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The Sirius Use the separate sections below for faster opening times when viewing online. Industry Mall. This overview now allows us to differentiate between various Buddhist traditions, and to see how these have a closer or more remote relationship to mindfulness in terms of their histories and cultures.

This is not to say, however, that the more traditional developments of Buddhism are irrelevant.

In fact, these often are the subject of more normative attempts at understand this relationship, which turn to ideas and theories found in traditional Buddhist literature.

However, this context gradually recedes as the practice is made more widely accessible, until in later formulations in Western settings it eventually disappears all together.

Thus, over time, the associated practices fall along a spectrum from the more traditionally Buddhist over the more modernized to, perhaps, the fully secular. In the following you will naturally begin to recognize some familiarity with mindfulness and the practicalities of its teaching.

Shamanism & Shamanology

In fact, the literature suggest that the tradition of meditation has actually died out completely. However, things change after the British conquest of Burma in the midth century.

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In an attempt to protect the Buddhist religion from colonial influence, there arises a Buddhist reform movement which develops simplified forms of meditation and empowers regular people to study Buddhist literature. First of all, meditation is presented as having potential public benefit.

Furthermore, people are encouraged to directly pursue the advanced practice of insight without first cultivating calm and concentration, although at this stage study is still necessary to prepare for practice. Also, meditation on a mass scale is made possible by collective lay study and practice. Finally, ordinary life and everyday reality are seen as a place for meditation.

Here you can already clearly see some of the central themes of mindfulness, however please note that the emphasis here is on the innovative nature of these themes in comparison to more traditional forms of practice. He stresses the observation of impermanence in the body.

The instructions are to focus on the observation of the breath at the abdomen and then to expand observation to all the processes of perception through the six senses; noting cognitive events with a simple label before letting it go.

This leads the meditator to develop a deconstructive moment-to-moment awareness and to see reality in ultimate terms, understood in the sense of the Abhidharma.

They downplay the value of study for the purpose of practice and thus make the practices even more widely accessible. Thus they emphasize bare practice even to a greater degree than their Asian teachers. Practice is now framed as a therapeutic tool with emphasis on the psychological health it brings in the here and now, even though Asian teachers have not justified practice in therapeutic terms. Mindfulness now becomes a separate healing practice in its own right, and, for many, this presentation of mindfulness has moved the practice beyond the Buddhist tradition.

However, as JKZ developed MBSR as a clinical practice, the history of Buddhist reform movements and their critics was probably not very central in his thinking. In: Handbook of Mindfulness and Self-Regulation, ed.

Ostafin, Michael D. Robinson, and Brian P.

Meier, New York: Springer. Dunne, John D.

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Toward an understanding of non-dual mindfulness. Contemporary Buddhism 12 1 , Harrington, Anne, and John Dunne. Mindfulness Meditation: Frames and Choices. Amercian Psychologist. The American Psychologist, 70 7 , McMahan, D.

The Making of Buddhist Modernism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.