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PDF - The Salvation: Unseen. For what seems like the first time, Elena and her friends are happy. Elena and Stefan have built a home for themselves in Dalcrest . THE SALVATION UNSEEN THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - The Salvation Unseen livre du pastel kershner flight manual pdf economics section 2. Thank you very much for reading the vampire diaries 11 the salvation unseen. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search hundreds.

For what feels like the 1st time, Elena and her buddies are satisfied. And whilst Damon and Katherine are faced with a wierd and mysterious enemy, Elena concerns the assaults are associated. As darkish forces shut in, Elena, Stefan, and Damon fight to outlive the one approach they recognize how—together. Now he faces his hardest activity ever—navigating the corrupt global of l. The final lethal KissElenaNow she rises from the lifeless to recreate the strong vampire trio.

But now he let his barriers fall. He could almost smell her: her pomegranate body wash, the faint coconut scent of her shampoo, and underneath it all the warm, tantalizing smell of Elenas rich blood. He caught a flash of quick images from her: the red of Bonnies hair, something shiny glittering at the edge of Elenas vision. She was content right now, he realized, enjoying herself, and that told him all he needed to know.

She was fine, and his brother, Stefan, was safe. Whatever new disaster was hovering at the edges of Elenas life, and of Damons own, it had not yet arrived. Maybe it never would.

PDF L J Smith - Unseen the Vampire Diaries

There would always be danger; Damon had accepted that centuries ago. And threats rarely came when you were expecting them. Even a Guardian like Elena could be wrong. He stood up and stretched with a liquid grace, pushing his connection with Elena back to the edge of his consciousness.

Sometimes, in the very early morning when he was settling to rest, Damon would open himself all the way to Elena just to feel her with him, the sense of her flooding through him as he lay back on his silken sheets. Usually she was sleeping then, deep in the dark of a Virginia night, and Damon could lose himself in Elenas dreams.

But touching Elenas mind like that always left a strange ache in Damons chest afterward, so he tried to resist as long as he could. He didnt quite know what the sensation was. It couldnt be loneliness, because Damon was never lonely. He wandered to the edge of the balcony and looked down into the piazza below.

There were a few tables set around the grand fountain in the middle of the square, but only one was occupied. Katherine was not in the mood to mix with the locals, and so the locals had found themselves deciding to stay inside tonight. Katherine looked up at him, her long golden hair falling over the back of her chair, and beckoned imperiously.

Beside her, her current boyfriend, Roberto, glanced at Damon and then down at the table. Come here, she said. Its time for dinner. Sometimes Damon couldnt believe he was still traveling with Katherine. He had never expected to see her again. But then, two years ago while wandering the streets of Tokyo, hed caught sight of her through the crowd, felt the familiar brush of her mind, and shed turned and smiled at him. He hadnt mistaken her for Elenahe never did, although they looked so much alike.

And somehow, even after everything theyd been through, it had felt like the most natural thing in the world to cut through the crowd and take her hand. After all, hed spent most of his long life loving her. Theyd been traveling together since then. And this much could be said for Katherine: She was infuriating at times, selfish and conceited, but she was never, ever dull.

The Salvation: Unseen PDF

More quickly than a human eye could have followed, Damon gracefully dropped from the balcony to the piazza below, his feet landing cat-soft on its cobblestones. Katherine smiled at him and patted the seat of the chair next to her. Im starving, Roberto said sulkily, as Damon sat. Wheres the waitress? Roberto was always complaining, always on edge. Damon remembered what it was like to be a young vampire, restless and unable to settle, but surely he had never been as petulant as Katherines latest toy.

At least, Damon consoled himself, Roberto wouldnt be with them for long. He wasnt the first handsome young man Katherine had picked up in their travels. Roberto, with his dark hair and cleanly cut features, was just the latest. After a while, Katherine always left them behind. But for now, she was still enjoying her new toy, and so Damon would tolerate him. Katherine patted Roberto on the arm soothingly. Look, she said. Here she comes. A pretty girl from the restaurant at one side of the piazza was hurrying toward their table, carrying a tray piled high with food and drink.

