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Jyotish Shastra Shikshak Bhag by: Pandit, Ahulal Raechodlal. Publication scretch.infope: application/pdf Gujarati. Jyotish Shastra or Astrology is one of the six parts (Angs) of Veda. Initially it meant study of astral bodies only. Later forecasting and study of future ( prarabdha. Download Jyotish Shastra In Hindi - Jyotish Shastra is a base Shastra in Astrology. It contain other section like Kundali Reading, Hastrekha Reading, Face.

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Sulabh Jyotish Shastra, Sulabh Jyotishashastr, Sulbh Joteesh Shastra, कृ.वि. सोमण, ज्योतिष, ढवळे प्रकाशन, ढवळे प्रकाशने, सुलभ ज्योतिष. Documents Similar To योगावली फलित ज्योति ज्योतिष रहस्य- दोनों भाग. Uploaded by. Arun Kumar Upadhyay · दुर्लभ साबर मंत्रों . z Basics Jyotish Learning Materials by Das Goravani. This booklet is not copyrighted. Feel free to copy and share it with interested persons. I only ask that you.

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We act by breathing. So many our activities are So in all these, going on. But a tattva-vit, one who is in the perfect knowledge and is Krishna consciousness, he, although he is doing all these things he knows, "I'm not doing. Although he's doing all these things he knows that "I am not doing. Krishna is doing. I am simply instrumental. I am simply instrument.

He does not want to kill, even if he is, even if he was put into so many difficulties. That was his attitude. So his decision was that he would not fight, but for the sake of Krishna, when he understood that Krishna wants this fight Krishna said finally, nimitta-matram bhava savya-sacin.

They will be killed here. That is my plan. You simply become an instrument, so that you may take the credit. I shall be happy. But they are already finished. This is my plan. So he doesn't care for credit, but he understood that this is my duty, to please Krishna.

बृहद ज्योतिषसार: Brihad Jyotish Sara

Then when Krishna asked him, "What is your decision? This is called krita-sauhrdartha. For Krishna's sake they can do anything. The example is given that of the Oxen who toil for their master. They completely depend upon their master with full faith and blindly follow him at every step.

Sometimes, the farmer may take them to the field and make them stand there, or he may give them feed, or bathe them, etc. They do not have a clue of what is in stock for them next, yet, with full faith and dependence they follow the master. In a similar way one should see these nimittas as indications from the Lord and always depend on Him alone.

In summary, the sacred teaching of Sri Krishna well known as Srimad Bhagavadgita, begins with Arjuna witnessing various nimittas and his humble presentation of arguments about why he should not fight in the battlefield. Upon his surrender to Sri Krishna for guidance and instmction, Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to just become nimitta-matra or an instrument in His hands. This transformation from being a materialistic witness of nimittas, to a God conscious witness of nimittas and active as an instrument in the hands of Sri Krishna, is the goal of nimitta-jnana.

Kalamrtyu is death occurring naturally after having lived one's full lifespan of years or as per horoscope , while akalamrtyu or apamrtyu is untimely death. Before death occurs, there are nimittas that foretell the event of death. They are called as mrtyu suchakas. Therefore, an important goal of nimittajnana is to notice these early signs of death and prepare. Lifespan is very scientifically dealt in astrological science. They are basically classified as: 1.

Alpayu upto 24 years Goals of Nimitta-Jnana 2. Aristas are classified as sadhyorista causing death within one year of child's life , balarishta causing death from years andyogarishta causing death from years. Apamrtyu or akalamrtyu occurs due to the influence of sins committed by father, mother or by one's own sins committed in previous lives, overindulgence in sins in this lifetime, by annoying elders and seniors or due to curses.

Such untimely death can occur at any moment during one's lifetime and can come in the form of accidents, war or sudden illness. Apamrtyu can be averted by the mercy of the Lord and His devotees. This will be discussed in Appendix II. But, the essential point is that one must prepare at the sign of death.

What are the signs of death? These are mentioned in Aittereya Upunish ad for which Srila Madhvacharya has given due importance. The same Lord Pradyumna is also situated as the predominating Deity in the heart in the form of Aniruddha.

