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Design Is a Job. by Mike Monteiro. Publisher: A Book Apart. Release Date: May ISBN: View table of contents. Start reading. About A Book Apart Web design is about multi-disciplinary mastery and laser focus, and that's the thinking behind our brief books for people who make websites. Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro () [Mike Monteiro] on Paperback; Publisher: A Book Apart (January 1, ); Language: English.

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Co-founder of Mule Design and raconteur Mike Monteiro wants to help you do your job better. From contracts to selling design, from working. We're pleased to announce that Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro is now available in audiobook format, through and Published April 10th by A Book Apart (first published March 12th ) To ask other readers questions about Design Is a Job, please sign up. Popular.

Value other people. Value yourself. I once took a job writing for an awful content farm site. The work was demeaning in the sense that they were paying me way less than my words were worth and forced me to write less than I was capable of by making me get approval on stories, but waiting a week or so to give the approval. I worked hard at writing good content.

I knew damn well it was better content than anyone else on the site was writing. When they sent my first payment, I felt like I had completely devalued myself.

Had I read this book before I took that job I probably never would have taken it. If you want the inspiration to do better, be better, make better things, be a more confident person who values your time and your self, then read Design is a Job.

[Book] Design is a Job

Because Batman has a huge ego is why. He says that designers aren This succinct book is densely packed with sage business advice for designers especially web designers.

Clients have goals, and they need designers to provide the strategy and problems-solving to achieve them. Subtleties in communication are lost in email. I also liked his stance on pricing: charge for value, not time, and charge as much as you honestly can. Clients hire you to solve problems, not be their friend. Be politely straightforward. Design is a Job has ten chapters that include choosing the right clients, charging for your work through to contracts and presenting your design and getting your money.

About A Book Apart - Design Is a Job [Book]

The author begins with an opening statement which immediately set the tone of the book, he explains how he loves design, the arguing, negotiating and all the ups and downs that go with the design process. Monteiro directs his attention to the reader and bluntly states that he is tired of you not getting paid, tired of you working late nights and weekends, and tired of you hoping your work is going to sell itself, this book is for you writes Monteiro.

Monteiro briefly describes a number of reasons why the reader should be confident in his advice, he explains that throughout his career he has made every possible mistake. Worked for free, sat back waiting for the phone to ring, been shafted, lost proposals for stupid reasons and worked Mikhail Wertheim Aymes l Book Review 2 of 5 without contracts.

Book apart design is a job a

Monteiro highlights that being a designer, you're guaranteed to make mistakes, because becoming good at what you do does not come from not making them; it comes from recovering from those mistakes, and sharing it with others. The design process requires honest feedback and regular criticism. Sticking to the clients constraints, and understanding the clients goals is also paramount to producing desirable work, Monteiro is critical about this.

The designer is responsible for gathering backend research about their client, so they know who they are going into business with, this also helps when figuring out the solution to fulfil the said goals. He further iterates that the designer needs to use his resources at hand to create something, and convincingly sell it to the client. In his next chapter he lays out a number of suggestions to attract new clients writing that one should always be pleasant, not nice, be polite and straightforward, because clients hire designers to solve problems, not to be friends.

Design Is a Job

He also suggests that when bidding for work, try and bypass the proposal process by leveraging contacts. Conferences are a great way to meet potential clients and contacts, especially considering the as a designer one needs to have a workable network.

A apart a book design job is

People generally don't know how to be good clients, it is the responsibility of the designer to guide them through the process. Charging for work must not be difficult, charge as much as possible and deliver on it. Clients download work, not time, charge based on what the work is worth to the client and always work quickly to mention ball park figures as soon as possible so to avoid a shock when the proposal is delivered. The author tightens up his tone and urges designers to present their proposals with confidence using metrics based on research.

Never lower the price without taking work away and explaining the lost benefit, the secret to getting paid the desired amount is doing research to know what to ask, having the confidence to ask it and the willingness to walk away confidently if it doesn't work out. Mikhail Wertheim Aymes l Book Review 3 of 5 Moving onto contracts, the author recommends that freelancers should have a lawyer write up a master contract for all their freelance work.

Unhappy clients must give the designers a chance to address work, and guarantees of meeting the design goal should never be included. Monteiro yet again refers back to the designers process highlighting the importance of the plan that the designer uses to deliver on the clients goal.