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Uploaded by: KIMBERLIE Uploaded by Download as PDF or read online from Scribd .. The complete idiot's guide to being a smart This work adopts postmodern literary approach and spatiality theory to study the Ivorian graphic novel, Aya de Yopougon written by Marguerite. Black Diamond Bod Harness Petzl. Aya de Yopougon 1 / Aya of Yop City 1. There may be only a momentary loss of consciousness. Aya de Yopougon 1 / Aya of.

Shelves: , graphic-novel , literary Aya: Life in Yop City and Aya: Love in Yop City are part of my cunning plan to learn more about the world by reading books from different countries. The author is a native of the Ivory Coast, and the books hark back to her childhood in Abidjan, specifically the neighborhood of Yopougon. Aya is one story in two parts, aimed at adults. Our main heroine is Aya, a brilliant and studious young woman, but we also follow several other characters, among which are her father Ignacio, her two friends Bint Aya: Life in Yop City and Aya: Love in Yop City are part of my cunning plan to learn more about the world by reading books from different countries. Our main heroine is Aya, a brilliant and studious young woman, but we also follow several other characters, among which are her father Ignacio, her two friends Bintou and Adjoua, Adjoua's brother Alfred, and in the second book a hairdresser named Innocent he's in the first book but much more prominent in Love in Yop City. It's basically a soap opera, in that it takes a lot of pretty crazy twists and turns and tackles a lot of heavy subjects, but Aya is also Aya doesn't want to be involved in the soap opera!

At least, that's how it seemed to me In it, the interviewer who acknowledges their bias, after the fact is insistent that Abouet admit that there's a political undercurrent to her work. So it's all about poverty and racism and oppression, right?

Aya of Yop City - Wikipedia

I think it's mostly just a story. I: Okay, but all the men cheat Aya can pretty much be summed up with the two-page interview with the author from the afterword. I: Okay, but all the men cheat on all the women!

Yopougon pdf de aya

So, gender inequality! Also probably AIDS! A: Eh, maybe?


But like, all the women win in the end. So not really. I: Yeah, but like this is from a golden moment in Ivory Coast's past. So it's also about impending horror! A: I kinda think that's racist. But the writer praises the strength of Ivorians who lived through those dark times, especially the mothers. The Aya movie was made in honor of them. In the s and s, Arab writers and artists from across the Middle East traveled to the area. There they could watch the latest American movies in more than 20 neighborhood theaters.

But, the year Lebanese civil war, that began in , led many writers and artists to flee the area. And many of the movie houses closed down. By the end of the war in , even the small theaters had closed. But, now theater life has returned to Hamra with the opening of the first neighborhood movie theater in the district in about 10 years.


The theater has large, modern screens and the latest, high-quality sound equipment. The people in the past were coming to watch a movie, to watch and listen to the story. There were no technologies in the movies. But right now we have a lot of technologies.

Yopougon aya pdf de

The films at the Prime are mainly American or European instead of Arab films. But, Jean Elhelou says this is what the moviegoers want. Education, along with other social influences, made many, mostly women, aware of their rights. This began to mix African ideals with European ideals. Women began fighting back against legislation which was aimed at sexual inequality and often succeeded in doing so. As many women became educated, they received more and more power when it came to relationships, especially marriages.

Another example of the combination of cultures is language. Throughout the country there are many local languages, but the official language of the country is French. Major themes[ edit ] Advancement of women in society Aya is different than the other women in Yop City because of her dismissal of the task of finding a husband.

Aya: Life in Yop City

She is completely uninterested in men and would rather take care of Bobby and work towards her future. She is a very driven and independent, which is certainly highlighted throughout the novel.

On the other hand, the other women in the novel do not seem to be as concerned as Aya with changing their roles in society through pursuing an education and a professional level career.

Rather they are more predisposed to the typical women's role in Yop City of staying home to raise a family. Aya nevertheless sets a good example and high standard, as she aspires to be a doctor one day. Aya represents the push towards raising the standards of women's contributions to the community, rather than staying consistent with the historical gender role in Yop City, as displayed by the other women.

Honesty and loyalty Many of the characters face problems with infidelity and dishonesty in their narratives—whether they are the perpetrators or the victims, their paths eventually cross in more ways than one, often not in good ways in the sense that they are often manipulated by or manipulating each other.

Aya contradicts this best, being the emblem of loyalty and honesty in the novel.

Family and community Within the first page of Aya of Yop City, the family units are mapped out, laying the groundwork for the strong family ties and connections throughout the novel. These initial family trees let the reader know immediately that family ties are going to be an important force in the community.

Within each scene multiple community members from each of the families interact, showing they are ever present in each other's lives.

The close connections between the different characters gives the reader the sense that this community has always been tightly knit.

Yopougon pdf de aya

Aya best portrays this sense of community through her relationships with others. She performs many favors for her friends, most notably taking care of Bobby as if he was her own. From living in the same area to getting involved in the family business, as Moussa did, the people of Yop City truly value the family unit.

Characters[ edit ] Aya - The protagonist of the book, Aya is a sweet and humble girl who is connected to every character in some way. Aya helps out the entire community in several ways. She is supportive of her friends and family and is always willing to help others. Although she is very young, the audience gets a glimpse of different problems and situations that are common in the African culture through her.

Ignace - Aya's father. He is a working businessman.

Writer Captures Flavor of Life in Ivory Coast

He takes Aya with him to work as a visit, and when they reach his work establishment, it becomes very apparent that Ignace keeps his family life and work life very separate. Ignace is very defensive and can be extremely rude when he feels that his family may be suspicious about his actions.

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Akissi - Aya's little sister. Fofana - Aya's little brother.