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IBPS Clerk Mains Banking Awareness Questions - PDF. Dear Aspirants,. As we know IBPS Clerk Mains Exam is approaching on 21st January and those. Dear Aspirants, 'Green Banking' is yet another important topic under Banking Awareness. You can expect questions from this topic in your Read More. April 11, Monthly Banking Awareness PDF February Last 5 Months Expected Banking Questions From Current Affairs. January 12, Expected.

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+ Banking Awareness Questions Download Free PDF Click on download pdf at the of questions on the page. 6 days ago Download free Study Material and Question banks from previous we are providing Banking Awareness handwritten notes in PDF format. download Current Affairs PDF - Click Here. Dear Aspirants,. General Awareness Questions asked in Competitive Exams are listed.

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Banking Awareness

Practice Online Quiz Questions. Based on these updates, the candidates can practice the Quiz Questions daily.

You can get the General awareness questions and answers for the examinations. Go through the General Knowledge questions with answers. This is the Place where you can practice the General Knowledge Questions with answers.

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Today, no competitive exam is without the Quiz Questions. And hence is a chance to gain marks and knowledge too. If you wish to gain the professional General knowledge regarding the various streams like Engineering, Medical, Banking, Railway Exams, this website is the appropriate destination. Leave a comment below on our General Knowledge Questions and answers page and we will take your advice for sure. Thank You!!!

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As per the directives issued by RBI, a cash credit or overdraft account will be treated as Nonperforming Asset if: a the account remains out of order b there are no credits in the account in the month in which interest is applied c the debit balance in the account has exceeded the sanctioned limit during the reporting month d all of the above Truncation of cheques means: a The cheques in the paper form will be retained by the collecting banker and he will submit b Entire clearing operations would be done only through computers c Cheques will be scanned and the electronic image, instead of physical cheque, will be transmitted in the clearing cycle d Debiting the drawer s account through internet banking The paid up capital of Non-Scheduled Bank is less than a 5 lakh b 10 lakh c 12 lakh d 15 lakh In case a depositor wishes to withdraw his deposits prematurely, banks a do not allow the same till maturity of the deposits b charge a penalty for the same c do not charge any penalty and allow the same d do not allow premature withdrawal Which of the following is a primary function of banks?

Select the correct answer. Account payee crossing is a direction of the drawer: a To collecting banker b To drawee banker c To payee 4 d To all endorsees The State Co-operative Banks a assume the key position in the Co-operative credit structure b undertake both mobilization of resources as well as proper development among various sectors c carry out the role of intermediaries between the money market and Central Co-operative Banks When the foreign exchange deals take place through telephone or other electronic system and not through an exchange it is called a over the counter b over the electronic media c over all channels d over the exchange e None of these State financial Corporations give assistance mainly to develop which of the following?

Which of the following is the regulator of the credit rating agencies in India? Which of the following correctly describes what sub-prime lending is? Lending to the people who cannot return the loans.

Lending to the people who are high value customers of the banks.

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Lending to those who are not a regular customer of a bank. Which of the following is a correct statement? Which of the following is a measure taken by Reserve Bank of India to control inflation in our country?

What type of loan is granted by banks for download of white goods? What do you understand by the term Mortgage? Which of the following is NOT a source of funds of a commercial bank?

The Banking Ombudsman a is in charge of bank loan for buses b fixes the rates of interest for loans c resolves complaints of customers d issues licences for new bank branches e is the head of all nationalized banks 7. Which of the following is not the name of Banking Organisation? Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?

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Basel II norms are associated with which of the following aspects of the banking industry? Which of the following was the reasons owing which base rate was introduced? Bank rate, B. Repo Rate, Reverse repo rate, C. Objective of monetary policy of RBI is to a control inflation b discourage hoarding of commodities c encourage flow of credit into neglected sector In which year India adopted partial convertibility of rupee?

IBPS General Awareness Syllabus 2019 (GK Pdf Download) Online

The RBI has prescribed that a new Private Sector Bank a Shall be subject to prudential norms in regard to income recognition, asset classification and provisioning, capital adequacy etc, b shall have to observe priority sector lending targets as applicable to other domestic banks, c will be required to open rural and semi- urban branches also as may be laid down by RBI, d None of the above e All of the above Real Time Gross Settlement System means a payment system in which a both processing and final settlement of funds transfer instructions can take place continuously, b final transaction takes place at the end of the day c final payment is physically effected within 24 hours d final settlement of funds take place at 3 PM daily Effective from 15th April, , how many banks with demand and time liabilities exceeding crore were nationalized?

Who amongst the following was never a Governor of the RBI? Reddy c Arup Roy Choudhury d D. D Subbarao Which of the following is NOT the name of a bank having branches in India?