Both the predominating Deities maintain the spirit soul in the body. Death means that both the predominating Deities, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, leave the body and hence the soul is forced to leave the body unless it is prepared to do so. At that instance, durnimittas bad omens are seen. They are not seen otherwise.

The rays of the Sun suddenly disappear from the vision. The Sun then starts to appear as if it is Moon. Nimitta-Jnana The sky appears to be tinged dark red. One can feel that the anus gets dilated loosens up. The obnoxious smell of a crow's nest is felt as if emanating from one's own head.

Sun globe appears to be split into spokes as wheel of a chariot. If one's own shadow appears to be split then one should understand that they may not live in this body for long. If one sees one's head to be distorted or as if the head not seen either in the mirror or in the reflection of water, or if one sees the eyes in the mirror appearing to be squinted, one should understand the death is soon to be expected.

Further, if one upon closing the eyes and mildly pressing at the base of the eye, then for a normal person one who is not having such apamrtyu yoga , it appears as if fireballs are falling. But if such is not the case, then it indicates death soon.

Further, if upon closing the both the ears with forefinger, then for a normal person the sound of a burning flame is heard. If this is not heard, then it is to be understood that it is a sure sign of death.

All these above nimittas are seen when awake. While the following description is of dreams duhsvapna are the nimittas that foretell death. If in dreams, if a dark person with dark teeth is seen and that oneself is getting beaten up by that dark person.

If it is dreamt that a boar attacked fatally. If a monkey is seen attacking. If a storm takes one for above the ground. If it is dreamt that one eats gold and then vomits. Dreaming that one is eating stem of lotus plant or sweets with honey 7.

To dream that one is wearing a lotus flower on the head or riding a chariot pulled by donkeys or pigs. To dream to see oneself to be wearing a lotus flower garland and taking a black cow and its calf towards southern direction southern direction is where samyampuri, the abode of Yamaraj is located.

All such dreams indicate imminent death. Goals of Nimitta-Jnana 17 Srimad Bhagavata Purana gives the description of nimittas indicating death, that were seen by Kamsa. He dreamt that he was being embraced by ghosts, riding a donkey and drinking poison, and also that a naked man smeared with oil was passing by wearing a garland of nalada flowers.

Seeing these and other such omens both while dreaming and while awake, Kamsa was terrified by the prospect of death, and out of anxiety he could not sleep. A vulture alighted on the pole of Ravana's banner and jackals howled. Ravana felt his left eye twitch and tremors pass through his left arm; he grew pale and his voice seemed to die away.

As Ravana set forth to fight, ill omens appeared presaging his death; a meteor Nimitta-Jnana 18 fell from the sky with the crash of thunder and herons and vultures emitted mournful cries". Another text, Kalaprakasika, mentions the following dreams that foretell death: 1. To dream that one is embracing a woman who is wearing a red cloth and perfumed with sweet scents, indicates death that very night. To dream to go towards south, holding the hand of a dark woman dressed in red and decorated with a red garland, foretells death.

To dream of a dark person, a crow, a cm el beast or a black cobra, foretells death. To dream that stars are falling or Sun and Moon are bereft of light, foretells death. As mentioned in Srimad Bhagavadgita, yam yam vapi smaran bhavam tyajaty ante kalevaram tarn tarn evaiti kaunteya sada tad-bhava-bhavitah "Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his present body, in his next life he will attain to that state without fail.

Ajamila, born in a pious brahmana family, was accustomed to worship Narayana shila, a divine form of the Lord. However, due to bad association, Ajamila became very sinful in his life. Yet, when faced with death, Ajamila could understand its early symptoms. Ajamila immediately remembered the Lord he had faithfully worshipped as a child although he actually called out for his son named Narayana.

Due this act, Ajamila was immediately saved by the messengers of Lord Vishnu. There are many more instances describing how death was received by great devotees. King Parikshit faced apamrtyu twice. Once, while being in the womb and the next during his glorious times as an emperor of the whole world.

At both times, King Parikshit was fully dependent on the mercy of the Supreme Lord and in rapt meditation and remembrance of the Lord. Another example is that of King Khatvanga.

Khatvanga was a great saintly king mentioned in the pages of Srimad Bhagavata Pur ana. Khatvanga was said to be unconquerable in fight. He was specially requested by demigods to help them in a fight against demons. King Khatvanga fought to the full satisfaction of the demigods due to which there was victory on the side of demigods.