Damon smiled briefly at the girl as she placed a platter of figs and prosciutto before him. Picking up one of the ripe, firm fruits wrapped in salty meat, he bit into it and licked his lips.

He didnt have to eat human food, of course, but sometimes he enjoyed the novelty of it. Bianca, come here, Katherine said to the waitress. The waitress came and stood beside Katherines chair, her face half-eager and half-shy. Si, signora? Katherine stood and cupped the girls face gently, gazing into her eyes.

Damon felt a whisper of her Power. You remember what I want, she said softly, soothingly. Its all right with you. In fact, youll enjoy it. Afterward, you wont remember anything about this until I tell you to. Youll just know that you want to do whatever makes us happy.

Of course, yes. The girl nodded enthusiastically, her long chestnut hair falling across her face, brushing over Katherines hand. Whatever you want. She held out a hand to Roberto and he took it, cradling it against him as he bit deeply into her wrist and began to drink from the vein there. Katherine turned Biancas face toward Damon, both girls gazing at him with wide, untroubled eyes. Do you want some? Katherine asked. Im the one Katherine turned Biancas face toward Damon, both girls gazing at him with wide, untroubled eyes.

Im the one whos compelled her, so it wont violate your precious agreement with the Guardians. Damon flinched involuntarily, then covered his reaction with a smile. Taking a sip from his bubbling glass of prosecco, he shook his head. I dont want her, he said coolly, and watched, his face carefully blank and bored, as Katherine angled the girls head and sank her fangs smoothly into Biancas neck while Roberto continued to suck steadily at her wrist. He could, technically, have drunk from the girl.

Katherine was right: His deal with the Guardians was that Damon could not compel people to let him feed on them, not without hurting Elena. He could have spent eternity following Katherine, or any other vampire, around the world, feeding on humans theyd compelled for him, like a parasite.

But the very notion disgusted him. He was Damon Salvatore, and he was no ones parasite. Besides, he was doing just fine on his own.

Damon looked up to see Vittoria coming toward him, skirting around the fountain, where the dancing water reflected the lights of the piazza and made soft shadows across her skin. She was young, a university student, and still lived with her parents; she would have had to lie to them about where she was going. Her dark curls were knotted in a loose bun at the nape of her neck, and she held herself very straight, walking with the grace of a dancer. He got to his feet to meet her. Vittoria glanced at Katherine and Roberto, drinking steadily from Bianca, then walked around them gingerly, averting her gaze.

She stopped to stand before Damon. It doesnt hurt her, he said. Shell be all right; she wont even remember. I know, Vittoria said solemnly, her eyes wide and disconcertingly trusting.

Damon held out his hand, and Vittoria took it. Hand in hand, they crossed the piazza and sat on the edge of the fountain together. Are you sure about this?

Salvation pdf the unseen

Damon said, tracing the shape of Vittorias fingers with his own. I dont love you; you know that. II dont mind, Vittoria said, her cheeks flushing. What you do to me. I like it, she added in a hushed, half-embarrassed voice. As long as youre sure, he told her, and she nodded, swallowing hard. Damon stroked a stray strand of hair back behind Vittorias ear and pulled her closer. His sensitive canines extended and sharpened, and, as gently as he knew how, Damon slid them into the vein at the side of Vittorias neck.

She stiffened in pain and then relaxed against him, her blood bursting into his mouth like the juice of a ripe plum. It wasnt as rich as Elenas, but it was sweet, filling Damons mind with the images of young, soft-featured girls from his distant past, looking up at him with love and desire. He remembered how nervous hed been when hed left Elena, how worried that, if he couldnt compel humans to let him feed, he would go hungry, or be reduced to stalking squirrels and foxes like his little brother.

But it had turned out to be surprisingly easy. He couldnt use his Power to compel human girls, but he could charm them. He could talk to them, flirt with them, smile into their eyes just as he had in Florence five hundred years ago, back when he was human and angling for nothing more than a kiss or two. It surprised him, how easily it came back to him.

