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PDF de Livros Românticos e Eróticos Books New Releases, Romance Novels, Book . Nana Pauvolih, Adora, Cinema, Sylvia Day, Book Quotes, I Love Books. 7 ago. “Ardente é a primeira de duas novas novelas contemporâneas de Sylvia Day, autora número 1 das listas internacionais de mais vendidos.". Praise for Sylvia Day “Sylvia Day is the undisputed mistress of tender erotic romance. Her books are a luxury every woman deserves.” —Teresa.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Gideon Cross. It happened instantly. Marrying him was a dream come true. Staying married to him is the fight of my life.

I glanced at him, trying to read him, but although he was looking at me, his face gave nothing away. He was wearing jeans that showcased his mile-long legs and an oversized sweater in soft green that emphasized his eyes. He easily drew the attention of everyone in the lobby. Cary whistled as the car pulled away. From the way you were looking at him, that was the guy you told me about, right?

That was definitely him. My brain sort of fried for a minute.

Ineed a drink. Come into my office. Bring your tablet. Can you work late tonight? Is that timeline usual? But to be fair, the RFP provides a lot more Par for the course when dealing with Cross Industries. I thought I was the only one. No news can be good news.

Besides research vodka and stay late? Mark activated the speaker and kept working. A snort came clearly across the line. Does she like Chinese? He grinned. He was a juggernaut of a fellow, dressed in dark jeans, scuffed work boots, and a neatly pressed button-down shirt. Red-haired with laughing blue eyes, he was as good- looking as his partner was, just in a very different way. I discovered that Steven was a contractor, and that he and Mark had been a couple since college.

I watched them interact and felt awe and a dash of envy. Their relationship was so beautifully functional that it was a joy to spend time with them. Where does it go? Maybe that helps…? He has to watch his girlish figure. I could win money betting on how much she can eat.

I knew you had a bit of a wild streak. Mark saved me. And what do you know about wild women anyway? They like our perspective. Iwanted to see if hetero sex lived up to the hype. Steven shrugged. They shared their careers with each other and listened, even though their chosen fields were miles apart.

Mark insisted on calling me a cab. Steven bumped shoulders with Mark. I put the toilet seat down. I got a little nervous when three thirty rolled around because I knew traffic would be a bitch, but Mark kept working after I pointed out the time.

It was quarter to four before he bounded out of his office with a broad smile, still shrugging into his jacket. Knowing my When we reached the top floor, the waiting area we stepped into was considerably larger and more ornate than the one on the twentieth. Hanging baskets of ferns and lilies fragranced the air and a smoky glass security entrance was sandblasted with Cross Industries in a bold, masculine font. We were buzzed in, and then asked to wait a moment.

Both of us declined an offer of water or coffee, and less than five minutes after we arrived, we were directed to a closed conference room. Mark looked at me with twinkling eyes as the receptionist reached for the door handle. I made sure to smile brightly as I stepped inside…a smile that froze on my face at the sight of the man rising to his feet at my entrance.

My abrupt stop bottlenecked the threshold and Mark ran into my back, sending me stumbling forward. Dark and Dangerous caught me by the waist, hauling me off my feet and directly into his chest. The air left my lungs in a rush, followed immediately by every bit of common sense I possessed.

Even through the layers of clothing When he sucked in a sharp breath, my nipples tightened, stimulated by the expansion of his chest. Oh no. I was cursed. A rapid-fire series of images flashed through my mind, showcasing a thousand ways I could stumble, fall, trip, skid, or crash in front of the sex god over the days, weeks, and months ahead.

It was a memorable one. He was dressed in black again, with both his shirt and tie in a soft gray. As always, he looked too good.

What would it be like to be that amazing looking? There was no way he could go anywhere without causing a disturbance. Reaching out, Mark steadied me and eased me back gently.

Okay then. I tried not to fidget for the next hour as Mark was grilled by Cross and the two Kingsman directors, both of whom were attractive brunettes in elegant pantsuits. I admired how cool Mark remained under pressure —pressure exerted by Cross, who easily dominated the meeting.

What would entice you to try Kingsman, Eva? It felt as if his entire focus was on me, which only reinforced my His right arm rested on the smooth wooden surface, his long elegant fingers stroking rhythmically along the top. I caught a glimpse of his wrist at the end of his cuff and for some crazy reason the sight of that small expanse of golden skin with its light dusting of dark hair made my clit throb for attention.

He was just so…male. Cross, but if you must know, I think sexy luxury on a budget will appeal to the largest demographic. Then I looked at Mark, who seemed to be wavering between astonished joy and bewilderment. Rising to my feet, I led the way to the door. I was hyperaware of Cross walking beside me. The way he moved, with animal grace and arrogant economy, was a major turn-on. Cross stayed with me all the way to the bank of elevators. He said a few things to Mark about sports, I think, but I was too focused on the way I was reacting to him to care about the small talk.

