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Read "When the Wind Blows" by James Patterson available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. While grieving her husband's. Download When the Wind Blows by James Patterson novel PDF free. When the Wind Blows is fiction, mystery, suspense and paranormal novel. By James Patterson. Taking a holiday from his phenomenally profitable Alex pass sequence, James Patterson's whilst the Wind Blows is as a lot child's delusion.

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James Patterson - When The Wind Blows. Home · James Patterson - When The Wind Blows Author: Patterson James. 24 downloads Views KB Size. Read and Download Free PDF Ebook When The Wind Blows 1 James Patterson at Our Huge Library Database 1/15 When The Wind Blows 1 James Patterson. Editorial Reviews. Review. When the Wind Blows has one of those outrageous premises that you either download into (a girl with wings?), or you don't.

After the mysterious dying of her husband numerous years prior to, Frannie retreated to an remoted lifestyles in her Colorado perform. On a private point, she is shaken by way of her new tenant--Kit Harrison. Kit's too good-looking and too pleasant and he's a hunter or so Frannie thinks. He's additionally convalescing from a devastating own tragedy, and, as Frannie finally learns, he's fairly an FBI agent utilizing his holiday to persist with a vital lead. As she says after preventing her Suburban one evening to take a look at whatever at the facet of the line: "What I observed used to be manner past my skills to visualize, past my comprehension, my procedure of trust, and perhaps past my skill to speak instantaneously.

James Patterson - When The Wind Blows

Although they try to expose the Hospital, all evidence of their experiments are hidden and the V. Ps seen there have alibis.

At the appeal hearing, the judge decides to return the children to the custody of Frannie and Kit. The family rejoices and moves back to the Lake House. There, Frannie notices that Max has been in her room all morning. She goes to investigate and learns that Max has laid two eggs - her babies with Oz. Max spends the next few weeks caring for the eggs. One night, Kane breaks into Max's room to steal the eggs. Max fights him off and knocks him out of the window, fulfilling her promise to Oz that she'd break his neck.

Four weeks later, the eggs hatch. Max's winged babies are a boy and a girl, who she names Ozymandias and Frances Jane. The book ends with Max thinking that she can't wait to teach them how to fly. The main characters are all human-avian hybrid children plus two human adults. The children all were previously subjected to cruel experiments and treatment at a building referred to as the "School". The main character's name is Max, which is short for Maximum.

Max is the oldest in their flock. The group of winged children call themselves "The Flock". There are 6 members of the original flock.

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Both series contain a member of the FBI. Both series end with Max thinking about teaching her children to fly. Both series the two youngest children are siblings. Differences[ edit ] In Maximum Ride, Max is the oldest, at 14 years, with hair that is described as both brown and blond throughout the series and brown eyes. In When the Wind Blows, Max is 12, with blond hair and green eyes.

In Maximum Ride, it is mentioned that the scientists at the School were operating against the law and didn't want anyone to find out about them. In When the Wind Blows, the scientists at the School operated in secret, but were actually backed by many people, including some in the government. However, in Maximum Ride, Max gives birth to her child.

In Maximum Ride, Fang doesn't publicly show that he cares for Max. He makes fun of her, and knows she can take care of herself. In The Lake House, Ozymandias is protective around Max, and often kisses her, which then leads to sex. In Maximum Ride, the Flock possess other super-human abilities as well as having wings. In The Lake House, the experiments made by the School are made public, and the bird children are well known.

In Maximum Ride, Max has a "Voice" in her head. What followed was a dull plot, flat characters and general silliness that was almost desperately justified with links to the genetic enhancement in Jurassic Park. It was only after I had finished reading that I realised that When the Wind Blows was written as an adult sequel to Patterson's Maximum Ride series for young adults.

Perhaps it would have been more enjoyable had I read the others in the series. Perhaps not. Oct 28, Natali rated it it was amazing.