And he liked the girls he charmed, even loved each of them a little in his own way. Though he forgot them as soon as he and Katherine moved on. It was very late by the time hed finished and released Vittoria. She brushed a shy kiss against his lips and hurried away with a murmured good-bye, twisting a silk scarf around her neck to hide the mark of his bite. Damon leaned back on his elbows and looked up at the stars.

He felt someone sit down beside him, and shifted over to make room for Katherine. Its a nice night, she said, and Damon nodded. Clear, too. He pointed. Polaris, the North Star, he said. Leda, the Swan. They dont change, any more than we do. Katherine laughed, a high, silvery sound like the ringing of a bell. Oh, we change, she said. Just look at us. It was true, Damon thought, smiling despite himself at the challenge in her eyes. Hed known quite a few Katherines: the shy, clinging girl hed met back home when he was human and she was newly made; the madwoman whod pursued him to Fells Church; and then this harder, brighter Katherine who had become, strangely, a friend.

And he wasnt the angry young vampire who had woken on a cold stone slab beside his brother all those centuries ago, not anymore. Perhaps youre right, he admitted. Of course Im right.

Now, Im thinking we should stay here for a while, Katherine said. Roberto says the palazzos owner wants to sell. We could settle in. Damon sighed. Everyone here knows who we are already, he said. You feed on anyone who catches your fancy.

Itll all end in pitchforks and torches, like a horror movie.

Katherine laughed again and patted his knee. Nonsense, she said firmly. They love us here. We havent killed anyone at all, thanks to your newfound morals. To them, were just the beautiful rich people in the palazzo who sleep all day.

Damon looked back up at the stars. Katherine was probably right; they were in no danger. He imagined staying here for a few years: eating figs, tossing coins in the fountain, drinking from sweet Vittoria and eventually her replacement.

But sooner or later, they would leave and continue their wanderings across the globe: Beijing next, maybe, or Sydney. Hed never been to Australia. He would charm another girl into loving him, taste the richness of her blood, be irritated by Katherines latest toy, gaze up at the stars. They were all the same after a while, Damon thought, all the places of the world.

It doesnt matter, he said finally, closing his eyes and reaching again for the faint thrum of Elena inside him. Meredith asked, straightening the pillows on the couch. She cast her eye over the rest of the living room: her law books lined up neatly; the coffee table dusted and cleared of Alarics research; the carpet vacuumed.

Shed been gone for three days tracking Celine with Stefan, and shed had some tidying to do when she returned. Alaric wasnt a slob, but he didnt keep things exactly the way Meredith did. As she walked over to twitch the curtains straight, she caught Alarics eye.

He was leaning against the doorframe and looking amused, a mug in one hand. You knew I was compulsive when you married me, she said, and Alarics face split into a grin. I did, he said, and I married you anyway. But yeah, I think Bonnie loved the earrings.

He crossed the room and laid his free hand on Merediths arm, nudging her gently toward the couch. Sit down and drink your tea. And then lets go to bed, its late. She let him pull her onto the couch with him and leaned against him, nestling in Alarics warmth. He smelled good, clean and soapy with an underlying Alaric-y whiff of spice. Im glad to be home, she told him, and snuggled closer still.

She was getting sleepy. Id better study some before I come to bed, though, she added dutifully. Mock trial Monday. Were all really stressed out. The mock trials competition was a big deal, and she was the prosecuting attorney for her team. Meredith adored law school. It was a culmination of all her love of logic and study, rules and case histories and solvable problems lining up in neat rows for her to master. Kicking off her shoes, she curled her feet under her and sipped her tea, grimacing at the bitter, acidic taste of vervain.

The mix of herbs Bonnie concocted for her friends was heavy on the vervainwhich protected the drinker from being compelledbut the first taste was always unpleasant. More honey? Alaric asked, but Meredith shook her head. I want to taste all of it, she said, and tried another sip, concentrating. The second time, it wasnt quite so bad.

