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army book that acts as a definitive guide to collecting Warhammer: Wood Elves contains the following sections: • The Lords o f Athel Loren. WARSCROLLS. WOOD ELVES. COMPENDIUM Warhammer Age of Sigmar © Games Workshop Ltd. GLADE CAPTAIN. BATTLE STANDARD BEARER. The Wood Elves are an elite army, formed around a core of highly skilled Elf fate of the Warhammer world and, in particular, the noble. Bretonnians and the.

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Warhammer Army Book 6th edition. Skaven - 7th Edition Warhammer Army Book. Warhammer Fantasy Battles - Warhammer Armies - ENG - Daemons of Chaos - There is a Mediafire page with all of the PDFs on it, but I can't remember the address. Go ask in the WHFB general thread, if one is up, the guys. Warhammer 4th Edition Wood Elves. Home · Documents; Warhammer 4th Edition Wood Elves. Published on Nov View Download prev. next.

Dark cousins at war for the elven homeland Ulthuan under the leadership of the Witch King Malekith. Setting sail from their homeland of Ulthuan , an island-continent in the ocean to the west and seeking to spread from their shrinking homelands, the High Elves colonised the lands of the Dwarfs, later inhabited by men, including the forest of Athel Loren. After many years of peaceful existence and flourishing trade these colonists came into conflict with the Dwarfs, in part due to the scheming of the Druchii under orders from Malekith who conspired to establish conflicts between the Elven colonies of the Old World and their Dwarfen hosts in the hopes of an escalation into open war to weaken the Asur and allow Malekith to retake his home islands of Ulthuan. Known as the War of the Beard due to Caledor II act of shaming the Dwarf emissaries by cutting their beards from their faces, an unforgivable slight worthy or war to the Dwarfs and why Dwarfs sometimes call it the War of Vengeance , this centuries long conflict saw the near decimation of both Dawi and Elgi. Throughout the centuries of conflict individual Elves of both Druchii and Asur, some who had died and been reborn by the magic of the forest, mostly misfits, outcasts, refugees and victims of the war with the Dwarfs were called to the forest by its heart to stand vigil, waiting for as yet unknown conclusion. Under Lady Liandra's leadership and under the guidance of her mysterious ally the group took it among themselves to protect the forest from the axes and torches of Dwarfs marching to join the host against Caledor II.

Having been largely untouched since 6th edition this add substancial substance to the history of the wood elves as well as explaining some of the more drastic changes to the wood elf army. The Deepwood Host This contains the description and rules for the Wood Elf army starting with the army wide rules and Armoury of Torgovann.

It then goes on to describe the various characters, units and monsters that make up the Wood Elf army. Also at the end are both the lore of high magic and the lore of dark magic, identical spell wise to other army books with access to these lores the Wood Elves do however have their own lore attribute.

The Glory of the Elves Here the glory of the wood elves is displayed with 20 pages or so of excellent full colour photographs of the Wood Elf army. On display are a mixture of both new and old models beautifully painted and displayed.


There is also details on how the Wood Elves of the different eternal realms appear giving a variety of colour schemes based loosely on the seasons. Wood Elves army list The most important part to budding generals of Wood Elf armies this details the points cost and options available to the Wood Elf army.

This includes all the old favourites as well as new additions like the Waystalker and Sisters of the Thorn. Basicly, all Wood Elf spears and bows have AP. Because inch-thick armor is of little use when there's an arrow sticking out of your eye and a spear in your throat. Magic Items[ edit ] No more Spites, no more Kindreds.

Matt Ward, after having given High Elves a meta changing item and Dark elves at least some decent ones, he decided to balance out his previous mistakes by not giving Wood Elves any good items. He even made sure to prevent broken combos this time. It's especially surprising as Wood Elves are reputed to be Matt Ward's favourite elf faction.

For each point you beat your opponent by, it causes a wound. If you lose the test nothing happens Though it can hurt the wielder if you want to use the more amusing 6th ed rules for the sword. Rely on the rulebook's magic items instead. Daith's Reaper: This weapon would be amazing for almost any race but Wood Elves.

