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ELVOX. POWER SUPPLY type /C “SOUND SYSTEM” SINGLE AND MULTIPLE . TERMINALS FOR MONITOR type , , , , In the system pillar there can be installed both Vimar and Elvox (VV, VE, CE) indoor stations, provided that these belong solely to the Due Fili (Two-Wire) system. Elvox video door entry systems ensure performance on two different levels: technology Giotto surface mounting monitor with handset. Thermoplastic.

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4” Video Monitor. The Elvox® GALILEO series apartment house monitors are designed to meet virtually any requirement for low-rise and high-rise. The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External.

Transcription 1 general catalogue 0 2 Elvox reserves the right to modify its products at any time without advance notification. Numerous models have followed down the years: flush-mounted audio and video door entry units with adjustable TFT LCD monitor, the new and exclusive Series 7 widescreen monitor, also available with Swarovski elements cover, not forgetting our all-new Wide Touch monitor with 7 screen and dual interface: touch display and capacitive soft-touch keypad. Our entrance panel range is compatible with all styles and can meet every installation need: in addition to the 00 series in stainless steel, we now also offer the series, an extremely versatile and modular system giving the option to increase the number of calls. The range is complemented by the modular series, the robust series entrance panel and the classic Patavium series in satin-finish brass, with weatherproof protective treatment. Requirements emerging through time are constantly implemented, with a process of refinement and improvement that never ceases.

Page 6 Operation Hearing aid function art. In this operating mode, the hearing aid must be switched to the grammed. Page 11 Operation Signals: During normal operation: Important: For the interphone to work, the ID must have already been pro- - Flashing light: indicates that the interphone is receiving grammed.

To check this, press any of the interphone buttons. If an ID has a call from outdoor entrance panel or from an intercom- been assigned to the interphone, a beep will sound when a button is pres- municating device. Page 12 Note: metal objects or electronic equipment in the vicinity may affect the propriate position position A, B or C according to the instructions given quality of the sound received by the hearing aid.

Page 13 5 Release buttons A and C. If buttons A and C are not pressed within the 5 s, steps 1, 2 - Programming ID, which must be performed on the interphone that recei- and 3 must be repeated. Page 14 Programming and configuring with programmer Procedure for restoring default data for each individual button E1, E2, E3, E4 type C 1 Lift the handset.

Page 15 Description routing. For desktop installations and combinations with monitors, refer to Type is an interphone in the Petrarca series for ELVOX 2-WIRE audio the respective instructions of the conversion kit or monitor. Page 16 The interphone is supplied without associated identification code. Calls from entrance panels do not follow the pressed pushbutton but are The Door calls.

It is supplied as standard with 2 pushbut- connector A-B-C and a jumper for the video tons, one for lock release, the other for stair light light default. Door calls. The definition of telephone systems breaks free of the confines of the classic concept of a device with 0 keys and a handset in order to interact with a range of peripheral devices and exploit all installation components on a functional level.

The amalgamation of telephone and interphone technology in a single installation also makes it possible to offer the right solution, always capable of delivering the needed reliability, also when long-distance emergency call capabilities must be guaranteed.

The range includes: Telephones, Interphone-telephones, Telephone kits and accessories. Our extensive and comprehensive product catalogue is constantly updated to include the latest technology, ensuring that customers can choose from a technologically sophisticated, state-of-the-art range of products.

The ongoing renewal and expansion of our range gives customers the chance to customise their installation in order to meet real specific needs. Elvox has also positioned itself at the forefront of the state-of-the-art CCTV sector by proposing a new range of IP solutions. Alongside the various product segments that have been added to cover professional needs, our range of indoor and outdoor cameras includes Day and Night, Varifocal, Infrared, Speed Dome, and the brand new IP range.

LCD monitors, a wide range of fixed and variable focus lenses and other accessories round off the offering. An automation mechanism must be rugged, reliable and safe, and also easy to install.

The application, exposed to severe climatic conditions, means that the automations sector is especially sensitive to concepts of robustness and guaranteed reliability. These characteristics, when taken together, can be achieved only by top quality products developed on the basis of lengthy and complex research activities and professional skills accumulated over many years of experience. A very extensive catalogue allows Elvox to address all installation requirements, and includes opener systems for: sliding and swing gates, upand-over doors, barriers, shutters, roller blinds, windows and dedicated systems for car parks.

The idea is based on the use of just one cable composed of two non-polarised wires ideally a twisted pair that can be used to connect entrance panels, power supply units, distributors if present and interphones or monitors for up to a maximum of 00 users. A single reduced diameter cable with two wires to carry digital signals: this is the new technology that brings with it extreme simplicity and ease of installation Digibus system, for all plant extensions Digibus is the digital system with 8 codification digits, designed to build extensive and complex installations with the use of a reduced number of wires.