Demigods then asked Khatvanga to seek any boons. King Khatvanga being a saintly king rajarshi did not however seek material benedictions.

Rather, he chose to ask a very important question. King Khatvanga wanted to know, how long he would live so that he can successfully prepare for death and attain the lotus feet of Krishna. At his question on lifespan, the demigods mentioned as a matter of fact that he unfortunately had only one muhurta approximately 48 minutes to live, and that the death is to be expected next moment.

You have just one muhurta to live! As soon as King Khatvanga heard this, he at once left the heavenly kingdom.

He was successful in his great attempt and achieved liberation by the mercy of the Supreme Lord. The process of complete absorption in meditation at the time of death is called as dharana yoga. In the conclusion, Srila Sukadeva Goswami explains: tasmat sarvatmana raj an harih sarvatra sarvada srotavyah kirtitavyas ca smartavyo bhagavan nrnam "O King, it is therefore essential that every human being hear about, glorify and remember the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, always and everywhere.

This is wonderfully explained by Srila Baladeva Vidyabhushana a great acharya in the line of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in his commentary to Vishnu sahasranama.

Lord is called sat-krtih because, even if a nimitta-matra devotee of the Lord is somehow or the other not able to remember the Personality of Godhead at the time of death, still the Lord mercifully awards ultimate destination to the soul. Because of the glamor of his body and his attractive smiles, he was pleasing to women.

Though he tried to cover his natural glories, the great sages present there were all expert in the art of physiognomy, and so they honored him by rising from their seats. They are: bhuva Earth , diva Sky and atma Body. However, for the purpose of a detailed study of the subject at hand, nimittas are classified and dealt in detail.

We find such a detailed reference about the categories of nimitta in Samudrika sastra. Devarsi Narada Muni who is an authority on the science of bhakti, is also the authority on nimitta-jnana. Narada muni and others taught this knowledge with its eight divisions. These detailed eight divisions of nimitta are listed below: 1. He said the comet was like a policeman who all of a sudden comes before us.

By his presence, we can understand that some criminal is present and the policeman is searching. He said disasters would follow. One can even foretell events such as rains. The description on foretelling rains is given in the next chapter. Bhauma refers to the terrestrial occurrences. More specifically, it refers to animals, birds, insects, plants, trees, humans and earth. Utpata refers to disturbances in the atmosphere. Ulkapata refers to disturbances at the level of planets, comets or asteroids termed as astronomical influences ; and influences due to positioning of the planets termed as astrological influences.

Unusual screeching and frightful calling of birds and animals, frightened animals, animals traversing the paths due to fear , early spoiling of cow's milk, meteors appearing in sky, violent winds, storms and cyclones, thunders in the sky even if the sky is cloudless, earthquakes, atmosphere filled with dust and pollution storms, rain water of reddish or creamy color, lunar and solar eclipses, are all nimittas that indicate inauspiciousness.

Certain examples from scriptures, such as Sri mad Valimiki Ramayana and Mahabharata are presented below. The examples are related to bhauma, utpata and ulkapata specifically to astronomical influences. Astrological influences is very detailed subject matter which is not dealt in this book.

The instances mentioned in the scriptures are self-explanatory. They can 26 Nimitta-Jnana be practically applied in our observation. The points mentioned in these instances can be tabulated as an exercise for ready reference. There are more references but it is almost repetitive in nature.

Hence, only those which are not repetitive, are presented below. A gentle breeze follows us and the sun shines brightly. The beasts and birds run and fly along with us. This army of monkeys and bears are roaring in joy. In the night skies I have observed numerous auspicious omens. Undoubtedly Your success is imminent, dear brother.

Perceiving these inauspicious signs, the king addressed Sri Vasishtha, saying: 'O Guru, why do the birds cry so fiercely, and the deer traversing our path? What do these omens foretell? My mind is filled with anxiety. We are seeing inauspicious omens, since Sita arrived here. Even if the ingredients such ghee and grains are offered with proper mantra to agni in yajna kunda sacrificial fire in the sacrifical arena , the fire is not flaring up well.