For 50pts you can reroll to hit and to wound and force your opponent to reroll successful armour saves. Considering you can only take this on a hero who is likely to get to hit rerolls from ASF and that 8th favours ward saves rather than armour saves, this weapon is only slightly better than useless. You can use it on the Waystalker to get 2, armour ignoring, sniping shots or on the Glade Lord to fire 5 bs7 shots. Note that these are Multiple Shots so -1 to hit and can't stack with Waystalker multiple shots and don't get any bonus from extra hand weapon.

The best that can be said about this bow is that it is properly priced. All other races ranged magic items aren't though Cute I guess for Wood Elves but is it really worth it? Basically, it allows you to make a Wild Rider Noble from older editions especially with Wild Riders wearing noticeable horned helms now Acorns of Ages: This is the item that Wood Elves have been waiting for. For pts you get d3 forests in addition to the starting one, which all have to be the same type and are deployed like drop pods, since they scatter but can't land on other terrain.

See Talk page for tactics and stuff. As for the item - if nothing else, it's fluffy. Moonstone of Hidden Ways: This item's potential power is immense, while it's actual usefulness is varied.

For 40pts you can teleport your unit at the end of a movement phase, from one forest to another. The only restriction on what can be teleported is whether it can fit wholly inside the forest. The "forest walking" unit can't be placed in another forest that is too small and counts as having marched. While interesting this item makes you a sitting duck for 1 turn and either relies on the luck of the terrain deployment table or the Acorns of Ages. Buy another gimmick.

Hail of the Doom Arrow: If only this item was 5 points cheaper so Waystalkers could take it This does prevent the abuse from being able to hail of the doom arrow snipe combo - almost guaranteed dead wizard. Seems like it could have been fixed better with a 'cannot be used in conjunction with the sniper special rule' as opposed to just making it too expensive to take.

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For 30pts, you get a 1 use str 4 armour piercing arrow that causes 3d6 hits. Some people swear by these things since they can instantly mince lightly armoured units though there are dissenting opinions. Still it is the best magic item Wood Elves have. Sadly, Asyndi's Bane was removed as a magic item, so you can no longer use the HoDA to take out an enemy unit and the guy who fired the arrow in the same turn.

Calaingor's Stave: Such a depressing item. For 20 points you get the privilege of swapping a spell for Tree Singing. If the forest is partially occupied, then instead you can deal 2d6 str4 hits on an enemy unit that is at least partially within the forest. Otherwise, unless you wish to move the destination forest of the moonstone of hidden way's unit or Drycha's helpers, it is the worst magic item in the game. The Banner of the Eternal Queen: For twice the cost of the Banner of the World Dragon, this banner provides Magic Resistance 3 and for 1 turn the ability to be unbreakable.

No thanks. The traditional overpriced banner does not fail to disappoint me even if you don't compare it to the Banner of the World Dragon.

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The Banner of the Hunter King: Another banner which gives to it's unit vanguard and, that allows you to reroll the first failed charge of the game for 75pts. Dwarfs get these rules for 35pts and 15pts respectively. Also almost everything that can take this banner has Vanguard already. Competes with Calaingor's Staff for being the worst magic item ever. Enchanted Arrows[ edit ] Note, all arrows have AP and volleyfire, 30 inch range. They replace the profile of regular bows wielded by models and count as magical attacks.

The enchanted arrows are Enchanted Items which do not prevent you from holding a second Enchanted item. Arcane Bodkins: 5 pts per model, confers ap -3 instead of normal armour piercing. Expensive for what they do. I prefer to do more wounds than reduce armour saves but these arrows kill cavalry like nobody's business.

Pdf elves codex warhammer wood

All the same, if your plan is to screw over enemy armour, just use Waywatchers instead. And they can also fuck up light infantry like nobody's business, if no heavy cavalry presents itself. Hagbane Tips: 3 points per model, confers poison attacks. This will probably be your go-to magic arrow, since wood elves have troubles vs monsters.

Might as well turn those 6's to hit into wounds, and save yourself the possibility of connecting a hit that won't wound anything Trueflight Arrows: 3 points per model, confers no penalty to shooting whatever you do. This is probably going to be the second most used arrow.