Wonderful, suspenseful, and another book that kept me up till It is similar to Maximum Ride, but not at the same time. Frannie O'Neil is depressed after her husband, David, died.

She's not sure who murdered him, but when Kit Harrison, an FB Wonderful, suspenseful, and another book that kept me up till She's not sure who murdered him, but when Kit Harrison, an FBI agent, shows up at her vet hospital with an interesting case, things start going horribley wrong. First, 2 people have been murdered in the last 2 weeks. Both doctors who studied biology and were suspects of a mysterious group of rebel scientists who experimented on humans.

Then, Frannie meets Max, an extrodinary girl with extrodinary powers. She has wings and can fly. Max recently escaped from the School, the lab were she lived, and knows of a horrible plan that the scientist want to fufill.

It's up to Frannie, Kit, and Max to stop them before it's too late. View all 4 comments. Esperimenti illegali di manipolazione genetica: Ma siamo verament Esperimenti illegali di manipolazione genetica: Ma siamo veramente sicuri che si tratti di mera fantasia?

Non voglio pensarci Voglio scacciare questo tarlo e vedere questo romanzo solo come puro intrattenimento. Non proprio un thriller, in ogni caso, anche se delitti ce ne sono e le indagini riconducono ai fatti di cui sopra. Tanto per alleggerire l'atmosfera e far contenti tutti i tipi di lettori. Epilogo col pieno di adrenalina, concitato e rocambolesco, per poi defluire in un gigantesco " Mar 07, Karen rated it it was amazing.

Give it a read I Loved it when I read this and was mad cause there was no book two but.. Any way Great reads Frannie O'Neill, giovane veterinaria rimasta vedova esercita la sua professione in un paese sperduto nelle montagne rocciose degli USA.

Vede una ragazzina con le ali Maximum Ride. Apr 13, Elketw rated it it was amazing. Books Genre: Dihantui pembunuhan misterius suaminya, David, Frannie membaktikan hidupnya untuk pekerjaannya.

Tidak lama kemudian terjadi pembunuhan misterius lain dan Kit Harrison, agen FBI yang kontroversial, datang ke tempatnya. Ketika penyelidikan itu sedang berlangsung, Frannie melihat fenomena asing yang mengejutkan di hutan dekat rumah sakit hewan miliknya. Fenomena yang akan mengubah hidupnya untuk selamanya. Fenomena itu bernama Max. Dengan kemampuan yang luar biasa, Max, anak perempuan yang baru berusia sebelas tahun itu, membantu Frannie dan Kit mengungkapkan salah satu rencana ilmu pengetahuan modern yang paling jahat.

Rencana gila sekelompok manusia yang ingin menjadi Tuhan, dan menghilangkan batas antara manusia dan hewan. Persamaannya memang hanya nama karakter Maximum sang manusia burung , Ide cerita tentang ilmuwan kejam yang melakukan percobaan genetic, dan labolatorium illegal yang disebut-sebut sebagai sekolah.

Selain latar belakang ini segala sesuatu yang bercerita disini berbeda. Bila serial Maximum Ride diceritakan dari sudut pandang si tokoh utama Max. Kalau di Maximum Ride bercerita tentang petualangan Max maka di When the wind Blows sudut pandang cerita lebih banyak bercerita dari sudut pandang Frannie sang dokter hewan.

Inti cerita buku ini adalah misi penyelamatan Frannie terhadap Maximum si gadis burung hasil rekayasa genetic para ilmuan dan usaha Kit Harisson si anggota FBI senior untuk menguak konspirasi pembunuhan dokter-dokter berbakat yang dicurigai merupakan anggota perkumpulan ilmuan illegal yang melakukan percobaan genetic terhadapa manusia. Secara garis besar buku ini cukup menghibur, mengingat saya sendiri baru menyelesaikan buku 1 dari Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment — sedikit banyaknya persamaan dan ketegangan antara kedua buku ini membuat saya menikmati buku ini.

