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1. MVC Interview Questions and Answers. All rights reserved. No part of this book can be reproduced or stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in . Latest 50 MVC Interview Questions, You can crack the interview to achieve your 50 MVC Interview Questions | MVC Interview Questions and Answers. MVC is a web application Framework. It is light weight and highly testable Framework. MVC 50 MVC Interview Questions with Answers .. PDF DOWNLOAD for Microsoft Dot Net Course Content · Mvc.

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NET MVC is one of the most popular development frameworks for Web applications. In this article, I'll list top MVC Interview Questions. MVC Interview questions and answers PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Why razor when we already had ASPX? So which is a better fit Razor or ASPX?. NET MVC Interview Questions have been designed specially to get and what you answer: Breifly explain us what is MVC? MVC is a pattern.

TempData is again a key, value pair as ViewData. TempData is used when the data is to be used in two consecutive requests, this could be between the actions or between the controllers. This requires typecasting in view. This method is used to render the specified partial view as an HTML string. This method does not depend on any action methods.

Will it affect the app? You will face performance problems and unless you already know this, it will be difficult to track down the reason. How would you achieve that? NET session state and support running across several servers. What additional configuration can you perform without writing custom code?

MVC Interview questions and answers PDF

What are your steps? NET Core is a new platform and supports several approaches. The candidate has to stress that, in the project, we need to use some kind of distributed cache—for example, Redis. Also, Microsoft provides several packages to help with this. What is the difference between tempdata,viewdata and viewbag?

What are partial views in MVC? How did you create partial view and consume the same? How can we do validations in MVC? Can we display all errors in one go?

How can we enable data annotation validation on client side? What is razor in MVC? Why razor when we already had ASPX? How can you do authentication and authorization in MVC? How to implement windows authentication for MVC? How do you implement forms authentication in MVC?

And answers pdf mvc interview questions

How to implement Ajax in MVC? What kind of events can be tracked in AJAX? What is the difference between ActionResult and ViewResult?

What are the different types of results in MVC? Can we create our custom view engine using MVC? What is WebAPI? What is MVC Model view controller? MVC is architectural pattern which separates the representation and the user interaction. Its divided in three broader sections, Model, View and Controller.

Below is how each one of them handles the task. The View is responsible for look and feel. Model represents the real world object and provides data to the View.

The Controller is responsible to take the end user request and load the appropriate Model and View. Below are the steps how control flows in MVC Model, view and controller architecture:- All end user requests are first sent to the controller.

The controller depending on the request decides which model to load. The controller loads the model and attaches the model with the appropriate view. The final view is then attached with the model data and sent as a response to the end user on the browser. MVC architecture is suited for web application than windows. For window application MVP i.

Model view presenter is more applicable. There are two big benefits of MVC:Separation of concerns is achieved as we are moving the code behind to a separate class file. By moving the binding code to a separate class file we can reuse the code to a great extent. Automated UI testing is possible because now the behind code UI interaction code has moved to a simple.

NET class. This gives us opportunity to write unit tests and automate manual testing. MVC is an evolution of a 3 layered traditional architecture. Many components of 3 layered architecture are part of MVC.

So below is how the mapping goes. User interface. Middle layer User interface Data access layer. Model view controller architecture View. Controller Model. Data access layer. Figure: - 3 layered architecture What is the latest version of MVC? When this note was written, four versions where released of MVC.

So the latest is MVC 4. Below is a detail table of differences. But during interview its difficult to talk about all of them due to time limitation.

Latest 50 MVC Interview Questions | MVC Interview Questions

So I have highlighted important differences which you can run through before the interviewer. This is defined by adding an entry in to the routes collection using the maproute function. For windows authentication you need to go and modify the web. Below is the code snippet for the same. Now only the users specified in the controller and action can access the same.

Forms authentication is implemented the same way as we do in ASP. So the first step is to set authentication mode equal to forms. The loginUrl points to a controller here rather than page. If the user is proper we will set the cookie value. Ajax libraries Jquery Below is a simple sample of how to implement Ajax by using Ajax helper library. In the below code you can see we have a simple form which is created by using Ajax.

BeginForm syntax. This form calls a controller action called as getCustomer. So now the submit action click will be an asynchronous ajax call. ActionLink function as shown in the below code. So if you want to create Ajax asynchronous hyperlink by name GetDate which calls the GetDate function on the controller , below is the code for the same.

Latest 50 MVC Interview Questions | MVC Interview Questions and Answers

You can see how GetDate function has a pause of 10 seconds. Sleep ; returnDateTime. All this logic is put in to a function called as GetData and you can make a call to the GetData function on a button or a hyper link click event as you want.

ActionResult can be used to exploit polymorphism and dynamism. So if you are returning different types of view dynamically ActionResult is the best thing.

For example in the below code snippet you can see we have a simple action called as DynamicView. Belowisadetailedlist foryourinterest. There 12 kinds of results in MVC, at the top is ActionResultclass which is a base class that canhave11subtypessas listed below: ContentResult - Writes content to the response stream without requiring a view 9.

FileContentResult - Returns a file to the client FileStreamResult - Returns a file to the client, which is provided by a Stream FilePathResult - Returns a file to the client. Implement post-processinglogicbeforethe action happens.

Cancel a current execution. Inspect the returned value. Provide extra data to the action. Inline action filter. Creating an ActionFilter attribute. To create a inline action attribute we need to implement IActionFilter interface. We can implement pre-processing logic or cancellation logic in these methods. So we can convert the inline action filter to an action filter attribute. To create an action filter attribute we need to inherit from ActionFilterAttribute and implement IActionFilter interface as shown in the below code.

You can see in the below code I have decorated the Default1Controller with MyActionAttribute class which was created in the previous code.

Yes, we can create our own custom view engine in MVC. To create our own custom view engine we need to follow 3 steps: Step 1: In this class we should write the logic of how the view will be rendered in the render function.

Questions pdf answers mvc and interview

Below is a simple code snippet for the same. For instance for razor the extension is cshtml , for aspx the view extension is. Below is how the code looks like. You can see the ViewLocationFormats is set to the Views folder and the extension is. The best place to register the custom view engine in the ViewEngines collection is the global.

MVC Interview questions and answers PDF

HTTP is the most used protocol. For past many years browser was the most preferred client by which we can consume data exposed over HTTP. But as years passed by client variety started spreading out. We had demand to consume data on HTTP from clients like mobile,javascripts,windows application etc.

For satisfying the broad range of client REST was the proposed approach. Only for HTTP protocol. Protocol Independent of protocols. So writing create proxy objects like how we have in. NET add parsing logic for the same in very easy.

Below are the steps to implement "webAPI": HttpMethod property as shown in the below code snippet. Flag for inappropriate content.

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