This technology makes it possible to cover long distances between entrance panels and interphones or monitors, while simultaneously serving very large numbers of users.

6300 pdf elvox

Open Bridge, communication with no limits Communication with no limits. This is the underlying idea behind Elvox s presentation of a new system for video door entry installations. Designated Open Bridge, the new Elvox system makes it possible to solve several frequent problems simultaneously: the distance between various points of the installation and the facility completely modify an existing plant by causing two different technologies to interact: Digibus and Due Fili, integrating the respective capabilities Sound System, a simple and functional solution Sound System call technology makes it possible to identify the origin of calls to an interphone or monitor through the use of different tones.

When the signal reaches the interphone the device will emit a tone that varies in accordance with the point of origin of the call entrance panel, landing, intercom call. In this manner, even before lifting the handset or checking the monitor we can identify the location of the person who has initiated the call.

As well as navigating via the 7 LCD screen, users can control the most important video door entry functions using the soft-touch keypad with LED backlighting.

Controls for brightness, colour, contrast, ringtone volume and selection of different melodies. Time, date and ambient temperature display on the main screen. Dual user interface, with backlit soft-touch keypad for essential video door entry functions and touch screen navigation menu for using all the services.

Dedicated keypad buttons for self-start, stair light, lock release and answering calls. Speakerphone system with hands-free mode. Up to four auxiliary functions or intercom calls by means of the dedicated buttons. Touch screen monitor for navigating the menus: video answering machine service, entrance panel and camera management service, intercom call directory service, miscellaneous services, settings. For installation, requires flush-mounted back box type , made of ABS plastic and equipped with a cover to prevent the ingress of mortar and grout during masonry work.

Also available in desktop version with aluminium bracket type A, supplied separately. The limitations of conventional frames have been overcome at last, displaying a more panoramic view and revealing details that were previously out of shot.

Wider field of vision due to the aspect ratio, providing a clear view of visitors positioned at each side of the frame.

The external appearance of the monitor can be personalised with a wide range of cover finishes and colours. Customers are sure to find the right solution whenever they decide to change the furniture or interior decor of the room.

Highly functional keyboard with LED backlighting for easy operation even in poor lighting conditions. Brightness adjustment, ringtone volume and a choice of 7 different melodies. Equipped with dedicated push-buttons for self-start, stair light, door lock release and reply functions.

Possibility of operating up to four auxiliary functions in the Two-Wire and Digibus versions, or intercommunicating calls in the Two-Wire version, using the buttons labelled Green LED door open signal. Privacy function which disables the ringtone.

In the Two-Wire and Digibus versions, when the ringtone is disabled a red LED will indicate up to 5 unanswered calls by emitting a series of flashes. Installation requires the flush-mounted back box type , made of ABS plastic.

It is supplied with a cover to prevent the ingress of mortar and grout during masonry work. The dimensions of the hole for flush wall-mounting are 89x60x5 mm Art series is available in desk-top version, with the addition of 70A kit in stainless stell. The bracket type 70A is standard supplied with a mt cable for electric connection by means of removable pin strips The flush-mounted back boxes used for the Series are the same as those used for the Wide Touch Series, type Set the imagination free!

Metallic and chrome finishes. The mesmerising mosaic of reflections injects creativity into communication, blending sight and touch, functionality and aesthetics, reality and imagination in a stylish innovation with striking visual appeal. Available in chrome, gold with gold plating, and black.

6300 pdf elvox

Dreams Collection is presented in an exquisite gift box that intensifies the beauty of its content. Expand your horizons Elvox video door entry systems take your household electrical system to the next dimension, integrating it with a complete series of comfort, control and security functions by means of a state-of-the-art home automation system. A single product which gives you fingertip control over your entire home. Communicate with entry points via the video door entrance panel, monitor outdoor areas covered by surveillance cameras and program the functions and operation of indoor services such as: lighting control automation scenes roller shutters motorised curtains and skylights gates and garage doors load control CCTV burglar alarm systems temperature control Take advantage of a series of features which let you personalise your system exactly as you want it.

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The interaction between the different functions, as well as the all-in-one series Domex control unit, represent the natural evolution of Elvox technology into the Home Automation market. Video door entry functions 3. Open voice system with hands-free mode. Option of replying to calls using automatic hands-free switching also useful for disabled users. Made of plastic material: impact-resistant technopolymer.

6300 pdf elvox

Crystal-clear audio quality with loudspeaker ideally positioned for maximum acoustic performance. Control push-buttons with LED white-light backlighting for enhanced functionality. Four push-buttons dedicated to the main video door entry functions. Possibility of operating up to four auxiliary functions in the -Wire and Digibus versions, or intercommunicating calls in the -Wire version.

