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On the other side of there was nothing but high green grass. It stretched all the way .. Tall grass. It should have been broken down where he ran through it, but it wasn't. There was only the Copyright © by Stephen King and. With In The Tall Grass, the father and son team of King and Hill collaborate for the second time to but at no point here do you find yourself thinking, 'Ah that's Stephen what wrote that bit there. Print Friendly, PDF & Email. In the Tall Grass is a horror novella by American writers Stephen King and his son Joe Hill. . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version .

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download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] In the Tall Grass | Book by Stephen King | Review, Discussion. kdpoied8ehdj - Read and download Stephen King's book In the Tall Grass in PDF, EPub online. Free In the Tall Grass book by Stephen King. Download the eBook for In the Tall Grass by Stephen King, Joe Hill. Read excerpts, book reviews, & watch videos at Simon & Schuster.

With In The Tall Grass , the father and son team of King and Hill collaborate for the second time to create a short but devastating, blunderbuss shot of horror. This novella is horrific in the most disturbing way, it is written by masters of their craft and dammit, this is the good stuff. Becky is now six months pregnant and going to stay with relatives so she can get her life settled before the baby arrives. Her brother is along for the ride to ensure she gets there safely. And oh my, do things get messy. If there is a very simple recipe for a great horror story it is this; tell the audience why they should care for the protagonists and then proceed to ruin the lives of all involved in the most creatively horrific ways you can. With that in mind, In The Tall Grass is a masterclass in story telling and in everything that is scary.

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The first half of this 60 page short story is so very strong in the way it taps into our claustrophobic fear of becoming lost. As humans we are very good at -- not to mention very attached to -- knowing where we are at any given moment in space and time. Our evolutionary sense of well-being depends on it.

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Strip it away and we quickly lose our shit. Panic, fear, frustration, they all come bubbling to the surface as we projectile rage against the environment that has conspired against us in such an unforgivable betrayal.

What is that tree doing there?

In the Tall Grass

That wasn't there before. I thought the river was to the east of us. I'm sure the car is just over the next hill there. As much as we hate it, getting lost is pretty much a universal human experience.

It's probably happened to all of us at one time or another, even if it was for a very short period of time in a new city or on a short hike in a national park. King and Hill take that germ of an idea and run with it like mad lunatics in an asylum. This is a supernatural horror story, so if you like realism and stories that "could really happen" this might not be your thing. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the explanation of what is really going on in the tall grass, but enjoyed the first half of the story so much I'm willing to overlook that here.

Plus, the story is just so well-written. It's tightly coiled prose with some great phrasing and sentence structure. These guys know what they're doing, okay? There are a few things that happen in the story where I was like: "Okay, whose idea was that?! Fess up! At first, Tobin's voice sounds so close, Cal dives for him, only to end up lying in a puddle of gritty water.

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Tobin's voice now sounds about twenty feet away. Becky, scared of being left alone, calls as she follows Cal into the field, but the signal is cut off when she is just a few feet in. While trudging along looking for Tobin and Becky , Cal stumbles across a golden retriever 's dead body, having died of dehydration.

An hour and a half of cat-and-mouse calling, running, and chasing later, none of the three have located each other.

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Becky continues to call for Cal and Tobin, but has no luck and recites limericks to comfort herself, as she is dehydrated and tired. She spies someone ahead, and a man steps out of the grass in front of her.


He introduces himself as Ross, saying that he is the father of Tobin and the husband of Natalie. He begs Becky to follow him, saying that she will be safe with him.

In The Tall Grass by Stephen King and Joe Hill

Despite not trusting Ross, she follows him anyway. He lures her to a stamped-down circle of grass, where Becky finds Natalie's bloody, dismembered body.

Ross explains that he found "the rock" and that "the dancing men have shown him the secrets of the tall grass". He then attacks her, trying to kill the baby, but Becky stabs him to death with her house key. Cal, now severely dehydrated and exhausted in his attempts to look for Becky, feverishly drinks the gritty water that the long grass grows in.

Now half-crazed, he attempts to burn down the field, but the grass is so wet that none of his matches burn for more than a few seconds. He then finally runs into Tobin, who is eating a dead, rotting crow.

Tobin explains that the rotting dog was his, and that "the tall grass doesn't move dead things. Tobin says that the rock will help Cal find Becky like the rock helped Tobin and Ross find each other.

Cal, despite his fear of the rock and the strange, seemingly-moving drawings, gives in and touches it.