Underneath the bitterness of the vervain was the faint sweetness of lavender and a rich touch of cinnamon. I dont know why you wont just sweeten it up, Alaric said, shifting so that he could dig his thumbs into her vertebrae, kneading her shoulders with his fingers.

Thats nasty stuff. I want to taste it all, Meredith repeated sleepily. It had been a long day, several long days, and she was ready to spoon up against Alaric in their wide, soft bed and go to sleep. Work, she reminded herself. Youre going to win this trial. Alaric worked a knot out of her shoulders, and Meredith moaned in pleasure.

You have no idea how tight my back got while we were gone, she told him. Oh, Stefan doesnt do this? Alaric said teasingly. Thank God, I was wondering what I had to offer that your hunting partner couldnt. Trust me, youve got lots to offer, Meredith said with a smile.

Alaric brushed her hair aside and focused on the massage while she looked happily around the room. Her law books sat on the shelf, her slim silver computer on the desk next to a stack of Alarics old manuscripts. Her hunting stave, in its case, was tucked in the corner.

On the side table were various pictures of their friends, their wedding. And a picture of Meredith, ten years younger, her arms around her twin brother, Cristian, both of them grinning. She didnt really remember Cristianthis reality where theyd grown up together was one the Guardians had createdand she didnt like to think about his death.

Becoming a vampire was one of the worst fates she could imagine for a hunter. Half-consciously, she leaned back against Alarics hands, and he kneaded her muscles harder, comforting. Lately, shed been coming to terms with the idea of Cristian.

Hed grown up part of her family, in this life, and he mattered, whether Meredith remembered the young boy in the picture or not. All the elements that made up her lifehunting, school, becoming a lawyer, her friends, her family, Alaricthey all mattered. Shed been so used to thinking of hunting as what defined herthat everything else was a gloss over her secret life, part of her disguise.

That all she truly was, was a hunter. But Meredith was going to be a lawyer now. She was somebodys wife. She was a friend and a daughter, and once shed been a sister. These things were real to her, and they all mattered. Just like Bonnies vervain tea, the bitter and sweet and spicy all mixing together, making up a whole. I want to taste it all, she murmured a third time, sleepily, and Alaric snorted with laughter. Youre just about talking in your sleep, he said. Time for bed. Everything will still be there in the morning.

He swung her up into his arms, and she buried her face in the crook of his neck, giggling sleepily, as he carried her to bed. It was a beautiful night. Stefan opened his senses to everything around him, unusually eager to drink it all in. He could smell magnolia flowers in the yard of a house a few blocks away, the spices and grease of three different restaurants on the street he and Elena were walking up, the sour scent of beer coming from a bar halfway down the street, the warring perfumes of three girls getting out of a car near the curb.

He could hear a hundred conversations, from the drunken argument of four frat boys in the bar to the loving whispers of a newly engaged couple in the Indian restaurant. In the apartment over a storefront farther down the block, a sad song played on a cheap radio. The world had so much in it. He could feel the slow beat of his own heart, slower than a humans, and for once, its pace didnt feel like a reproach.

For once, despite everything, despite what he was, Stefan felt alive. So much to hear, to smell, to see, to feel. And most of all, Elena. Her hand was soft and strong in his, and she smiled at him, radiating love like a vibrant, glowing sun.

His mind brushed against hers, and he could feel her welcoming him home, the familiarity and warmth of her. He stopped suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk and kissed her. All the sensations and impressions that had been flooding through him narrowed down into one thing: Elenas lips, soft against his.

Elenas warm breath. He sent her thoughts of love, and of forever, and she sent them back to him. When they broke apart, they clung to each other for a moment breathlessly.

Then Elena smiled and pushed her hair back behind her ears. Youre happy to be home, she said. Stefan took her hands in his. Now that Celine is dead, there cant be too many Old Ones left, he said. When we find them, we can kill them, and then well be able to do anything we want, go anywhere we want. Elena frowned, her eyes puzzled. We can do anything we want now, Stefan, she said.