Green LED door open signal. With the ringtone mute activated in the Two-Wire and Digibus versions, a red LED will signal up to 5 unanswered calls by emitting a series of flashes.

Vimar - R892 - Video door entry unit 63M7

More room for creativity Choose from a wide range of covers available in different colours and finishes, giving you plenty of options for selecting the solution that best suits your home decor style Art. The available versions differ in terms of the type of system. They feature 3-level call volume adjustment and call mute indicated by a red LED. The green LED indicates that the door is open when connected to a suitable lock or door. Supplied with fixing bracket with connection terminal block and three pushbuttons, one for the door lock and two for additional functions e.

Desktop installation requires use of the conversion kit. New Giotto, desktop version. A clear, impact-resistant polycarbonate support secures the push-buttons to the entrance panel face plate. The push-button bodies are made of clear polycarbonate with a protective stainless steel casing. The series is compatible with Elvox digital and analogue systems. The audio and video versions are identical from an aesthetic point of view, which enables a single design solution to be offered in both applications.

With just 4 covers, the Series assures maximum installation flexibility for the assembly of video door entry panels for Elvox analogue and digital push-button installations. With the greatest of ease the blanking modules can be replaced with the required number of keys, either during installation or in the case of subsequent expansion of the system.

Surface wallmounted back box type 9K Flush wall-mounted back box Maximum quality in communications Top quality materials, an elegant design and the versatility of a modular entrance panel make the series a highly soughtafter product. For maximum product versatility, the keypad can be customised and assembled with the required number of conventional keys, directly during the installation phase. They incorporate a stainless steel face plate with two die-cast aluminium end sections, allowing the face plate to be fixed to the frame using a special Elvox screw.

Also the frame is made of stainless steel. The 00 series is compatible with Elvox analogue and digital systems, Sound System, AC call, Due Fili and Digibus, for versions with individual pushbuttons or alphanumeric keypad.

The audio and video versions are identical from an aesthetic point of view. This enables a single design solution to be offered for both applications. Protection rating: IP In addition to the version with steel finish, we also offer a version with gold finish and PVD treatment. The flush-mounted back boxes used for the 00 Series are the same as those used for the Series and Series, type 99, type The series is compatible with ELVOX digital and analogue systems and can be fitted with individual push-buttons or with provision for an alphanumeric keypad.

The sensor is combined with a switchboard which stores up to 99 fingerprints and controls the timed operation of a relay The flush-mounted back boxes used for the 00 Series are the same as those used for the Series and Series, type 99, type The components are made of extruded aluminium with a special weatherproof paint finish and copolymers with outstanding technical properties. Available in light grey, sable grey and brushed aluminium finishes. The series is compatible with Elvox analogue and digital systems, Sound System, AC Call, Due Fili and Digibus, for versions with individual pushbuttons, numeric keypad or alphanumeric keypad.

The flush-mounted back boxes used for the Series are the same as those used for the 00 Series and Series, type 99, type The series is divided into: audio panels for speech units, video panels for cameras with speech unit and supplementary panels with pushbuttons only. Panels with pushbuttons only can be combined horizontally with the two other panel types to increase the number of pushbuttons.

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The Patavium series is compatible with Elvox analogue and digital systems, Sound System, AC call, Due Fili and Digibus, for versions with individual pushbuttons or alphanumeric keypad. The panels are in satin finish brass with a special protective coating comprising nickel plating followed by gold-plating and a final PVD titanium nitrate paint finish. Owing to their modular design, letterbox units can be stacked vertically or installed side-by-side.

The panels can be used in conjunction with: speech units, cameras with speech unit and electronic modules, depending on the type of system. Available in versions with a single audio entrance panel or with colour camera and speech unit for Sound System audio and video door entry systems or for Elvox Due Fili video door entry systems. The interphones are available in different versions for use in various types of Elvox audio and video door entry systems.

The series is supplied in the standard configuration for wall installation with two pushbuttons, one for opening the lock and one for auxiliary services. The monitor is installed in combination with interphones of the same series in video door entry systems by means of a connector for rapid wiring and utilising wall brackets or table-top conversion kits.

In addition to previous versions of Elvox switchboards, the following new features are available: programming via PC or using one of the connected telephones, connection of a GSM module, adding an extra telephone line to the two analogue lines.

For Two-Wire installations the switchboard with internal unit is available. An expansion interface can be connected in order to double the number of internal extension telephones, from 8 to 6. The interface switches two separate audio door entry calls into telephone calls, dialling programmable telephone numbers.

It can receive telephone calls and connect automatically to the audio door entry installation.