Sep 01, Mauricio rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The following review was written when I was 12 years old: If I was writing the story, I would try to The following review was written when I was 12 years old: She is funny, has a complicated life, and has to deal with as many problems as real people do.

I think author really tried to make Frannie seem realistic and enjoyable. Examples of this can be found throughout the book whenever Frannie is the narrator. Oct 08, L. Silvey rated it it was ok. To my disappointment, the back blurb made this book out to be more intriguing than it actually was.

Modern-day laboratory chimeras I think this book came out around the time of the tv show, Dark Angel--similar themes that are grown and manipulated inside unknowing mothers-to-be. Sounds pretty good, right? That's about as fascinating as it gets. I had hoped it would have explored more of how the process was done and the scientific background, but there was none. Essentially, a girl who has win To my disappointment, the back blurb made this book out to be more intriguing than it actually was.

Essentially, a girl who has wings! A wayward FBI agent and a local vet team up to discover the truth of the murders and events that seem to tie back to this girl. It's predictable with no real plot twists not to me, anyway and lacks anything to keep the reader invested in the characters. It has so much potential though. There are apparently more books following this story, but I won't be reading them.

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Jul 14, Katie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love books about the future of genetic manipulation, and especially how it could possibly pertain to human research even though its rather far-fetched at the moment. This book was the best one I've read so far in that vein.

Plus, the characters are really endearing, the plot is amazing and very twisty, and the writing style keeps you engaged for the entire book - there were no "slow parts. I'll definitely be trying a few more of his books.

The last thing I have to add, is that I love the extremely short chapters sometimes as short as a page and a half - being the mother of a newborn and a 16 month old, its so nice to be at a good "stopping point" at almost any time. I would definitely recommend this book to any and all of my friends! May 25, James Aura rated it liked it. This is 'fast food fiction. I can see how James Patterson is a top selling author.

He goes for the mass market. I found his style breezy and lean, his two or three page chapters easy for frequent stops and starts-- very handy no doubt for bored commuters who bring a book along for the ride.

Style is reminiscent of another big selling author, Michael Crichton, with fast action plot t This is 'fast food fiction. Style is reminiscent of another big selling author, Michael Crichton, with fast action plot twists, and the usual mix of sexual attraction, mano to mano fisticuffs, gunshots and a generally happy ending.

Characters were a bit on the cardboard cutout side, but not bad. If this was a TV show it would be a mediocre one season series on the Sci-Fi channel. Apr 09, Stargirl rated it it was ok Shelves: I love Max and her story but something doesn't ring right in this adult spin-off of the series.

The adults characters sound wrong somehow. I don't remember feeling this reading the YA series so maybe James Patterson is better at writing YA, where all his characters sound right.

At least for me it looks like it. Otherwise, as quality I love Max and her story but something doesn't ring right in this adult spin-off of the series.

Otherwise, as quality writing goes, this one is a miss. Nov 14, Barbara Barth rated it it was ok. I am always excited to dig into a new book by James Patterson.

I have enjoyed his writing very much over the years A story about genetic engineering gone awry piqued my interest. Medical thrillers are one of my favorite themes. However, this one just didn't grab me I don't think I'll pursue anything else in this particular series. Mar 15, Jamie Suter rated it liked it. This book was a bit extreme and uninteresting to me, but I think it could make a good TV series with a few tweaks.

I liked the concept and some of the characters. A decent read for adult audiences who like science fiction and drama. Did not like all the animals and babies that were killed throughout the book though. Nov 02, Hannah rated it it was amazing.

When the Wind Blows (Patterson novel) - Wikipedia

I would definitely recommend this book if your interested in mystery and a bit of science. This book was definitely full of surprises and I am definitely going to read the next book. The premise was appealing. The writing was abysmal and as my first Patterson read I am considering being horrified at the popularity of this writer. It was bad enough that it was spread evenly throughout without many specifc points to mention. I spoke with an enamored coworker and ended up looking up use of ghostwriters - and apparently James Patterson is more of a brand than an author.