We dont have to wait and be sure all the Old Ones are dead. We cant wait for that. Twining his fingers with Elenas, Stefan smiled down into her eyes. Remember how, when you drank the water from the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Life, you told me you finally knew what our future would look like?

Ive always knownIve known for so long that you were my future, that you were the only thing I needed. Elenas eyes shone. I know, she said. Stefan, I want that, too. I want forever. Then her mouth lifted into a mischievous grin. But weve got forever, dont we? She moved closer to him still, her soft hair brushing his cheek, her lips only millimeters from his, teasingly light. I want to enjoy right now. Stefan was lowering his head to meet her lips once more when someone suddenly lurched against them.

Elenas breath puffed out in a soft huff of surprise, and she stumbled back a little, away from Stefan. Immediately tense, Stefan felt himself fall into a fighting stance, his hands drawn up in fists. It took him a moment to realize there was nothing sinister here, no one he needed to defend Elena from.

Just a group of people coming out of a bar, accidentally brushing against them. He shook off his aggression; hed spent too long on the hunt lately. Sorry, sorry, one of the guys said, holding up his hands apologetically. He smiled at them. My fault. Are you okay? The stranger was tall, taller than Stefan, with sharp cheekbones, longish sand-colored hair, and curiously yellowish-green eyes, glowing like a cats, or a coyotes.

He wasnt a vampire, though, Stefan sensed with a quick brush of Powerjust another human out for an evening with his friends. Elena murmured that everything was fine, no harm done. It was our fault, Stefan said courteously, and moved aside. But the stranger didnt walk on right away. He was looking at Elena. Their eyes caught for a moment, Elenas face creasing into a tiny frown as her clear blue gaze met the strangers yellowish-green oneand then the moment was over. Stefan shook off the strange feeling their locked gazes had given him.

Elena was beautiful; he should be used to people looking at her. With another murmured apology, the stranger moved on down the street, his friends reforming into a group around him. Elena turned her attention back to Stefan, putting her arms around his neck and pulling him back down for another kiss. Where were we? Right here? Right now? Oh, dont be a grouch, Damon, Katherine said sweetly.

You have to admit its lovely here. I dont have to admit anything, Damon said, but he felt the edges of his mouth tugging up in a more honest smile. For days, Roberto had been begging to explore the white medieval tower they could see from the windows of their palazzo, in the rolling green hills outside of town.

Tonight, Katherine had finally agreed to take him, like an indulgent parent giving in to a petulant child. For lack of any better options, Damon had consented to come, too. Roberto ran eagerly ahead of them; Damon could hear his feet clattering on the stairs above their heads. The top of the first stairway opened into a large square room with a worn wooden floor, empty except for a huge fireplace at one end, but by the time Damon and Katherine stepped inside, Roberto was already climbing the next set of stairs.

He called back in Italian, urging them on. Modern Italian doesnt sound right to me. Damon sighed, a little wistfully. Back in my homeland, and the children here speak garbled trash. Things change, Katherine said with a shrug.

Like we said last night, even we do. I was born in the Hapsburg Empire, and it doesnt even exist anymore. You and I, we just adapt and keep going. She slid him a sidelong look as they entered the next stairway, and her voice dripped with false sympathy.

Are you having a midlife crisis, Damon? Do you want me to hold your hand? Damon sneered halfheartedly at her. As if I actually care about the decline of the Italian language, he said. Its only that this was home once, and now its just another place. What was curious, and a little alarming, he admitted to himself, was that the thought of home now brought to mind a small town in Virginia and the faces of a bunch of American children.

Principally, of course, a face much like the one laughing back at him as Katherine sprang ahead up the stairway. At the top of the tower, the starlit countryside stretched out before them. The surrounding area was full of vineyards, and the smell of growing grapes and warm earth rose up all around. The sun had set more than an hour ago, but the air was clear, and Damon could see the lights of the town in the valley below them.

The moon was full and large, hanging low in the skya harvest moon. Its so beautiful here. I love places like this. Roberto took Katherines hand. Was it like this, did you live somewhere like this, when you were alive? His voice was full of longing, as if he was about to burst into an ode to Katherine and how he wished he could have known her always. Damon almost snorted when Katherines eyes softened in response. It looked like Katherine was still finding little Roberto charming, which meant the boy would be traveling with them for a while longer.

