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Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy by Kip Thorne. Reviewed by John Preskill. It is dangerous to ask a scientist to review a book on. curves space and warps time. Like unicorns and gargoyles numbers (, 12, etc. PI Atoms of gas, pulled by a black hole's gravity, stream toward the hole. Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy. Kip S. Thorne State University. Vitaly Ginzburg, Reviewer. P. N. Lebedev Institute, Moscow. PDF.

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“The ideal book for those fascinated by space, the cosmos, black holes, and all.. “dark matter BLACK HOLES TIME WARPS - Page maison de Simon Plouffe. This quest has led me through labyrinths of exotic objects: black holes, white dwarfs, neutron stars, singularitiE'.s, gravitational waves, wormholes, time warps, . Relativity replaces our ideas about space and time with something Black holes really exist! . “Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy”.

Which of these bizarre phenomena, if any, can really exist in our universe? Black holes, down which anything can fall but from which nothing can return; wormholes, short spacewarps connecting regions of the cosmos; singularities, where space and time are so violently warped that time ceases to exist and space becomes a kind of foam; gravitational waves, which carry symphonic accounts of collisions of black holes billions of years ago; and time machines, for traveling backward and forward in time. In this masterfully written and brilliantly informed work of scientific history and explanation, Dr. Thorne, the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech, leads his readers through an elegant, always human, tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the great question: what principles control our universe and why do physicists think they know the things they think they know? Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has been one of the greatest best-sellers in publishing history. Anyone who struggled with that book will find here a more slowly paced but equally mind-stretching experience, with the added fascination of a rich historical and human component.

I hope to do so in the next few years. First: new ideas about how exactly a black hole would kill you. When Thorne wrote "Black Holes and Time Warps" in the early '90s, he and other theorists believed that falling into a black hole resulted in death by a process called "spaghettification" or "the noodle effect," in which a person would be stretched and squeezed until his or her body resembled a very long string of pasta.

This would create a singularity: a location where the laws of physics break down and measurements of gravity go to infinity. More recently, theorists showed that the crushing death would also come from below.

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy First Edition Edition PDF

This could happen with any and all of the material that had ever fallen into the black hole during its lifetime. This all remains theoretical, of course, as no one has ever actually fallen into a black hole. The space-time storm : Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who helped bring real science to the movie "Interstellar.

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Image credit: Caltech Thorne and other researchers studying black holes have had heyday over the last 20 years as supercomputing power has steadily increased. Now researchers can create simulations of the incredibly complex circumstances surrounding black holes and watch the simulations play out.

This includes the twisting and warping of space-time itself, distortions that could travel through the Earth and to a very small degree change how quickly time passes at one point compared to another. We'd never seen breaking waves. Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy. The Nobel Prize in Physics ".

What's New in Black Holes? 'Interstellar' Physicist Kip Thorne Tells All

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Retrieved 7 November March 20, The New York Times.

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This rich combination plus an obvious talent as a communicator and an apparently fun loving personnality makes him both a knowlegeable and understandable writer. Some are really simple.

They make for a good introduction but are somewhat too basic for my taste. Some aim at staying intellectually affordable but they describe more than they explain.

Some are too technical and took me out of my depth. Thorne gives explanations wich are complete enough to give you a coherent understanding while still being aimed at a non specialist public.

[PDF] Black Holes and Time Warps, Einstein's Outrageous Legacy - Thorne - Free Download PDF

This way, the necessity of each element of the theory is made more obvious. Also, one gets briefly acquainted with the circumstance of the discoveries, the personnality of the involved researchers and the prevalent questionning as our knowledge evolved.

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A college level should suffice.