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The Hioki series are 3P4W power meters to record power usage trends for energy conservation, ISO testing, equipment diagnosis, and harmonics. The and the Clamp On Power HiTester is supplied with a instruction manual in addition to this manual. Please be sure to. CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER. An indispensable power meter that consumes little power and permits the processing of measurement data on a.

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The CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER provides clamp measurement of power HIOKI company overview, new products, environmental considerations and. Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI " CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER." To obtain maximum performance from the product, please read this manual. Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI Model "ST/ST Leak Current The is shipped with the function settings for use with the Hioki Clamp .

Offering a new approach to energy-related measurement such as energy conservation, ISO testing, equipment diagnosis, and harmonics measurement. In addition to measuring standard parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor, and integrated values, these clamp-on power meters can simultaneously perform demand measurements required for carrying out power management and energy-saving measures, as well as harmonic measurements. Further, with greater data processing speeds, it is possible to measure the power of just a few cycles, enabling more detailed and effective energy-saving measures for equipment. The and are ideal for users who want to achieve close control over energy-saving management activities and measures. Select the clamp-on sensor type most suited to your measurement needs for each individual circuit.

Supported interfaces l Dimensions and mass Exterior dimensions exclude protrusions, and are given in order of width W , height H , and depth D , in mm units.

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Indicated weight represents an approximation of the mass of the main unit only, not including case, accessories, etc.

App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Although both methods yield the same value for undistorted sine waves, distortion of the waveform causes the values to diverge.

The waveform including harmonic components is calculated according to an RMS calculation formula and displayed. The measurement error increases when the waveform is distorted.


It is recommended to use a measuring instrument that uses the true RMS method to ensure accurate measurement. In general, this is the range value the value written on the range selector, or equivalent currently in use.

However, be aware that in cases where the maximum display value is V but the range value is only V, the maximum display value scale value is still used as the f. Measuring V using the V range l dgt. Essentially, this indicates an error of 1 digit based on decimal processing in analog-to-digital conversion , but in actuality this is the digit error combined with the f.

The accuracy associated with a particular measured value as shown in the product specifications is derived from these values. In the V range, the 0.

Measurement range: Since the value being measured is For more detailed information, please refer to individual product catalogs and series catalogs, which group together similar products. Category III Measurement at a point on the power distribution cabling or power supply circuits, or at a point from the distribution panel to a distribution terminal behind an outlet, where equipment for example a fixed installation takes electricity directly from a distribution panel.

Never measure a measurement point with a higher category number than the category indicated on the measuring instrument. Doing so could lead to a serious accident such as electric shock. The transient overvoltage of the measurement points must be predicted in advance, and the instrument will need a safety design that will enable it to withstand such overvoltage.

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DANGER When connecting clip-type test leads to live terminals, be very careful to avoid accidentally shorting conductors together and causing a serious accident. Attempting to measure voltage in excess of the maximum rating could destroy the product and result in personal injury or death. The maximum rated voltage between input terminals and ground is VAC.

3166 pdf hioki

Attempting to measure voltages exceeding V with respect to ground could damage the product and result in personal injury. When the power is turned off, do not apply voltage or current to the voltage input terminal, clamp-on sensor. Doing so may damage the unit.


To avoid damage to the unit, do not input a voltage exceeding the rated maximum to the external control terminals. Notes on Use Notes on Using the Power Meter This power meter uses the calculations indicated in the specifications in order to determine apparent power S , power factor , and calculated reactive power on the basis of the measured voltage U , current I , and active power.

In the , the apparent power S , power factor , and calculated reactive power Q are calculated according to formulas indicated in the specifications, based on the voltage U , the current I , and the active power P. In addition, when using the active power meter method, the apparent power S and power factor are derived from the measured active power P and reactive power Q.

Pdf hioki 3166

The values displayed by this power meter may differ from those produced by other testers that are based on different principles of operation or testers that use different calculations.

NOTE It should be noted that if the measurement line is a three-phase three-wire line and the waveform is distorted e. The integrated values produced by this power meter are derived through software calculations based on the power measurements. The integrated value may differ from the value produced by a tester that has a different response speed, sampling rate, or calculation method. In addition, this power meter is designed specifically to measure alternating current, and cannot be used to measure lines carrying direct current.

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The power factor is calculated for display using the values of active power and apparent power before zero-suppression. Note that even if the active power P and apparent power S on display are zero, the power factor may not be zero. In order to assure accurate measurements, allow this unit to warm up for at least 30 minutes before using it. The displayed value is forced to zero for inputs that are 0. When using external transformers PT and CT , the phase difference may introduce a large error into power measurements.

For accurate measurements, use PTs and CTs with as small a phase difference as possible. When the voltage or current on the line being measured exceeds the measurement range of this power meter, use an external PT and CT, and do not exceed the maximum allowed input. When using a PT and CT, use the scaling function and take direct readings. The portion of this manual from the Introduction to Chapter 1 explains numerous cautions that must be read before using this power meter. Chapter 1 Overviews and Names of Parts This chapter provides an overview of this product and its features, and describes the names of each part.