When the car arrived, I breathed a sigh of relief and hastily stepped forward with Mark. I inhaled sharply. Both of which had me taking an involuntary step back. He reached out to steady me, but I held him at bay with an uplifted hand. Dear God… The ding that signaled the approaching elevator made me jump, I was strung so tight.

Never been so scorchingly attracted to another human being. Never been so offended by a person Ilusted after. Istepped into the elevator and faced him.

Day pdf portugues sylvia

He smiled. Should I make dinner reservations for you and Steven? Pure Food and Wine at seven, if they can squeeze us in. If not, surprise us. I skirted the four of them as quietly as possible and slid into my cubicle. Icalled Pure Food and Wine and begged for a table for two.

After some serious groveling and pleading, the hostess finally caved. Have fun! Asking for your boss in particular? Gideon Cross owns it. My eyes closed. Gideon Cross. I thought the name suited him.

It was as sexy and elegantly masculine as the man himself. Probably dozens of people to handle it. I really like it. I really like Mark.

Sylvia day -_reflected_in_you

Travis says about calculated risks? When your shrink tells you to take some, you should take some. You can deal with it. You and Cross are both adults. Think of the stamina. Ihate feeling like a vagina with legs. But there has to be a better way to tell a woman you want to take her to bed. Let him lust after you until he has blue balls.

Serves him right. Cary could always do that. The converted warehouse Parker Smith used as his studio was a brick-faced building in a formerly industrial area of Brooklyn presently struggling to revitalize. The space was vast, and the massive metal delivery-bay doors offered no exterior clue as to what was taking place inside.

Cary and I sat in aluminum bleachers, watching a half-dozen combatants on the mats below. Even with padding, that had to sting. Krav Maga is brutal. He always does. He was a good instructor. Patient and thorough, and he explained things in an easy to understand way. His studio was in a rough neighborhood, but I thought it suited what he was teaching. The good ones always get snatched up quick.

His sexy smile made Cary reach over and squeeze the blood out of my hand. Mark walked me through the process of collecting information for an RFP, and he told me a little more about Cross Industries and Gideon Cross, pointing out that he and Cross were the same age. It was just such a rush being near him.

Plus he was a hell of a lot of fun to look at. I had nothing nearly as exciting planned for the weekend. Excusing myself, I rushed over to catch it.

Portugues sylvia day pdf

How are you? Stanton always sounded like old money to me— cultured, entitled, and arrogant. Is everything okay? Is Mom all right? Your mother is wonderful, as always. I was grateful to him for a lot of things actually, but it was sometimes hard to balance that against my feelings of disloyalty. I knew my dad was self-conscious about the massive differences in their income brackets.

Excuse me a moment. Ilook forward to seeing you. Then he slid behind the wheel and drove me downtown. Stanton came in shortly after my arrival, looking dapper and distinguished. His hair was pure white, his face lined but still very handsome. His eyes were the color of worn blue denim, and they were sharp with intelligence. I stood as he approached, and he bent to kiss my cheek.

But my gray eyes came from my dad. Taking a chair at the head of the table, Stanton was aware that the requisite backdrop of the New York skyline was behind him and he took advantage of its impressiveness.

Men like Gideon Cross. I picked up my fork and started in on a chicken, cranberry, walnut, and feta salad.

It was delicious, and I was hungry. It took some time to calm her down and to assure her that I could make arrangements for you to pursue your interests in a safe manner. The casualness of his reply, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, made me feel ill. My stomach churned, suddenly more interested in rejecting my lunch than digesting it.

It had nothing to do with saving me money. But it also gives her peace of mind. To spy on her grown daughter? Is she still seeing Dr. He coddled her. Indulged her. Spoiled her. And allowed her obsession with my safety to run She feels guilty for not protecting you. We need to give her a little latitude. How could my mom invade my privacy like that? Why would she? She was driving herself crazy, and me along with her. This will be much more convenient for you. I hated the way he talked about Brooklyn like it was a third-world country.

I make my own decisions. And you. You need to eat. Clancy, who had been waiting for me in the reception area, followed me, and I knew better than to try and blow him off. Clancy drove me back up to midtown, while Istewed in the backseat. I was going to cave and let my mom have her way, because it hurt my heart to think of her suffering any more than she already did.

She was so emotional and fragile, and she loved me to the point of being crazy about it. My mood was still dark when I got back to the Crossfire. As Clancy pulled away from the curb, Istood on the crowded sidewalk and looked up and down the busy street for either a drugstore where I could get some chocolate or a cellular store where I could pick up a new phone.

I ended up walking around the block and downloading a half-dozen candy bars at a Duane Reade on the corner before heading back to the Crossfire.

I needed work to distract me from my crazy-assed family. As I caught an empty elevator car, I ripped open a bar and bit viciously into it. I was making strides toward filling my self-imposed chocolate quota before I hit the twentieth floor when the car stopped on the fourth. I appreciated the added time the stop gave me to enjoy the comfort of dark chocolate and caramel The doors slid apart, and revealed Gideon Cross talking with two other gentlemen.