Instead, it is emitting sparks. Its flames are covered with smoke and full of soot. Serpents are seen at the corner of the yajna kunda which is nearest the fire. Ants are seen in things to be offered as offerings. Cow's milk is getting curdled.

Excellent elephants have stopped giving birth to their progenies. Horses are neighing miserably and are not enjoying in eating grass. O king!

Vastu Shastra - Jyotish

Donkeys, Camels and Mules are shedding tears. They are losing their hairs and even if treated as per medical procedures they are not getting cured. Flocks of crows are crying cruelly from all sides and they are seen to assemble together on house-tops. Vultures are flying to and fro in circles over the city.

Jackals are crying inauspiciously at the approach of both dawn and the dusk. At city-gates are heard loud cries of carnivorous animals gathered in groups, with thundering noise. Massive gray Categories of Nimitta 27 clouds full of thunder and lightning covered the sun. There were earthquakes. Birds flew from right to left and a large vulture perched on Kumbhakarna's pike. The Rakshasa's left eye and arm throbbed. A flaming meteor fell from the sky and descended to the ground with a terrible crash.

Jackals howled and a strong wind blew into their faces. Kumbhakarna did not pay attention to the omens. Auspicious animals and birds whirled from the right side and began to follow him.

Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva "As soon as Duryodhana was born, he began to cry and brayed like an ass. Hearing that sound, the asses, vultures, jackals and crows uttered their respective cries responsively.

Violent winds began to blow, and there were fires in various directions. Then King Dhritarashtra, in great fear summoned for Bhishma, Vidura and other well-wishers. He addressed them and said, "The princes Yudhishthira is the perpetuator of our heritage. By virtue of his birth he has acquired the kingdom. We have nothing to say about this. But shall this my son born after him become king? Kindly tell me truly what is lawful and right under these circumstances. Marking those frightful omens all around, the assembled brahmanas and the wise Vidura replied, "O King Dhritarashtra, when these frightful omens are noticeable at the birth of your eldest son, it is evident that he shall be the exterminator of your race.

And what omens were seen when that hero set out? Though there were no clouds in the sky, yet the roll of thunder accompanied by flashes of lightning was heard.

And clouds in a clear sky rained continuously! The seven large rivers including the Sindhu though flowing eastwards, started to flow in opposite directions. There were 28 Nimitta-Jnana fires everywhere and the earth trembled frequently. The wells and water tanks overflowed.

The whole atmosphere was enveloped in darkness. The atmosphere being filled with dust, the horizon could not be distinguished. Loud roars were heard in the sky without any being visible in the sky.

This wonderful phenomenon, O king, was noticed all over the country. A south-westerly wind with the harsh thunder and wind that uprooted trees by the thousands came crashing to the city of Hastinapura. All this indicated inauspiciousness.

Jyotish Shastra Shikshak Bhag-1-2

I am witnessing numerous omens indicating terror. Hawks, vultures, crows, herons, cranes are all landing on the top of the trees and gathering in flocks. These birds seem to be delighted at the prospect of a battle and are looking down on the field before them. Carnivorous beasts will feed on the flesh of Elephants and Steeds. Fierce herons are uttering merciless cries and are wheeling across the centre towards the southern region.

In both dawn and dusk, the sun seems to be covered by headless trunks seems as if eclipses are occurring. Clouds with their extremities appear to be reddish tinged. The clouds that resemble the shape of maces are covering the sun during both dusk and dawn. I have seen the sun, the moon, and the stars to be all blazing.

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No difference in their aspect is to be noted in the evening. I have seen this all day and all night. All this foretells fear. The sky has become of the color of red lotus. Bhisma continued, 'Many heroic Kings of earth who are endued with great bravery will be killed. Daily I am hearing the fierce cries of boars and cats which are fighting between themselves.

The deities seem to laugh and sometimes tremble. The deities appear to vomit blood through their mouths and sometimes they sweat or fall down. O monarch! The drums are making sounds without being beaten. The chariots and vehicles seem to moves without animals yoked to them. Kokilas, wood-peckers, water-cocks, parrots, crows and peacocks are uttering terrible cries.

At sun-rise, flights of insects are seen by hundreds. During dawn and dusk, both times all the directions seem to be ablaze. The clouds shower dust and fts.