He might come up with most of the ideas but it seems most of the writing itself is outsourced. I can understa The premise was appealing. I can understand that, but I would read something and make sure it was not garbage before putting my name on it.

I can now understand how Jim Butcher started Dresden as a jab at the garbage that sells so well.

This false, fleeting, and forced feeling of suspense alliteration! How did Frannie discover Max was short for Maximum? If she shifted into 4th gear and had never driven that fast. I did like the premise, and did not read about ghostwriters until after I had finished the book and noting my review comments. As for the writing, the most specific I can get is that the dialog was so lame that it took away from the rare occasion some suspense was able to build which I highly suspect was mostly generated using some clever and nearly-ignorable background music magic.

Aug 09, Max rated it it was amazing Shelves: I've wanted to read this series for a long time mainly because the main girl's name is Maximum, which is the same as my name. I can't think of anyone else real or fictional that shares that name, so for me, I always felt a small connection to the story through that despite never reading it.

Honestly, I was afraid to read it because after so long I wondered would it live up to the hype for me?

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Surprisingly, it did. I love the characters, Max especially. She's written as a really believable 13 yea I've wanted to read this series for a long time mainly because the main girl's name is Maximum, which is the same as my name. She's written as a really believable 13 years old.

I like that she has a tragic past which definitely affects her, but isn't one note and constantly thinking back to it either. She really tries to move past it. I also enjoyed Kit and Franny and how the two characters played off each other throughout most of the story. I gave this story 5 stars because the creativity and explanation early on built this up for me as one of my favorite reads ever. But it does fall apart in the last half.

I feel the writer must have written himself into a corner because everything is resolved a bit too seamlessly in my opinion. And despite nailing child characters like Max, I think the writer plays off the nievity of smaller children a bit too much for plot convinces like with the children Max met or with Michael You'll know what I mean when you read it. I won't get into spoilers here. Children can be nieve, sure, but in these cases, they just don't seem realistic.

I hear both stories use the same characters but their stories themselves are complete retellings, which has me extremely excited.

I read this because it's where Patterson got the idea for his Maximum Ride series, which holds a very special place in my heart, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Things I didn't: The way Franny's body is described, it was gross and made my skin crawl. She's a person not a piece of meat. It switches between third person and 1st person Franny's POV , which was really disorienting when it moved between the chapters.

When Kit and Franny think they're about to die the next they decided the mo I read this because it's where Patterson got the idea for his Maximum Ride series, which holds a very special place in my heart, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. When Kit and Franny think they're about to die the next they decided the most reasonable thing to happen if for them to finally have sex You would think there would be more important things on their minds like surviving, what's going to happen to the kids, whether the company is going to get away with all the crap they've done.

I wasn't a huge fan of the narrator. Things I did like: The description of what exactly made Max bird like other than her wings in Maximum Ride they only have wings , she has feather down her legs that work as a tail feather, she would lay eggs instead of giving live birth.

The epilogue, it was very heart touching. I found myself tearing up a little bit because it was so sweet. Sep 11, Jaclyn Cashin rated it it was amazing Shelves: So many times while reading this book I got lost in the details and forgot I was reading, because it truly felt like I was watching a movie in my mind!

Please Add Page Count 3 Mar 05, When The Wind Blows series 9 77 Sep 03, Readers Also Enjoyed. About James Patterson. James Patterson. He has sold over million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers. In addition to writing the thriller novels for which he is best known, among them The President Is Missing with President Bill Clinton, Patterson also writes fiction for young readers of all ages, including the Max Einstein series, produced in partnership with the Albert Einstein Estate.

The son of an insurance salesman and a schoolteacher, Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York, and began casually writing at the age of nineteen. In , he graduated from Manhattan College.

Instead, he moved to New York to become a junior copywriter for the advertising agency J. In , while still working for J. James Patterson has donated more than one million books to students, focusing on some of the most under-resourced schools and youth programs in the country.