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Nepali Novel Saya By Subin Bhattarai Audio Book Diamond Shamsher Rana, History, Khagendra Nepali, Nepali Novel, Nepali Novel Audio, Seto Bagh. You can Listen following Audio books of Novels and Nepali Story | Laghu Katha . Listen audio version of Nepali Novel Seto Bagh and Download Nepali Novel. Seto Bagh is a historical novel by Diamond Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana. ' Seto Bagh' means 'White Tiger' in Nepali. . Audio book: Seto.

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"Seto Bagh" novel is one of the iconic book of Diamond samser. listen seto bagh You can listen Nepali Novel Seto Bagh audio from here. Seto Bagh - Nepali Audio Book. Diamond Shamsher Rana - Voice by Khagendra Nepali. Email us at [email protected] or at conact at our Facebook. Seto Bagh is a famous Nepali novel by veteran Nepali writer Diamond Shamsher is a document of Nepal's history during the Rana.

The love and hatred, conspiracy and murder, superstition and evil practices of the time are vibrantly presented. Author Rana is successful in redrawing the generic boundary as the history, intermingled with imagination, has been artistically fictionalised. The love story also has occupied a remarkable space in the book. Love as an addiction spoils the intelligent, dutiful and responsible hero Jagatjung. The wound of love and hatred is healed by time. The lively presentation of this book by Khagendra Nepali takes us back to the historical setting of the Rana regime.

In those days the Thapas had influence over the administration of Nepal. From an early age, Jung Bahadur showed interest in courageous deeds; when he was 11 years old he was married to Prasad Laxmi, the daughter of Prasad Singh on 1 May His father went to Dhankuta and took his sons with him. In , Bal Narsingh moved to Dadeldhura where Jung Bahadur accompanied him and was admitted in the Military; when Bal Narsingh moved to Jumla in the year , Jung Bahadur was promoted to the rank of Second lieutenant.

In when Bhimsen Thapa was dismissed, all his relatives were freed from the services.

Seto Bagh by Diamond Shumsher

In this course, Bal Narsingh and Jung Bahadur too were dismissed from their services and their properties was seized; this incident made it difficult for Bal Narsingh to fulfill the fundamental necessities of his large family. Jung Bahadur went to Varanasi in search of work. There he wandered around to no avail. After a brief stay there, he returned to the Terai to work as a Mahout , but there too, he couldn't achieve any success.

In he returned to Kathmandu where his wife and infant son had died. Jung Bahadur received decent amount of dowry from the marriage which resulted in a slight betterment in the financial condition of the family. There Jung Bahadur impressed the King by displaying great courage; the King was pleased with him and gave him the position of Captain.

After returning, Jung Bahadur was included amongst the bodyguards of the Crown Prince. Once, in the command of the Prince he had to jump into the Trishuli River riding a horse which he did and only just survived. After a while, Jung Bahadur was transferred from the Prince's group back into the King's. There he was sent to the office of Kumarichowk. There he got an opportunity to properly understand the financial transactions of Nepal.

Jung Bahadur was known to be ambitious. During those days, the youngest Queen was the actual ruler of the country with King only of name. Gagan Singh Bhandari was closest to the queen. Jung Bahadur had managed to please the Queen, the Prince and the Prime Minister with his diligent efforts, he had managed to influence Henry Lawrence and his wife Honoria Lawrence. Jung Bahadur had requested Mathavir to convince the Queen to excuse his cousin but Mathavar denied; this had resulted in Jung Bahadur holding grudge against him.

Jung Bahadur befriended Pandit Bijayaraj, the internal priest of the palace, from him he started to gain valuable information about the Durbar, he had managed to befriend Gagan Singh Bhandari.

Loss of meaning in translation: a case of Seto Bagh

After assassinating Mathavar Singh, the queen gave Jung Bahadur the rank of a General and included Gagan Singh in the council of ministers.

Kot massacre The Kot massacre took place on 14 September when Jung Bahadur Rana and his brothers killed about 40 members of the Nepalese palace court including the Prime Minister and a relative of the King, Chautariya Fateh Jung Shah , at the palace armory of Kathmandu. D until A. D, reducing the Shah monarch to a figurehead and making Prime Minister and other government positions hereditary; this changed in with the promulgation of a new constitution, when power shifted back to the monarchy of King Tribhuvan.

Book audio seto bagh

Rana dynasty were descended from a nobility of Gorkha Kingdom. Due to the marital lineages with the politically reigning Thapa dynasty from early 19th century, Ranas gained entry to central Darbar politics. Ranas were linked to the minor faction of another politically acclaimed Pande dynasty of Gorkha through Thapa dynasty.

King tried to take on the village by force.

Bagh audio book seto

It comes with Devanagari and English script. Every user can make their typing fast with the help Nepali Ramayan by Bhanubhakta. Swasthani is the Hindu Goddess who is very blessing to all her devotees She always fulfills wishes of all those who worship her with Nepali Brihat Shabdakosh shortly known as Nepali Shabdakosh contains almost all words from Nepal and Nepalese language.

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This Nepali Dicti Jhamak Kumari Ghimire. She was born with sever Sumnima by B. This Novel defines the love affair between the two socially Summer Love by Subin Bhattarai. Summer Love, a Novel written by Subin Bhattarai, has described the college days love. Listen Summer love novel in the voice of Achyut Ghimi Just like Basanti had ended on the corpse of Gagan Singh, this novel has ended on the fall of Jagat Jung.

The death of each member in the novel has attempted to fill up the eyes with tears. Here the writer seems to be expert in making people feel the pity to the characters. The languages spoken by Royals and the ordinary could be seen explicitly.

But, being all these, the novel had reflected so many Sanskrit words unnecessarily.

The modern thoughts being reflected, in historical synopsis, seem a bit unusual too. Except this the novel resembles the true guts of a writer to write in this field where no any writers had ever dared to. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Seto Bagh is more like: Summary of Seto Bagh As this novel is the historical novel, it is said that it does not resemble each and every historical events that happened through the time-line. Seto bagh is the resemblance of the various picture of human nature which could be discussed in the following ways: A complete story of love, tragedy, hatred and revenge Although the King and the Queen had declared that they will get the princess marry to Bir Shumser, she falls in love with JagatJung, the son of Jung Bahadur.

Conflict of power, prestige and property Politics is that sort of matter where one can give his life or take the life being on it. Superstition and Treatment The novel is full of superstitious beliefs. Conclusion The novel Seto Bagh had tried to figure out the political history of three decades- the history of Love and hatred, the history of suspicion and conspiracy and the history of revenge and massacre.

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