As usual, I lost my breath at the sight of him, which reignited my fading irritation. Why did he have that effect on me? When was I going to become immune to his hotness? He glanced over and his lips curved into a slow, heart-stopping smile when he saw me. Just my crappy luck. Stepping into the car, he lifted a hand to discourage them from following him.

They blinked in surprise, glancing at me, then Cross, and then back again. I stepped out, deciding it would be safer for my sanity to take a different car up. The doors shut and the elevator glided smoothly into motion.

After dealing with Stanton, the last thing I needed was another domineering male trying to push me around. Cross caught me by the upper arms and searched my face with that vivid blue gaze. Releasing me, he withdrew a lone key from his pocket and plugged it into the panel. All the lights cleared except for the one for the top floor. He wore black again, with fine gray pinstripes.

Seeing him from the back was a revelation. His shoulders were nicely broad without being bulky, emphasizing his lean waist and long legs. The silky strands of hair falling over his collar tempted me to clench them and pull. I wanted him as pissy as I was. Iwanted a fight. His shirt and tie were both the same awesome cerulean as his irises. The effect was striking. I expect most women are. His ease and unconcern aggravated me further. Glad we got that cleared up.

I forced myself not to move away or give him the satisfaction of seeing me intimidated. His thumb brushed over the corner of my mouth; then lifted to his own.

His gaze darkened and his voice lowered intimately. But a thousand ways to make you come are. Let me show you. He withdrew the key from the panel and the doors opened. I backed into the corner and shooed him out with a flick of my wrist.

I went along because I liked the charge I got from being around him and because I was curious to see what he had to say when afforded more than five minutes of my time. He was buzzed through the security door so quickly there was no need for him to break stride. The pretty redhead at the reception desk pushed hastily to her Her mouth snapped shut and she stared at me as we passed at a brisk pace, her eyes wide. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooked the city on two sides, while a wall of glass faced the rest of the office space.

The one opaque wall opposite the massive desk was covered in flat screens streaming news channels from around the world. Cross hit a button on his desk that closed the doors; then another that instantly frosted the clear glass wall, effectively shielding us from the view of his employees.

With the beautiful sapphire-hued reflective film on the exterior windows, privacy was assured. He shrugged out of his jacket and hung it on a chrome coatrack. He was even yummier in just the vest. Even when they fight as any couple naturally would in a growing relationship , you can always feel that there's a genuine reason behind their disagreements.

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Given their respective painful and damaging pasts, being open and communicative is an area that is shaky for them and so you definitely see them stumble and fall, but they always get up stronger. You genuinely see the strength of their relationship grow over the series. I really applaud Sylvia Day for writing such an incredibly erotic series that was balanced with so much depth and complexity that it truly made this story one that you can't stop thinking about.

So often it's people's insecurities and fears that are the root cause behind actions that might seen irrational or unwarranted but in this book, Gideon and Eva have grown so much and we're always shown the causes of their actions. It's like getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes view into their minds and you don't just see their actions, you see why they're acting a certain way.

It's the ultimate example of 'showing not telling' with writing and this level of emotional depth and detail kept me constantly connected to the these characters.

We pushed each other to change and grow. Sometimes, we hurt each other to accomplish something or make a point, which worried Dr. Petersen but somehow was working for us.

We could forgive each other for anything except betrayal. It was inevitable that others, especially those close to us, would look at us from the outside and wonder how and why it worked, and whether it should. Because we wanted to be the best possible versions of ourselves, to be strong enough to be what the other needed.

It was a learning curve for both of them to trust each other and do the right thing, but it really gave validity to their mistakes and strength to their growth.

It was like we knew how to make it right between us. And we knew that we would. Gideon and Eva love each other more than anything.

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They're not the kinds of people to ever jeopardize that relationship and in this book, you see that more clearly than ever.

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Remove FREE. Unavailable for download. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. View Synopsis. download the eBook Price: Choose Store. Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 42 star ratings 42 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. Gideon uses this word to mean more than love.

Eva uses it to say no. Crossfire, my heart is hurting. That was my feelings for the last twenty-five percent of the book. I cried through two whole chapters. That says a lot because the chapters are very long. Crossfire, oh how I loved Gideon Cross. This man has changed and developed over this series and it was absolutely perfect.

Sylvia Day wrote this book as if it was a standalone. It felt like I was reading a brand new series. After four years and five books, she transformed and developed these characters how I feel they should have been. You see the growth in Gideon and Eva. You feel the need to have each other and the undying love that they share.

This book did not feel final for me. I feel like it was left open ended and almost on purpose. Could there be another one coming? If this is truly the end, I think that it fell a little flat for me. I guess after all of this time I expected fireworks and heated passion.