Katherine was just beginning to answer when Damon stiffened and held up a hand to quiet her. There had been something it came again. A small sound, the brush of a quick light step. Someones coming up the stairs, he said.

Katherine cocked her head questioningly, and Roberto frowned, listening. And then feet pounded on the stairs, all attempts at quietness abandoned. Alarmingly fast, before even Damon could move, a pack of people burst through the doorway and were upon them. One caught Damon by the arm and threw him hard, so that he landed sprawling at the edge of the tower roof. He rolled quickly to his feet. Not people, then. Too fast, too strong. Something else. The leader, a tall woman, bared her teeth, and Damon realized.

How had he not sensed them? The tall vampire whod led the charge held Katherines arms pinned behind her and was angling to bite at her throat.

Damon leaped toward them, throwing the attacker back while Katherine turned to quickly tear out her throat. A gout of blood sprayed across the white stone of the tower. Damon recovered quickly, back on the offensive, but there were too many of them, and they were already pressing closer, undeterred by the first vampires death. Instinctively, Damon and Katherine moved back to back, uniting against the threat, and Katherine pulled Roberto behind them, shielding the young vampire. Damon could feel her breath speeding up, and then she snarled, her hands bunching into claws.

She was a good ally to have at his side. There were so many of them, though, at least fifteen. Where had they come from, and what did they want? Then several attacked Damon at once, snarling, coming from all three sides.

The one in front of him, a dark-haired man, punched him in the face and moved back before he could respond, then punched and dodged again as the others worried him with teeth and nails from either direction. They were trying to get him away from Katherine and Roberto, Damon realized, trying to separate them so their opponents could use their greater numbers to overwhelm them. Quick as a striking snake, Damon snapped the neck of one of the vampires attacking him from the side. He bared his teeth in a wild, joyous smile, then charged forward to grab hold of the dark-haired vampire in front of him, propelling him backward to the edge of the tower and sending him over in a flurry of flailing limbs.

Not that the fall would kill him, but it would get him out of the picture, at least for now. As Damon turned back from the edge of the tower, though, his heart sank. There were still far too many of them. And these werent weak, newly made vampires eitherthey were strong and fast. Katherine was holding her own, her face drawn into a snarl as she grappled with one of the attackers, ignoring another that was clawing ineffectively at her Katherine was holding her own, her face drawn into a snarl as she grappled with one of the attackers, ignoring another that was clawing ineffectively at her back.

But Roberto was in trouble, cornered on the far side of the tower. Another vampire clutched at Damon before he could move toward the boy, and they tussled for a moment.

His opponent swung him around, and Damon barely managed to dodge the stake a second vampire was aiming at his chest. Angry, he tore the stake from the second vampires hand and stabbed it into the vampires throat. Shoving past them, he headed toward Roberto, who was struggling frantically, his face pale.

The boy had probably never been in a fight before, not even when he was human, Damon thought in annoyance. But then Katherine screamed, and Damon turned to snap her attackers neck. A desperate gasp. Katherine and Damon both looked toward the other side of the roof just in time to see Robertos terrified face. A fierce-looking girl, younger even than Roberto when she was made, grabbed hold of his head as he fell and pulled. With a terrible ripping sound, Robertos head was torn away from his body.

Katherine gave a strangled cry. A few feet from them one of the wounded vampires struggled to her feet, her torn throat already healed. Thats it; were leaving, Damon said sharply.

Taking a firm hold of Katherines arm, he dragged her the few steps to the edge of the tower. Before any of the vampires following them could catch them, he leaped out into the darkness, taking Katherine with him. They landed in a crackle of grape vines and the smell of dry earth. Catlike, Damon was on his feet in an instant.

