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Dr. B.C. PUNMIA. Formerly, construction incorporating appropriate use of materials, sufficient strength and design practices in the construction of buildings. download Building Construction by B C Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain And Arun Kumar Jain PDF Online. ISBN from Laxmi Publications. Download Free . Building Construction - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online Materials for Stone Masonry ot , Classification of Stone Masonry ote Reinforced Concrete Structures- Volume 2 by Dr. b.c. Punmia- Ashok Kumar.

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building construction by b c Building Materials & Construction Planning Textbook free BUILDING MATERIALS (THIRD REVISED EDITION) 5. TEFL courses in person and tutored those taking distance your lesson plan so that they can talk to you Putting Your Le Mechanics of Materials. B.C. PUNMIA. Preface to the Fourth Edition. In the fourth edition, the subject matterof the book SMTS 2 THEORY O building construction by b c .

The topics are thoroughly described in simple language making it easier for students of engineering to grasp the subject. The various theories of significance are illustrated in detail through numerical examples. The general statements of important principles and their methodologies are without exception provided through their practical illustrations. Units is an imperative resource for engineering students who wish to face competitive exams with confidence and perform with flying colours. The book also comes with several problems that are solved in detail. This is found at the end of each chapter and can be useful for the students to make self assessment at various stages.

Able to take up civil construction works.

Materials pdf by and construction punmia building bc

Can be able to take up sewage repair works. Able to construct the brick walls as per specifications. Able to fabricate R. Able to take up repairs for various roads [Ex. Roads, Gravel Roads, etc. As an Assistant for Civil Engineer. As a Mason for Construction of different Buildings. Work Inspector for Draftsman Civil in Govt. Fixing and maintenance of water supply and sanitary appurtenances.

Introduction about the trade. Different Engg. Materials used for the trade Stones Rock Classification and examples, characteristics and available places of important stones, methods of quarrying of stones.

Safety precautions about the trade. Identification of different materials and its properties. Requirement of important stones for various Engg. Works Buildings, Roads, etc. Usage, properties and availability of aggregates. Bricks Ingredients of good brick earth, description of manufacture of bricks, classification of bricks Sand Natural sources of sand, classification of sand, bulking of sand.

Cement Composition of ordinary cement, manufacturing of cement, types, properties and uses of cement, Terra Cotta Brief properties and uses of earthenware and stoneware. Steel main properties and types of steel used in building works, market forms of steel - angle sections, channel sections, etc.

Standard sizes and general properties of bricks, tests on bricks water absorption test, crushing strength of bricks.

Sieve analysis for sand, building of sand, percentage of voids in coarse and fine aggregate. Tests on Cement fineness of Cement, Initial and final setting times of cement, field tests on O. Identifying various types of steel rods and calculating the weight of rods per given length, bonding as per drawing, placing, fixing of main, bent-up bars.

Mortar Definition, purpose types and properties of mortar Concrete Definition, purpose, preparation of cement concrete. Miscellaneous materials, properties, uses of paints, varnishes, glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, P. Methods of mixing mortars. Batching, mixing, transporting, depositing and placing of concrete curing of concrete, Cube Testing.

Painting of wall, preparation of glass, doors, fixing of bolts and nuts. Surveying Definition, Surveying. Chain Surveying used in Chain Surveying, Chaining. Plane Table Accessories, Methods of Survey. Traversing with plane table of a small colony.

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Leveling Definition of terms like datum, elevation, benchmark etc. Dumpy level, Staff Description.

Theodolite Survey Description of Theodolite, Definition of terms transiting, swinging, etc. Booking and reducing levels by H. Method, Rise and Fall method. Measurements of Horizontal and vertical angles with Theodolite. Drawing Instruments used, Conventional signs Drawings of foundations, doors, windows, roofs, stairs. Building planning Principles, terminology for important terms in building construction Foundation, Footings, Plinth etc.

Detailed study of R. Introduction of estimating and costing, main items of construction of work. Methods of building estimates long wall and short wall method.

Drawing of conventional signs, drawings foundations, doors, windows, roofs, stairs. Arrangements of rooms for residential buildings.

Drawing of plan, section, elevation of residential buildings, public buildings. Drawing of steel details of beams, columns, slabs etc. Units of measurements of various items of construction. Estimate of single room buildings, two room building office buildings. Estimate of residential buildings, office buildings, estimate of water tank. Estimate of beams, columns, slabs lintels.

Lime concrete, C. According to NBC, component parts of a building with their functions Foundations types of formwork for pillar construction. Tools used in building construction, clearing the site, approved drawings, reading, marking center lines, trench marking. Examination of ground bearing capacity of soils. Details about plinth construction, materials used for D. Types, thickness of walls, mortar joints Principles to be followed while construction of stone and brick masonry.

Dr B C Punmia

Scaffolding Definition, types and materials used shoring. Construction of plint beams and basements. Filling in the basements. Grouting, curing of foundations. Construction of stone and brick masonry. Per pends vertical joints. Unit-wise constructions curing for super structures. Preparation of scaffolding for different works. Joints at Junction, laying of bricks at squint corners and junctions.

Construction for splayed corners as per drawings.

Construction of different bonds. Preparation of door and windows of different types. Fixing of doorframes. Construction of drops for cupboards. Fixing of Hold-Fasts. Form works details, Form work for different items like columns, walls, stairs, etc. Construction of R. Working knowledge on construction of different floors, construction of upper floors including water proofing, polishing Form work for staircase, construction details of different types of stairs.

Connection for steel roof truss. Construction details Construction of Arches. Construction of Pitched roofs with wood and steel. Laying of tiles over sloped roof. Fixing of A. Reinforcement details, mixing, placing and curing of concrete on the R. Slab, Arches. Construction of compound walls, parapet walls railing. Plastering Types, different coats, mixing of proportions. Painting Types of Paints.

Pdf by bc punmia materials building and construction

Construction of compound walls. Fixing of gates. Construction of parapet walls Construction details about overhead tank.

Building Construction, 2005, B.C. Punmia; Ashok Kumar Jain

Plastering work for inside and outside walls sponge finishing curing. Mixing, painting of walls. Units is an imperative resource for engineering students who wish to face competitive exams with confidence and perform with flying colours.

The book also comes with several problems that are solved in detail. This is found at the end of each chapter and can be useful for the students to make self assessment at various stages.

The book was published by Laxmi Publications. This is the twelfth edition and it was published in The book is available. A daily selection of the best content published on WordPress, collected for you by humans who love to read. Search for: February 21, Author: The book is available Downlooad link Thoeryof Structures by B. Share this: Twitter Facebook.