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Read these top customer service books to broaden your knowledge and expertise. Customer Service For Dummies, which have sold over , copies to date and been more about customer service than we could ever write in one book. The top 27 customer service books about providing better customer service and creating a customer-centered culture in your company.

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Outstanding Customer Service: The Key to Customer Loyalty This book focuses on customer service representatives, the skills they must develop, and the. Pick from our curated list of the top 30 best customer service books. Free Download: 50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat. s good customer service relates very much to the use of communication skills – an employee of a business must be able to tell the customer about the product or .

More on that later. I read as much as I can, and I think that if you want to do anything better, finding the best book on that topic is a great way to start. In fact, there are books that, on the outside, appear to have nothing to do with support, but that can completely change the way you approach working with your customers. At least they have for me and many of my friends and coworkers. Personally I am very fond of strawberries and cream, but I have found that for some strange reason, fish prefer worms. I thought about what they wanted. If you want people to lose weight, one effective strategy is to put mirrors in the cafeteria.

Ted Kinni sheds light on strategies that Disney employees in their hotels and theme parks use to delight guests and make customer experiences better.

10 Customer Service Books Your Career Depends On.

While outside of the traditional sphere of support, these tactics are definitely applicable to email, phone, and chat support. This will give you a leg-up with preemptively covering customer concerns. What innovative ways can you improve employee experience, and customer experience by proxy? How to reward employees that go above and beyond the call of duty.

Eric preaches that the whole company needs to be on board in order for support to be successful.


Not only does it speak to how to do support well, but how to gain a competitive edge to the way you are doing support. Essentially, what are you doing now that you could do differently to be better than the other guy? How can you make other teams care about what you are doing? How can you cultivate an open culture within your team? The Nordstrom Way Everyone knows that Nordstrom is the cream of the crop in their industry when it comes to customer satisfaction. Luckily for you, their tactics can be applied across the board, whether you work in retail or not.

What are some ways to keep up with great customer support practices in the face of challenges? How do you provide your employees with freedom to do what they think best while still aligning with company goals?

Books to conquer your support strategy 4. Customer Experience 3. Goodman, the author of Customer Experience 3.

The 10 Most Important Customer Service Books to Kick Start Your Career

Along with that, he has driven over studies and effectiveness in customer support and service. He brings that learning to his reader in Customer Experience 3. Not only does Goodman share his experiences and the stories to go with them, but he also shares the data-driven research behind them.

Pdf books customer service

This is a must-read for anyone looking to learn more about customer experience, no matter what department they are in. How to understand what is effective in driving your support strategy forward towards iteration versus just maintaining a standard level of quality?

What mistakes might you been on your way to making and can now avoid instead? Delivering Happiness To have an abundantly successful customer experience and support organization, your whole company needs to be on board.

It needs to be built into your culture.

What is the ROI on having a customer-driven company? Learn more about the impact of things like documentation, community support and forums, both on your CSAT and bottom line, and how you can implement on them effectively and efficiently. Jay knows more than just about anyone about how to take a business from struggling to thriving, and this book contains lessons that are very relevant to those of us who work directly with customers. You must understand and appreciate exactly what your clients need when they do business with you—even if they are unable to articulate that exact result themselves.

Once you know what final outcome they need, you lead them to that outcome—you become a trusted adviser who protects them. And they have reason to remain your client for a lifetime. Students who were told to think about the happiest day of their lives right before taking a standardized math test outperformed their peers. And people who expressed more positive emotions while negotiating business deals did so more efficiently and successfully than those who were more neutral or negative.

This book will show you why you may actually be hurting them and your business. Schwartz dives into his research on how more choice actually leads us to make worse decisions, along with making us more stressed, less happy and less productive.

The ramifications of his research on customer success and marketing are not to be ignored. We give disproportionate weight to whether yogurt is said to be five percent fat or 95 percent fat free.

The 27 Best Customer Service Books

People seem to think that yogurt that is 95 percent fat free is a more healthful product than yogurt that has five percent fat. CDBaby helped musicians sell their music to fans at a time when faceless music mega-stores made it hard for anyone without the backing of a big record label to break through. This short book is full of stories about how Sivers built the company, and how they won through awesome customer service.

I can help.

Pdf books customer service

Got a website? Can I see it? Is that you on the home page there? Very cool. Is that a real Les Paul? Here, let me listen to a bit of the music. Very syncopated. Great groove.

Customer Care

Anyway… so… what would you like to know? When things get chaotic, chances are high that small details may begin to slip through the cracks. This book by Atul Gawande, a renowned surgeon, shares some incredible stories about how checklists — such a simple concept — save millions of lives every year in hospitals, airplanes and huge construction sites. They can be painstaking.