The vampire hed thrown over earlier didnt seem to be anywhere around, he noted thankfully. He was probably already back up on top of the tower. Whats going on? Katherine asked, her voice harsh, her blue eyes narrowed with fury. Whywho hates us? Who would want to kill us now? Klaus is dead. Theres no one We dont have time for this, Damon said tightly, cutting her off.

He could hear steps on the tower stairs. Their leap into the night had bought them a few minutes at best, and their attackers werent going to give up so easily. Come on, he said, taking Katherines hand and pulling her roughly after him.

Damon and Katherine ran through the vineyards, plants crunching beneath their feet. They hadnt fed yet tonight and had used up too much Power in the fight to shift shape and fly, as Damon would have preferred. The most important thing was to get away. At last, deep in the woods outside the little town where theyd been staying, they stopped to listen. I think weve lost them, Katherine said.

For now. Damon frowned. This wasnt a random attack. They must have been tracking us. Katherine nodded. Is there anything at the palazzo you cant stand to lose? Damon thought briefly of his favorite jacket, of a bracelet he had bought with the vague intention of sending it to Elena, of sweet Vittoria and her warm, fresh blood.

Nothing that cant be replaced. Hesitantly, he touched Katherines arm. I am sorry about Roberto, he said. Katherines jaw tightened, and Damon thought he caught the shine of tears in her eyes, but her voice was level. It happens, she said. But he was awfully young. I would have liked to have taken him somewhere hed never seen before.

Damon glanced up at the moon, which hung high in the sky overhead. It wasnt late yet; the trains would still be running. If they made it to the station, they could be across the border before dawn.

I think its time we left Italy, Damon said softly. There was an antiquarian bookstore around the corner, and she knew they had a collection of the medieval poetry Stefan liked. It would be nice to give him a little welcome-home present, she thought, smiling in anticipation. Suddenly and without warning, her throat constricted and a bolt of panic shot through her. Somewhere, Damon was in trouble. She involuntarily jerked the wheel aside and just managed to avoid sideswiping a parked car.

His emotions ran through her, much stronger than usual, overwhelming her senses. Anger, and a sharp sense of fear, rage, a sort of adrenaline-fueled exhilaration.

Was he fighting? What was going on? Panicked tears rose in her eyesher own, she thought, not Damonsand she blinked them back. She needed to go home. She had to get to Stefan, let him know something was wrong. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm down, Elena took a sharp right and headed back toward the highway.

The road was clear ahead of her. Pushing Damons emotions away, she risked fumbling in her purse for her phone. It was evening right now in Italy, where Damon had been the last time she had heard from him. But he could be anywhere, really. He traveled from country to country the way most people crossed streets.

PDF - The Salvation: Unseen

Just as her hand closed around the phone, another flash of emotion from Damon broke throughfury, followed by a feeling of cold calculation. Whatever was happening to Damon, he was plotting a way to get through it.

It made her feel a little better. If Damon was good at anything, it was surviving. Elena quickly punched Damons number into the phone, but it went straight to voice mail. Its me, she said to the electronic silence, the full distance between her and Damon stretching into infinity. I felt something from you all of a sudden, something bad. Please call me. As she ended the call, she pushed down hard on the gas pedal, the tires squealing as the car jumped forward.

Stefan would know what to do. Suddenly she was desperate to get home to him, to his comforting arms and his always-practical mind. She pushed her foot down on the gas again, and this time, the pedal sank unresistingly to the floor of the car. Jerking, the car sped faster, much faster than Elena had expected. Instinctively, she hit the brake, but nothing happened. Trees and telephone poles whipped past in a blur of green and brown.

Tightening her grip on the wheel until her hands ached, Elena slammed down on the brake again. The car didnt slow, but the wheel began to vibrate in her hands, small tremors at first, becoming faster and faster. Her heart raced, and a tiny panicked whine came from Elenas throat. The car was beginning to drift across the highway, and another car swerved around her, honking loudly.

Katherine whom Damon had been falling in love with sadly gets killed by one of the Immortal Vampires and drops in Damon's arms before he temporarily kills that vampire.

