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If you're an online publisher or marketer who's looking for the Internet's most self- explanatory, cost effective software system for creating one eye-catching. Want to know which ebook creation software will help you to convert PDFs to eBook? here we compare the best eBook creators for all your. Create and publish interactive ebooks for Android, iPad, iPhone, HTML5 web, and desktop.

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Convert PDF to dynamic eBook, empower your PDF eBook with rich video, links, photo gallery and animation. Since it isn't exclusively an eBook creator, it can also help you publish photobooks and magazines. The application's free version gives you. Download the latest version of Ebook Maker free. Software to create Ebook by compiling HTML page into a file.

Risk free - No credit card required. Collect grades, score reports and activities happening inside any ebook. I knew what I wanted the book to look like, but I had no idea how to create the programming for it. I had a major issue with Apple iBooks and Kotobee figured it out and we had the book to market in February I just hope more people work with them so they stay in business for as long as I am alive! Over the past 5 months, we have collaborated closely to generate a stunning, highly interactive and fun ebook to teach Youth about money and healthy habits of money management.

Make a professional ebook in minutes. Easy-to-customize ebook creator. Download as a PDF or share online with a link. Create your ebook it's free and super easy. There are hundreds of thousands of images to choose from, as well as lots of graphics, icons, and illustrations. Put images in frames and use shaped crops to sort out the composition.

Tips for Using the Ebook Creator Organize all your written content in a document on your computer. Make sure to have specific headings in your text so it's easy to separate later. If you want to use your own images, have them all together in a folder. There are plenty inside the ebook maker. Select a template and start inserting your content to the text boxes. You can adjust the size and length of the text boxes easily. Upload your images or choose some from the left-hand panel.

There are over thousand available photographs, just use the search bar to find the one you need.

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Select a legible font and customize it with color or bold and italic styling. A good size for text is between 10 and 12 points. Choose one of the color themes in the ebook creator and it will adjust all the pages at once. Add more pages by duplicating existing pages and adjust the content to fit. Download your ebook as a PDF and share or sell online. You can also publish to the Visme servers and share a live link. An easy-to-customize ebook creator Publishing your own ebook is a great marketing tactic for your business or blog.

With the Visme ebook creator, you can create a multi-page ebook ready to share online or sell on site.

Major features include: Simple and easy to use: with the step-by-step wizard a user with no special knowledge may easily create an Ebook within a few minutes. Readers don't need to install any third party software before reading. The author may choose to generate compressed Ebook, minimizing needed disc space and download bandwidth.

Customize Ebook user interface: authors may specify window size and window position, icon, splash screen, about dialog, and other message texts. The author may prohibit readers from copying, printing pages or viewing HTML source code.

Create interactive ebook apps.

Multiple protection modes: Password-based protection, Time-based protection, Usage-based protection. Multiple password generation modes: fixed password, username-based password and computer id-based password. The entire process of creating an eBook, assembling and distributing takes much lesser time than producing and distributing a paperback which eventually leads to greater profits.

You can also download Writer2pub plugin and use it with OpenOffice or LibreOffice to create ebook easily. Both are Pretty cool free and open source MS word alternative. There are also other numerous eBook creator tools available online that aid you to construct professional eBooks efficiently. A few of them even allows you to add Cover photos, author details, symbols, content table and more.

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In this post today we have listed some of the best free eBook creator software for Windows that are widely popular based on their features and the ease of use. Apart from the common formats these eBook creators also support other file formats as well and can be accessed on different reading devices like, iPad, PC, Mac, iPod, Kindle, Android etc. So let us explore the best of the free eBook creator software.

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Calibre is a multi-platform free eBook creator which comes packed with all the necessary and cutting-edge features that can help you to build your personal eBook with ease. It helps an individual convert from an extensive range of file formats to an equally wide range of output formats. It allows you to change edit any of your earlier eBook that has been printed or downloaded by adding author description, illustration, cover images and more. Now add meta-description such as, author bio, illustration etc.

While you can add a customizable cover image to your eBook using the built-in eBook cover creator, you can also add content table, word search, word replacement option and change the look of your eBook. Now that you have successfully converted your eBook to the desired format, you can save it on your computer or you can transfer it to straight to any of the eBook readers that are connected to your computer.

Calibre also helps you download eBooks, edit them and even lets you manage. Since it already has its own independent eBook reading software you do not need to download a separate one.

It offers almost everything under the sun that you need to create your own professional looking eBook. Calibre is compatible with Windows, iOS and Linux.

Create interactive ebook apps.

If you need an all-round performance for free, Mobipocket is just the right bet for you. It offers an extremely user friendly interface which is easy to comprehend too. The program allows you to either bring in already written matter or create an eBook anew. After you have imported all the existing content you can then add content tables, cover photos, meta-description etc. You can also modify the meta-description section by adding author bio, illustration, a title for the eBook, date of publishing, publisher name and more.