Wood pdf codex warhammer elves

Best taken on your Glade Guard as they will suffer the most penalties. These should be your first choice against Skaven and their shenanigans.

As of now there are many opinions about the merits of these arrows which should be shared on the talk page. Great against warmachines, which almost all Forces of Order have. BUT against war machines, poison is still better and cheaper unless buffed by magic. Great against monsters and repeater bolt throwers. The better choice of the " If you buy a unit of this in stead of the flaming banner you can make OK monster hunters out of them.

Wood Elves army book 8th edition Warhammer review

Swiftshiver Shards: 4 points per model confers multiple shot, making your Glade Guards into Dark Elf repeater crossbowmen. Interesting, but Waywatchers have this basic and do this better than any of the other unit. One recommendation is to fill your core with a big block of swiftshiver shard glade guard fun to say and then buff them with hand of glory from the high magic.

Your swiftshiver shard glade guard should eviscerate anything that is not protected by the high elf banner of game breaking. Magic[ edit ] Wood elves have gone from being, magically, the least diverse race with the least choice of all when it came to spells, to the most. Yes both are directly stolen from the High and Dark elves this is confirmed by the fluff but have different lore attributes this can be seen as good and bad. The following overviews are in my eyes, in the order of importance.

However that is up to debate and which most important is dependant on your list and situation. Lore of Life[ edit ] This Lore is really good for Wood Elves as you can restore wounds on your best units ie:Warhawks and arguably Treekin.

It provides you with a way to give your Glade Guard saves, revive your most expensive units, kill your foes with a characteristic test, and has a safety net for you, if you miscast.

Lore of Shadow[ edit ] The Lore of Shadow allows you to switch and save the most important characters while debuffing your foes. It helps your shooting by reducing your opponent's toughness and weakens them in combat by reducing their strength, weapon skill and intiative. Withering is the must-have spell for Wood Elves, as it solves their greatest weakness - Str 3 bows.

By using Melkoth's Mysitifying Miasma you can slow down your foes, giving you more time to fire. It can make one your heroes fly but that isn't as useful as the others. It also comes with a semi-cannon ball and a blast initiative test spell which can destroy your enemy's tougher units.

Finally it comes with a buff that allows you to shred through tougher units. It is useful since it works on any wizard of any level. The Lore attribute can be good but it is very situational. Some calculations can be seen in the Talk page. Lore of High Magic[ edit ] This Lore is really quite neat. It has a wide variety of cheap to cast spells which give you a better shorter ranged fireball as a signature spell, a buff the complete opposite of the MMM importantly buffing your BS, a spell which dispels all effects very useful against any foe dependant on magic as a signature spell, a small blast, the ability to redeploy one of your units 10", to dismantle magic items and to deal a str 4 hit to all your foes in one unit.

Matt Ward has also given a good lore attribute which stacks well with it's multiple low level spells. Every time you successfully cast a spell you gain a counter.

If you suffer an unsaved wound, then the counter nullifies the wound. Great if you are hiding your General anywhere, but especially with the sisters of the Thorn.

I feel it is very much like a proactive version of the lore of life, preventing damage rather than repairing it. Lore of Metal[ edit ] The Lore of Metal is mostly aimed at helping armies like the wood elves deal with heavily armoured foes.

It isn't bad but the other lores often help more. Lore of Beasts[ edit ] The Lore of Beasts lets you run train on things that you normally would not be able to run train on. Arguably, it has the best signature spell of the 8 base Lores. They are still rubbish, but they may hurt someone. If applied to Treekin, they will each have Dragon-like stats, and go from being 'decent' to 'good' super fast. It really shines on wild riders and warhawks, though, since it takes them from squishy, to survivable, and from dangerous to just death.

High initiative Strength 5 will scare anything. It will also give you the amber spear which helps you deal with monsters and a couple of character buffing spells which can help your shadow dancers. Curse of Anraheir has great synergy with all the forests you might bring along Acorn of Ages. Making a third of an enemy unit that follows you into a forest die is pretty great.

