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The Test-CsAddressBookService cmdlet provides a way for you to verify that a user can connect to the Address Book Download Web service. Here you'll find some in-depth Information regarding the Lync Address Book Use the Test-CsAddressBookService and Test-CsAddressBookWebQuery. I have been troubleshooting some Lync address book failures this week. The other aspect to test is can your client get the web service URL?.

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You can test the Address Book Download Web service in two different ways: by Applies to: Lync Server , Lync Server , Skype for Business Server. Test-CsAddressBookService for Address Book management in Lync Server . Topic Last Modified: Who can run this cmdlet: By default. Applies to: Lync Server , Lync Server , Skype for Business Server , Skype for Example 1 tests the Address Book Web Query service for the pool.

In this article i have collected few troubleshooting steps based on my experience which might help in addressing these kind of issues Before looking into troubleshooting lets have a small idea on the address book synchronization : The address book creation in Lync client happens separately and it never talks to Exchange. The core component user replicator which was introduced from Lync contacts Active Directory very frequently once in every 60 seconds and updates the information of the users present in the Lync server. This information will be updated in the address book files in the shared folder in the type dabs file. So by looking into the above process there can be so many factors which might block searching the address book from client perspective. Check the version of the client Lync , Skype for business or Skype for Business client. Pick any one of the affected user and perform the below tests. If you are not getting the authentication prompt then there is some serious issue with the connectivity from your end reaching the server.

Lync – Error “Cannot synchronize address book” –

UseNormalizationRules Indicates whether Address Book servers should use phone normalization rules when retrieving phone numbers. If set to False, phone numbers will be retrieved as-is, and it will be up to the client application to apply normalization rules when displaying these numbers.

The default value is True. IgnoreGenericRules Indicates whether or not the Address Book server ignores the generic normalization rules used when parsing phone numbers. Generic rules are the rules that are built into Lync Server These rules cannot be changed; however, by setting the value of this property to True you can instruct your Address Book servers to ignore these rules and instead use custom rules that you create yourself.

The default value is False. When set to False, these index files are not generated.

Address book lync test

Try using the WebSearchOnly value in the Lync client policy. First make sure these numbers of the user are in E. Something else…? There are a lot more questions, tools and issues regarding the address book.

Lync book test address

Feel free to contact me or drop a comment. And even more information about the Address Book:. Leave the folder open and then sign in to the Lync client with that same user account.

Address lync test book

Use the search bar as shown below to look for users not currently in stored in the contact list. The folder view shows that no GALcontacts. By default the Lync client can wait up to 60 minutes to download the address book but this workstation has been configured for immediate download using the process detailed in this previous article.


This also indicates that ABWQ is used by this client. Each time a new search query was typed into the client another one of these POST lines would appear.

Address book lync test

Now that we have seen how this is performed the question must be asked if and when it would be recommended to do this. The entire point of the ABS method is to allow for local cache files to be used in an effort to reduce requests from clients to the Lync Server for a number of actions.

If comparing logs side-by-side it will be clear that the user photos are downloaded via the ABWQ regardless of the client behavior as these images are not stored in the GALcontacts.