parties are concerned with their respective shares of the benefits available and compete and conflict with each other until one side wins an increased share at the expense of the other.

Due diligence A critical component of mergers and acquisitions, it is the process by investigation and evaluation is conducted to examine the details of a particular investment or download by obtaining sufficient and accurate information or documents which may influence the outcome of the transaction.

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Employment Court Ultimate court dealing with employment disputes. Employee retention Organisational policies and practices designed to meet the diverse needs of employees, and create an environment that encourages employees to remain employed. Empowerment The process of enabling or authorising an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision-making in autonomous ways. Ergonomics The measurement of physical characteristics of the human body and the development of equipment to fit them, so that strain on the body is reduced.

Equity theory Based on the notion that people are motivated by a desire for fairness, that is, to be treated fairly and will compare their own efforts and the rewards of others in the organisation with a view to judging the fairness of their treatment. Exit Interview An interview between a member of staff of the organisation that an employee is leaving to ascertain the reasons for the employee leaving the organisation.

Used for possible changes. Extrinsic rewards Two forms : Money and non-money rewards. Examples : job enrichment, job enlargement, personal and working relationships with colleagues and supervisors and managers.

Fixed Term Employment An employee and an employer may agree that the employment of the employee will end at the close of a specified date or period or on the occurrence of a specified event or at the conclusion of a specified project. See Section 56 of the Employment Relations Act Freedom of association The right to belong to a union.

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As protected by the Human Rights Act Select your specializations: Medicine and health Music Names studies Performing arts Philosophy. Overview Pages. Subject Reference.

English Dictionaries. Bilingual Dictionaries. A Dictionary of Human Resource Management 2 rev. Latest Edition 3 ed. Bibliographic Information Publisher: Read More.

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