Lore of Heavens[ edit ] The Lore of Heavens is a mixed bag. Also it's lore attribute turns all of it's spells into lvl 1 fireballs when cast at something with wings. Not bad but it is often outshone. Still, can be used as a monster-hunter lore since its damage spells inflict low number of very strong hits. Lore of Death[ edit ] The Lore of Death is good for situations when the enemy has some tough literally Lord or Hero, who laughs off your S3 sniping shots and has a chance to wreck your game - like a T4 Grey Seer with the Dreaded 13th ratifying your MSUs.

Doom and Darkness also has nice synergy with Fear of your Dryads and Wild Riders, while Soulblight does a fine job equalizing some S4 T4 brutes with your fragile elves. Just a pity you can't cast Aspect of the Dreadnight on enemies to exploit Wildwood Rangers' special rule. Lore of Fire[ edit ] The Lore of Fire is best for level 1s since it comes with the best guaranteed magic missile in the game.

If you lose your lvl 4 then go and pump all your dice into a super fireball. Beyond that the only spell of great use for wood elves is the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, which you sadly can't guarantee. Lore of Dark Magic[ edit ] Pity you can't take it on a level 1. On a level 4 it isn't bad but is beaten by almost all the other lores. Power of Darkness: Augment. While it does give your unit a much needed strength bonus and extra power dice it will eventually wear you down you take a wound with no armor saves if you roll a 3 for power dice unless you protect yourself with a decent ward save.

Often, you'd be best served not getting bogged down in combat. For a stupid elf trick, use when your caster is with Sisters of Thorn and watch those javelins get nasty. Doombolt: Magic Missile. Always take it.

It gives you a much needed high strength shooting attack. Chillwind: Magic Missile. Is an easy spell to cast, is good against low toughness units and will help you against other shooting armies. Word of Pain: Hex.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Wood Elves

The boosted version will save a lot of your elves in combat, especially since you don't have much, if any, armor. Bladewind: Direct Damage.

Is a good choice for big blocks of infantry, like the always pleasant Slavebus or Zombietrain or even some tougher units. Shroud of Despair: Hex. Simply fantastic when you get into combat. This will make breaking enemies easier, which is good, because you don't wanna hang around for Round 2. Soul Stealer: Direct Damage. If you get this off, place the 3" template anywhere of the wizard within 18".

You can go nuts with Power of Darkness and never worry about it, if it lands right. Arnzipal's Black Horror: Magical Vortex. Oh baby. This thing is crazy. Like warpstone-laced cocaine. No wonder Ariel got hooked on this Dark Magic stuff It will then travel anywhere between 6"" in the form of a 3" template in a straight line of your choice depending on your wizards magic lvl and how much you roll on the arty dice.

Everything hit must pass a strength check or die ward save allowed. As with arty rolls, should you misfire, place it on top of your wizard and scatter it D6. It Remains in Play. Every turn, it jollies around randomly, spreading more laughter and happy thoughts with another arty roll. Misfire and it will stop working. Boost it and you get to use the large 5 incher, then pray to Isha that you don't screw up.

Not as powerful as the Lore of Death version, but still good fun. It's lore attribute is best likend to that of the Lore of Fire. Everytime you cast it on an enemy unit, it creates a vengeance counter on the unit which activates when damage is next applied through a spell to that unit.

Codex warhammer pdf elves wood

It causes d3 extra hits when it does so, for each counter on the unit. Try it out and see how useful it is to you.

This fight was to be a test of Liandra who sacrificed herself for the forest and was victorious but killed, having proven herself loyal to the forest she was brought to the collection of others who had gathered over the years waiting just outside the glowing heart of the forest whether her spirit was carried there or she was physically brought back to life is unclear.

Upon her arrival the trees parted and these chosen few who had been waiting, some for centuries, were welcomed into the light of the heart to become born again as the Asrai. However many of the colonists felt little loyalty towards that distant land and, having formed a bond with the woods of Athel Loren, chose to remain.

Over time the forest's other inhabitants, spirits such as dryads , treemen and spites, have come to accept the elves, although some such as the branchwraith Drycha still resent their presence, and parts of the wood, such as the Wildwood, still remain closed to them.

The Wood Elves have learnt to wield Athel Loren as a weapon against invaders, leading invaders down magical pathways to wander for centuries, only re-appearing many years later before quickly ageing and dying.

