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Damocles: Mont'ka Part 1 - The Lore (Warhammer 40, War Zone . Here they 're treated like any old generic PDF unit and are basically. War Zone Damocles: Mont'ka is a campaign expansion to the 7th Edition of Warhammer 40, It a core book of the War Zone Damocles series. Damocles War Zone Mont', , KB . Warhammer [expansion] War Zone Fenris - Curse of the,

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Mont'ka - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Warhammer [ Codex] 7th Ed - Chaos Daemons - Daemonic Incursion Edition. Uploaded by. WAR ZONE DAMOCLES: MONT'KA. Although we strive to ensure that our rules are perfect, sometimes mistakes do creep in, or the intent of a rule isn't as clear. Download Warhammer War Zone Damocles - Mont'

War Zone Damocles: Operation. March 26 This is a. World War One https:. Powered by Rebelmouse. Delivering to: X Please select your country from the list below. Farsight Enclaves Detachment This allows you to take regular Tau detachments as Farsight detachments, just like before.. Warzone Damocles Pdf Download warzone damocles warzone damocles pdf warzone damocles kauyon pdf.

Many descriptive terms rapidly fall into downright cliches and are hammered in so many times that they lose all meaning. The same goes for how often certain battles repeat the same terms or play out in exactly the same way. There's no variation, no imagination here, and honestly no tension to these fights. The descriptions just don't do them justice, and things quickly become very run of the mill. The actual invasion itself is, in all honesty, extremely easily defeated.

Unsurprisingly, they fail. How do they manage to do so? Because the Imperials can't even do the right thing when the plot hands them victory on a silver platter. Rather than simply having them all jump the local Aun and killing him to break tau morale, they instead split up to go after every major target at once.

This results in one being killed in close combat with Farsight, another being shot point blank by Shadowsun, Darkstrider more or less one-shotting another and the last one succeeding.

Problem is, like so much here, very little of this seems earned. While they're played up as being serious threats, many go down to easily or honestly just have certain powers forgotten about entirely. Now, while the book might be heavily weighted in the Tau Empire's favour, they do have their own problems. One of these is tied into the target of these assassinations, Aun'Va.

This has massive ramifications, massive potential for new storytelling elements and a huge wave of changes within the Empire. All of which the book doesn't bother to try and address.

It's added so late into the storyline that the closest we get to any developments are Shadowsun covering up his death via holograms. The book doesn't even begin to look into the sheer weight his death might have upon the Aun themselves or how it might affect their expansion, instead it just deals with other matters. Like a very brief description of how the Farsight Enclaves are fighting a Hive Fleet in a completely unrelated story. Now, while many are likely to cry out against Aun'Va's death given his lack of development and the sheer lack of tau characters, if anything it was stopping things before they got any worse.

Rather than being a true believer, Aun'Va is scheming, driven by how he is viewed by others than his beliefs, tries desperately to manipulate others to his will and doesn't even die bravely. If anything, his final moments serve to cement him as a fraud. Yeah, this wasn't a death so much as a mercy kill before things could get worse. Perhaps the biggest problem of all, however, was the finale. Spoilers ahoy, but here's how things eventually pan out: The Imperium loses the ground war.

In space. Because a recent retcon decided the tau don't have Warp technology no, really, they've retconned that in favour of vague FTL stuff - AKA the stuff they retconned from the necrons for being unfitting for the setting they can't get through it.

Let's ignore for the moment that space is not two dimensional and we know ships can fly up and down. Let's ignore the fact that FTL capabilities should allow them to cross great distances and the retcons saying the Damocles Gulf was almost impossible for the tau to navigate.

40k pdf warhammer montka

Let's even ignore the fact that, somehow, we're supposed to accept that this interstellar forest-fire effect is supposed to last possibly hundreds of years. Instead, let's focus upon one detail: This should be game over for the Tau Empire. The Imperium's Warp drive allows them to bypass the event barring their continued advancement. They have been permitted to use Exterminatus level bombardments on targets and now have the resources free to launch a large scale crusade.

Hell, they don't even need the ground forces, just the ships. There's nothing here to suggest they can't or shouldn't do this either, and the Empire is only spared because the plot demands the Imperium retreats.

Warhammer 40.000 War Zone Damocles - Mont'ka.pdf

Even ignoring the fact that total defeat is only staved off thanks to plot driven stupidity, the worst crime is how they is put in place to ensure the status quo. We've had multiple characters on each side die, multiple battles fighting one another and big changes here and there. Yet, when it finally comes to genuinely push the story forwards in even this one small part of the galaxy, Games Workshop balked.

They drove the Tau Empire back to its previous worlds, set up a barrier to stop further invasions, and then the Imperium buggered off again.