Pdf unseen the salvation

Stefan, Meredith, Matt, Jack, the Original Pack and other vampire hunters and the protagonists attack and find with the help of Elena's and Andres's Guardian Powers the place where they believe Solomon to be.

They succeed in killing all his minions. When they think they have won, Solomon reveals himself, being very handsome and powerful he holds them all in place and causes one of the vampire hunters, Trinity to get a nosebleed. He walks around the room examining them with eyes glowing gold. Later, they discover that Solomon isn't dead and that he had possessed a man named Gabriel and now has possessed Trinity, as her eyes are now gold and not the original color they used to be - Solomon has possessed Trinity.

The other hunters and Elena struggle with killing a fomer member for reasons of not being sure whether or not Trinity's consciousness is still in there. Stefan on the other hand, has already decided to kill Trinity along with Meredith and Jack much to Elena's distaste.

Stefan feels Katherine's spirit say goodbye to him and instantly knows that Katherine is dead. Bonnie, elsewhere, has been growing stronger with her witchcraft and psychic energy. She learns to channel her power into a stone on a necklace Damon had given her for her birthday and channels her new friends's energy to practise growing her own. Damon finds a lab in his whereabouts where he believes the vampires are experimenting and creating a new incredible unkillable species. Elena and Matt soon learn that Solomon isn't to be messed with, but are saved by Elena's Guardian Powers.

Meredith goes for a jog and sees a couple making out, then she realizes that they aren't a couple and that it is Trinity who is now somehow a vampire. Meredith runs home and tells them all what happened. Elena, Matt and a few other hunters still believe Trinity's still in there with further conflicts between the group. Andres is butchered by Solomon, breaking Elena's heart and fueling much more anger towards the Old One.

Elena gets a phonecall from Damon who tells her about Katherine and about his fight and that he asked Stefan for help, but he refused, much to Elena's annoyance.

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She says she is sorry for Katherine's death and she knows how Damon felt about her hinting that Damon had been falling in love with Elena's half-sister. Elena asks Stefan if he had refused to help Damon which Stefan does not deny and says that he needed to stay and protect her.

Elena says that she is not the only girl in the world, but Stefan answers that to him, she is and frustrating Elena. Bonnie returns after an epic magical performance with her Psychic Witch friends.

She has a party waiting for her and she notices the tention everyone carries. But her best friends tell her that she shouldn't worry and they would tell her about it the next morning.

The werewolves beg Bonnie to do a magic trick playfully, which Bonnie accepts to and uses her new and enhanced Psychic and Witch powers to channel the life and energy and love and warmth of her friend's auras. She levitates on of the werewolves to the roof harder than she had expected to, but he laughs and all her friends join him.

The next day, Bonnie demands details of everything that's going on and Meredith and Elena tell her. Bonnie thinks that they have it wrong and that Solomon isn't an entity that possesses them, but an entity that is working from a faraway place by using a kind of psychic link to control the poeple the gang that were possessed. Being an Old One, Bonnie believes that while doing this, some of his lifeforce and much of his Power is used up and thus the vessel also gains vampirism, but Solomon's true body is somewhere close by and if they kill him there, the possession will break and they would have won once and for all.

Elena is relieved by the fact that Trinity lives somewhere in there and Bonnie and her decide to use their powers to try to find him. Damon finds a whole list of them: Klaus crossed out Davos crossed out Katherine von Swartzschild crossed out Most of the other names are crossed out, leaving the Salvatores and Solomon uncrossed. Meanwhile, Elena and the protagonists follow Elena and Bonnie into the layer of Solomon. Solomon shows his true self to them and the protagonist thinks that he does not look so impressive, as when he was in Gabriel's body, he was very handsome and in Trinity he was beautiful.

Now he is small and not so youthful and not handsome at all. Solomon has them held with a telekinetic hold over all the protagonists and they can't move.

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Bonnie's Druid Powers have grown stronger since the last time and she is able to counter and disrupt the telekinetic hold with a little held from Elena's pure aura. Stefan quickly kills Solomon and they win unharmed and Solomon is truly dead.

They have a party at Stefan and Elena's apartment.