Such 'tree-singing' is also used to form great cities in the trees, cities which few outsiders are ever permitted to see. The Wood Elves cannot be described as morally 'good' or 'bad', lacking the clear definition of their cousins, the High Elves and Dark Elves. Despite this, Wood Elves are counted amongst the "Forces of Order" in the current rules. Like nature itself, they can appear as fickle and capricious as the winter chill, yet also as warm as the summer sun.

Athel Loren, the enchanted forest of the Wood Elves, is ruled by two powerful elves called Ariel and Orion who are possessed by deities which are manifestations of aspects of nature. Ariel being the peaceful regenerative representation of nature, and Orion is the warlike unpredictable side. Dryads present themselves as lithe and lovely maidens who entice the unwary into entering the forest.

At a time that the dryads find amusing, the lovely, near-human aspect is shed and the violent aspect manifests as a tree-like vengeful monster that tears the erstwhile guest to shreds.

Tree Kin are more nebulous spirits that normally move freely through the forest, unbound to any physical instrumentality.

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When the need arises, however, the Tree Kin embody a collection of dead limbs and trunks, which then shambles along with the elven horde, smashing and crushing all that it meets.

Most terrible of all the forest spirits, however, are the Treemen, which result when an exalted spirit makes the choice to bind itself permanently to a tree. The resulting creature lives for centuries: indeed, the eldest of, the Ancients, recall a time when the meaty nuisances of elves and men, orcs and dwarfs, did not trouble and pollute and, worst of all, cut down the forest. Also found in the forest are 'spites' — the lowest form of spirits Athel Loren has to offer, who attach themselves to a unit, place or character and which confer a wide variety of unusual benefits.

Lords[ edit ] Highborn Highborns are the upper, ruling class of Elven society. They lead the Wood Elves in time of peace, and it is expected of them to be equally capable generals in times of war. They are far more skilled than the average elven foot troop. Highborns and nobles can take up special areas of training called kindreds , which give them various skills and abilities.

Most notably, the kindreds include the "Alters", who are characters that have been changed by the forest. They take on the aspects of the creatures of the forest, through which they move as rapidly as cavalry, and when they come upon the intruder they visit it with a torrent of attacks. Highborns, like most characters in Warhammer, can use magical equipment and ride on war animals. Athel Loren has a wide variety of steeds to choose from — a Highborn could ride on anything from a well-trained horse to an enchanted forest dragon.

Spellweaver The Lord-level Mage is similar to mages in every other army, they have access to all eight lores of magic, or the Elf-specific High and Dark magic with a different lore attribute and have a variety of mounts to choose from, including Elven Steeds, Great Eagles, and Unicorns.

They are just as large and strong as their brethren, but their knowledge of the past and workings of the Forest give the abilities much stronger than those of the average treeman.

They cannot "purchase" kindreds as the elves do, nor can they carry magical items. He is similar to a Highborn, but with lower status, both on the battlefield and off. He can also choose a kindred for an additional points cost, but he cannot be mounted on a dragon , and can't take as many magical items as the Highborn.

However, he is still a valuable addition to an army. Also, he can be chosen to carry the army battle standard, becoming a beacon for the elves in the near vicinity.

Spellsinger The Spellsinger is the basic wizard in the elven ranks. Like the Spellweavers, they have access to all eight lores of magic, but not high and dark magic.

The spellsinger can be upgraded to a higher level wizard. Branchwraith Branchwraiths are the most powerful dryads. They are only slightly more proficient than dryads in combat, but they can be upgraded to low-level wizards, making them an expensive, but much more durable alternative to the spellsingers. Core units[ edit ] Glade Riders Forming a friendship of trust and understanding with their horses, Glade Riders move swiftly through the forest branches to bring their deadly bows to bear on the less mobile intruders.

Glade Riders are capable of both ranged combat and close combat, though it is often better for them to weaken a target for another unit to assault. They often provide a curtain force on the front ranks, to delay and channel the intruder into a prepared devastating attack by wardancers, dryads, treekin and treemen. Both Scout and Glade Guard are best suited to ranged combat.