So, everything is simply back to square one with little real improvement or story progression. Yeah, not the best note to close out this trilogy on. The Artwork The final point to talk really about, mostly to end this on something positive, are Mont'ka's visuals. Specifically strength of the artwork and certain models.

We've gone through several years with Games Workshop failing to strike a true balance between recycling iconic artworks and producing new images.

For a very long it seemed that, with each codex, we'd be getting perhaps one or two minor new works for every ten we've seen taken from elsewhere. Even when those new works where put together, they often tended to clash. This was thanks in part to the mixed quality of colouring older black and white works, but predominantly thanks to the older, scratchier looks of prior styles failing to blend with the clean edges of new pieces. This time however, the editing team struck a near perfect balance between the two.

While several older massed battle scenes or famous images are carried over from past books, the big focus here is on some major new art pieces. Each of these are dynamic and extremely striking, from massed army assaults to commanders surveying their forces, and whoever is producing these new works has a clear eye for striking imagery. Better yet, there's more of a distinct rift between the Imperial and Tau Empire works, where the former tend to have much harder edges or details than the latter's overly smooth design.

For all the praise which can be offered however, it is evident that there were more than a few communication errors when it came to certain pieces. The Mechanicus are shown several times with multiple Warhound titans supporting them, even after it's made explicitly clear that no Titan Legion could be spared to support the crusade.

Then there are those pieces reused from past works, many of which contradict the story in baffling ways.

A New Age of Ascendancy

One, in particular, shows several members of Farsight's vanguard still fighting hard long after they were confirmed killed. Another, a famous recycled piece showing an Imperial command centre, shows a hologram of eldar war machines rather than any tau battlesuit. Yeah, it gets a little wince worthy at these points. Apocalypse War Zone:Damocles is the..

War Zone Damocles is a set of campaign supplements for the 7th Edition of Warhammer 40, Describing a battle between the Imperium and Tau Empire in the Damocles.. Related Tags.. The Damocles Gulf Crusade,. Warhammer 40, - Apocalypse War Zone: Damocles, pp.. Warzone fenris pdf. After a long and subtle campaign, the Tau Empire had peaceably encroached upon many planets within the area of space known to the humans as the Timbra sub-sector of Segmentum Ultima.

The bitter and destructive wars that were soon unleashed there were unlike anything the Tau had ever experienced, and that bloody fighting marked the beginning of the end of the Second Sphere Expan ion.

As a result,its people have become tenacious and hardy. VAsH'YA Known as the woTld 'between spheres' the sept world was settled near the end of the Second Sphere Expansion, as it took a long periodfor theEarth caste machines to make the air breathable. Major Air castefleets and rnany defence platforms are docked around the sept world. T'OLKU T'olku is known joT its rnany large Ethereal temples, as well as the alien institutes, where many alien ambassadoTS an brought to be instructed in the ways of Tau culture and society before being assimilated back into their respective homeworlds.

Even as preparations were underway, warning signals flashed across the Tau Empire's relay lines. An foe had returned in numbers beyond imagination; the Orks were back. As the first scans were picked up, the Earth caste technicians believed their sensors were malfunctioning, for the size of the greenskin fleet was staggering. The Ork invasion was composed of some dozen separate Waaaghs!

40k pdf warhammer montka

Only the decrepit state of the Orks' spacecraft and their incessant in-fighting allowed the Tau Empire time to react. Whilst many of the Tau panicked over the immensity of the looming threat, there was one who saw that, as always, if the Empire worked together, they could defeat even an invasion of this magnitude.

Aun'Vanow Ethereal Supreme - remained as calm as still water.

War Zone Damocles: Mont'ka (English)

He gathered the leaders of every sept in order to form a comprehensive plan of action. Those septs closest to the Ork threatVior'la, Sa'cea, and Tau'n - would combine forces in a delaying attack. Behind them, all other septs would rush troops and starcraft towards the front to serve as the next wave of counter-attacks.

As the united Tau advanced to confront the oncoming Orks, initial engagements took place along the outermost regions of the Empire. The Tau navy launched hit-and-run attacks to lure pursuing Ork ships within range of orbital defence stations. The combined firepower of fleet and orbital bases caused heavy Ork losses, although everal stations were destroyed when Ork sabotage ships crashedinto the vast structures, allowing numerou greenskin to disembark and wreak havoc.

Fire Warrior defenders were soon deployed aboard the remaining orbital ration and many desperate battles in the depths of space ensued. As the individual clans of the greenskins separated to follow their own pursuits, the fighting spread aero s pace and over more than a dozen surface locations. Centuries before, when the Ethereal High Council knew that Commander Puretide was rapidly degenerating and would soon die, contingency plans were put into motion.

The Eartl1 caste had long been preserving Puretide's memoriesseeking to build an AI holograph that would look, act and most importantly, think like him.