Arundhati constellation who is celebrated over the three worlds and is applauded by the righteous, even she is keeping her husband vasistha star on her back. The planet sani also appears to be afflicting the constellation rohini. The sign of the deer in the Moon has deviated from its usual position. A great terror is indicated.

Categories of Nimitta 29 Even though the sky is cloudless, a terrible roar is heard there. The animals are all weeping and their tears are falling fast. All these are foretelling great misfortune. Animals are having sexual pleasure with their mothers. The trees in the forests are exhibiting unseasonable flowers and fruits. Women are giving birth to monsters abnormally obese and disfigured. Carnivorous beasts and carnivorous birds are feeding together. Ill-omened beasts - some having three horns, some with four eyes, some with five legs, some with two sexual organs, some with two heads, some with two tails, some having fierce teeth, are being born, and with mouths wide open are uttering unholy cries.

Horses with three legs, having four teeth, and endued with horns, are also being born. Jackals, cocks, antelopes and parrots are all uttering inauspicious cries. Children are making drawings of armed images. Children are running against each other with club like things desirous of fighting. They are also breaking down the towns they are building in the sand of clay in sporty mood. Lotuses and lillies are growing on trees instead of in water. Strong winds are blowing fiercely and the dust is not settling.

The earth is frequently trembling. Rahu is approaching towards the sun eclipse. All this particularly indicates destruction of the Kurus. A fierce comet has appeared, afflicting the constellationpusya. This great comet will cause frightful mischief to both the armies. Mars is going towards magha and brihaspati Jupiter is going towards sravana. All this indicates inauspiciousness. When this night passes away, evil consequences will overtake. Great rishis have said that in view of such circumstances the earth drinks the blood of thousands of kings.

In consequence of the Earth's trembling, each of the four oceans having swelled greatly seems ready to transgress its continents for afflicting the Earth. Fierce Nimitta-Jnana 30 winds charged with pointed pebbles are blowing, crushing mighty trees. In villages and towns, trees are falling down due to mighty winds and lightning. When offerings are done to the yajna fire, it is becoming blue, red or yellow. Its flames bend towards the left and are yielding a bad scent.

Drums and cymbals are throwing off showers of coal-dust. And from the tops of tall trees all around, crows are moving in circles from the left and are uttering fierce cries. These birds are also uttering frightful cries as if calling out pakkapakka, and are perching upon the tops of flags indicating the destruction of the kings. Elephants are trembling all over and are running hither and thither urinating and ejecting excreta.

The horses are in sorrowful mood, while the elephants are resorting to the water. All these indicate that the Earth is soon going to be depopulated. At the king's request, musicians cheerfully played drums and blew hundreds of conchs. At that time although the sky was cloudless, a bloody shower fell and made the ground moist. Fierce whirl-winds, earthquakes, roars of elephants, depressed the hearts of all the warriors.

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In jyotish pdf shastra

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Boldsky Astrology online portal provides Astrology Predictions, Astrology Remedies, Horoscopes, Numerology, Palmistry and zodiac signs related problems and solutions. Zodiac Signs Click Here Discover the personality, distinguishing quality, compatibility and other interesting traits of your zodiac sign here In Indian astrology, main remedies include mantra, tantra, yantra, gemstones, rudraksha, Yagya, rosary etc. There are many dasa systems in Vedic Astrology that allow us to se karma unfolding here on Earth.

If a planet is weak and is also auspicious and beneficial in the chart, then such a planet should be strengthened by gems of that planet. Understanding how to leverage these chances can open up the door of success for you. Read free daily horoscopes on our website, encapsulating all the information about your daily activities.

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Human life is full of good times and bad times which are caused by the planetary positions. These services are provided after complete observation and comprehensive analysis of the facts present in the birth chart of the manglik person. Our expert astrologers prescribe a host of solutions and remedies from Lal-Kitab - an ancient book. Rahu - donate an electrical appliance or have an electrical connection done in a poor person's home to get rid of major Rahu issues.

You can also ask for online horoscope analysis but a personal horoscope reading is always more beneficial. These ways as suggested by the astrological principles are called remedies. To avoid pain and to seek pleasure has been one of the major objectives of our lives. Discover about Vasstu, Astrology, Indian Astrology.