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Find out the + GK multiple choice questions and answers on General Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and. + Multiple Choice Objective Type Practice Questions (MCQs) with objective type practice questions (MCQs) with answers in PDF format on Andhra Pradesh and Telangana History, General Science etc for all. Where can I get General Knowledge General Science questions and answers General Knowledge General Science quiz questions with answers as PDF General Science Interview Questions and Answers (objective type, multiple choice)?.

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Around Questions are from general science in SSC CGL exam. Basic General Science is one of the Important section in many other competitive exams. Download General Science Questions and Answers for SSC/RRB/Other Exams PDF. Download General Science GK Objective Questions PDF, PDF - Moon Quiz Questions And Answers General Knowledge Uk general awareness. General Science - 2. GENR; Short Answer: How many men have walked on the moon? ANSWER: TWELVE. GENR; Multiple Choice: The fastest-running.

What is the smallest size of the matter known as? Atom The smallest size of any matter is the atom of which it is made of. Neutron and electron are sub part of the atom and combination of atoms makes a molecule. Iron Milk is not a pure matter but consists of fat, carbohydrates etc. Similarly Ice is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen. Iron is a pure matter 4 For making carbon monoxide, 3 g of carbon will require how many grams of oxygen? Chlorine has 35 and 37 mass number for atomic number of

If the potential difference across a bulb is increased from 2 volt to 5volt. Then the quantity of current through the bulb will: a Decrease b First decreases then increases c Increase d First increases then decreases Q. When water boils a Gas becomes solid b Liquid becomes solid c Liquid becomes gas d Solid becomes liquid Q.

The depletion of ozone layer is happening in the atmosphere due to a Less industrialization b Excessive industrialization c Excessive plantation d Excessive use of Pesticides Q. Which one of the following is a chemical change: a Boiling of milk b Boiling of water c Boiling of egg d Melting of ice Q.

The disease that can transfer to the next generation is a Cholera b Hemophila c Influenza d Malaria Q. The thermometer that shows the boiling of water in a Pan is C C C C 80 80 80 80 60 60 60 60 40 40 40 40 20 20 20 20 0 0 0 0 a b c d Q. The Galvanometer will detect current when the magnet is 3 4 5 6 2 1 0 S N a Far away from the coil b High above the coil c Moving in the coil d below near the coil Q. Salt that is used for the treatment of goiter disease is a Iodine b Magnesium c Potassium d Sodium Q.

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When two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom combine chemically they form: a Compound b Element c Ion d Mixture Q. Conefers are the plants which have a Cones and small leaves b Naked seeds and Needle leaves c Naked seeds but no leaves d Seeds and flowers Q.

Chlorine has 35 and 37 mass number for atomic number of The number of neutrons is 20 in atoms of Chlorine and Potassium having mass number of 37 and 39 and are called isotones. Thereafter the protoplasmic material will be disappeared and the cell will die.

Pulling is easier as the vertical component of force reduces the apparent weight and thus the frictional force 9 Why does one has to wear safety belt while driving a car? Similarly head rest is provided that if your car is hit by another car from rear when in rest, the body will fall backward and spinal chord may get damage.

General Science - Physics MCQs

The entangled mass will move in which direction and at what speed? A total of fifteen questions are there in the chapter. Chapter 5: Periodic Classification of Elements In this chapter, you will learn the arrangement of elements into the periodic table.

The chapter starts with a brief history of modern periodic table and how and why we reached to it. It then goes on to describe the modern periodic table in detail. Coming to the questions, there are ten questions in the chapter. The First two questions are of objective nature.

General Science : Objective: For all competitive Exams

In the last question, you need to state the differences between Mendeleev's Periodic Table and the Modern Periodic Table. Rest of the questions are of short answer type. There are total thirteen questions in the chapter of which first four questions are of objective type.

In the question number eighth, twelfth and thirteenth, you need to differentiate between the given two topics. Rest of the questions are of short answer type questions. Chapter 7: Control and Coordination In this chapter, you will delve deeper into the topics such as nervous system of human beings, explanation about anatomy of the Human Brain, coordination in plant and hormones in animals.

A total of 12 questions are there in this chapter. First three questions are of objective type. In the last two questions, you will be asked to differentiate between the given two topics. Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce This chapter explains the entire process of Reproduction for single-celled organisms as well as multi-celled organisms.

It describes both asexual and sexual modes of Reproduction.

Pdf questions general objective science

For sexual modes of reproduction, the reproductive systems of both animals and plants is explained. There is a total of eleven questions in this chapter. First three questions are of objective nature.

Science pdf questions general objective

In the seventh question, you are asked to draw a labelled diagram of the longitudinal section of a flower. Remaining questions are of short and long answer type. Chapter 9: Heredity and Evolution In this chapter, you will learn how passing on of genes from one generation to another takes place. It also sex determination process after reproduction.

There is a total of 12 questions. Chapter Light Reflection and Refraction In this chapter, you will understand the two basic phenomena that light undergo. Reflection off plane and curved surfaces and bending at the interface of two mediums with different properties.

It explains laws for each Reflection and Refraction and briefs into the basic mathematical side of it.

Objective pdf science general questions

There is a total of seventeen questions in this chapter. First five questions are of objective nature. In the eighth question, you need to tell the name of the mirror used in some specific situations. Chapter Human Eye and Colourful world In this chapter, you will primarily learn the structure of the human eye and various functions of each part of it.

This chapter also explains the various eye defects that might occur. Gradually in the chapter, refraction through a prism, refraction through atmosphere and Scattering of light have been explained.

Pdf general questions science objective