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Jay Abraham's. Billion Dollar Marketing . Referral systems. • Acquiring clients at Phone: () Fax: () [email protected] CP file so we'll be able to track it and make sure my confidentiality and non- of the referral generating systems Jay talks about that we can get. Strategy Clusters. 93 Extraordinary Referral Systems: Jay Abraham's Money- Making Strategy Clusters 4 Audio CDs plus pdf guidebook. by Jay Abraham.

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1 93 Referral Systems By: Jay Abraham. 2 93 Referral Systems Jay Abraham The Abraham Group, Inc. - All Rights Reserved This report not be. 93 Referral Systems. Page 4. There's no reason to be embarrassed or timid or unduly sensitive about asking your customers or clients to direct other customers . 93 Extraordinary Referral Systems (Multiply your business profits through the efforts of others!) [Jay Abraham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying .

The truth is, you can! I'm not talking about scientific cloning. In spite of what's going on with Scottish sheep these days, creating genetic duplicates of your best customers is still probably a few years off Rather, the "cloning" I'm talking about is simple, ethical, and doesn't require millions in research grants to accomplish. In fact, it costs next to nothing! So, what's the easiest, most effective, least expensive way to get many more customers like the ones you value most?

Somebody who liked intellectual things, I give them a book on body building or a magazine. And it would always happen. Not only like you in interest, like modalities. Some people are visual.

Some people are kinesthetic. Some people are auditory.


Test all your marketing. Running institutional advertising. Run only direct response advertising. Not articulating and differentiating your business. Develop a powerful USP and use it in all your marketing.

Not having back-end product or service.

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Create a profitable and systematic back end. Not understanding your customer and their needs and desires. Always determine and address the real needs of your customers and prospects.

Always recognize that you must educate your customer as a part of the marketing and sales. Not making doing business with your company easy, appealing and fun.

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Make doing business with your business easy, appealing and fun. Terminating marketing campaigns that are still working. Not specifically targeting your marketing. When you prepare your marketing, focus on the intended prospect and no one else.

93 Referral Systems. By: Jay Abraham

Not capturing prospect and addresses, email addresses as well as pertinent contact information. And my students have met with similar results.

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Why are referrals more eager to buy than typical prospects? It's simply human nature! People are usually attracted to like-minded people.

Therefore, if one person buys a product or service, the chances are they know someone who also would enjoy the same. In most cases, the person giving you the referral will even call the prospect and introduce you and your product or service and let them know you will be calling. The referred prospect then becomes warmer and more open to hearing about your offer because they already heard how good your product or service is! You'll never have to worry about coming off as an intrusive salesperson to new prospects.

Now you'll be viewed as a friend, consultant or expert.

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Think of the advantage you'd have over the competition who are spending countless dollars trying to sell their products and services to unwilling, skeptical prospects. Referrals will welcome you and your product or service!

Abraham 93 referral epub jay systems

I'm going to show you how to put these referral systems in place - no matter what your business!